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Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Always looking for something
Sequencing events

Following functions
Trying, trying all the time
To find the order

Age and grow older
There is no escape, we are
Woven Fate's skein

Spinning on the wheel
Each and every thread, a line
Spun in the shadows

Soiled in the sunlight
Unravelling like poor cloth
And secretive truths

Trackless as the sea
The inscrutable Brachma

Each tear, an Atman
Like the dew on Maya’s face
Sweet as her sorrow

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Heaven’s child, stranger
Witness to our suffering
Remember us here

Recall us in prayer
Your brilliant countenance
Flashes like starlight

Beyond all learning
Sleeping and dreaming, Brachma
Beyond all knowing

The strident will
Triumphal, touched by sorrow
Clutching at the wind

Reach beyond the world
Fall back down to earth, humbly
A transcendent life