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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Power - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


Frank Herbert said: Power does not corrupt, it merely attracts the corruptible.

He wrote many insightful things about the human condition in his great collection of Science Fiction, the Dune books, and others. The first time I read those words they resonated with me, and I knew he was right.

Like moths to the flame, the corruptible are attracted to power, it is lamentable that like moths, they do not burn up when the fly to close to it.

Frank Herbert also said this:

Most people never participate. They get by on little more than dumb persistence, reacting with anger and even violence, at anything that might come along to disrupt their resentment filled lives of mediocrity.

Look at the American electorate, look at crowds of people who gather to listen to the orange villain speak, listen to him channel their anger, watch it grow in response to him, in its vile, vituperative, vicious feedback-loop.

T-Rump in the exemplar, sine qua non, he is the unparalleled archetype of the first piece of wisdom offered by the sage, Frank Herbert.

This ridiculous buffoon shot from his mother’s womb like a steaming pile of corrupt filth, demonstrating throughout his life his obsessive need for congratulation, and adulation and the love of the crowd that you have to wonder if he was ever loved at all.

I think his mother must have seen what he would become and rejected him from the start, without realizing how her own neglect would shape him into the monster that he has become.

Did you read the report in the New York Times on the lifetime of corruption and fraud he and his family have pursued, and lied about, the hundreds of millions of dollars he squandered of his father’s fortune, finally, robbing his father of it when he was disabled with dementia, by forcing him to sign a codicil to his will.

We have a fixed number of constitutionally appointed officers and office holder outlined in our constitution. We have three branches of government and their roles are fixed.

These are the bright flames of power, that attract the corrupt people like T-Rump, yes, his corruption is obvious, you can see it dripping from him as he salivates when he throws his tantrums on the stage.

Let’s talk about the corruption of people like Susan Collins the Senator from Maine. She got in front of the camera yesterday and gave a speech about the nominee for the Supreme Court, in which she pretended to be reasonable in her acceptance of all the lies that the nominee told the senate, both this year, and in past years when he had previously sought confirmation for a judicial appointment, to the federal bench, and to the court of appeals.

The man told bold face lies; about his role in the Bush administration in drafting the legal rationale for torture, about his receipt and use of e-mails that had been stolen from the opposition party in the senate, about his knowledge of the sexual harassment and inappropriateness of a judge he clerked for, who resigned his post over his behavior; he lied about his own habits, his drinking in high school and in college, about the parties he attended, about the meaning of passages written in his yearbook, about his nickname Bart, about his own sexual conduct and misbehavior. He lied about when he knew about the allegations that came from his second accuser, Debby Ramirez, telling the Judiciary Committee that he learned about it when the story appeared in the paper, while at the same time his former classmates were coming forward with texts messages from him and he PR team, weeks before, pushing them to adopt a narrative to refute Debby Ramirez’ claims.

He lied, he ranted, he raved, he treated his nomination like it was an entitlement, rather than the honor and the privilege it is.

Susan Collins got up and in her speech, whitewashed the entire record. She asked the American people to believe that she does not know when she is being lied to, and to in turn accept her lies in asking us to believe it.

She did what the rest of the Republicans in the Senate did, their colleagues in the house, the President and all their supporters did; they foisted a con on the American people, a scam, they screamed and whined, and they told us the most obvious lies, all of it pouring out of their mouth like vomit, from the corrupt place inside of them where all of their self-loathing lies.

They did not do this for love of country. They did not do this because they think this will make America a better country to live in, a more descent country to live in, a more hopeful country to live in, or more just.

They did it because they think and believe in their collective rotten-heart that this vote today, this vote for Kavanaugh, is the path for them to retain the power that they covet.
On the campaign trail, the MAGA voter, the T-Rump sycophants, they eat it up, proving the latter thesis offered by the wise Frank Herbert.

They give no thought to what it means to let such a man onto the highest court in the land; a political partisan, an ideologue, a hack; a man who perjured himself to get confirmed, a man who once assaulted a fifteen year-old girl, and who could not find it in his hear to apologize, seek forgiveness and move on.

The MAGA voter only wants to see their Dear Leader win, to experience his victory vicariously, even while he pushes them down, stands on their backs, to bask in their applause.

T-Rump has taken to vilifying the survivors of sexual assault, of rape, to mock them and ridicule while his crowds cheer. He has brought the country low, and he seeks to bring it lower still, counting on the anger of his followers, their rage and their violence to keep it there.

We must resist

It is one month until the election, we must resist.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Is it Too Much to Ask? - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Is it Too Much to Ask?

I think the entire country was tuned into the Senate judiciary hearings last Thursday?

Dr. Ford came to tell her story, she was hectored by a career prosecutors over trivial details like who paid for the polygraph she submitted to, the answer was that her lawyers paid for it, and she in turn will pay her lawyers, making it so that she will pay for it in the end, though some of the monies may come from a fundraising website the GoFundME.

The republicans on the judiciary committee were afraid to appear on camera asking her any questions at all, that is why they used a woman, a Republican District Attorney, from the most conservative county in Arizona to do their work for her.

When Dr. Ford was finished testifying they all expressed their belief that they found her credible and honest, while insisting that the whole endeavor was an orchestrated smear campaign, engineered to discredit Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It strains credulity to imagine how both things can be true. Dr. Ford began talking about the assault she endured at Brett Kavanaugh’s hands five – six years ago in therapy, she told her husband at that time as well, and she tried to get the information out, while remaining anonymous, to Trump’s selection committee even before he emerged as the nominee.

None of that mattered to Republicans, it is too much to ask them to handle the coordination of some very simple facts.

When it was Kavanaugh’s turn to sit in the hot seat, he opened his time with a blistering partisan attack on the process, claiming he was being railroaded for the sake of revenge, because the Democrats were outraged over having lost the 2016 presidential election, and on behalf of the Clinton’s.

He yelled at the committee, he frothed at the mouth, he cried.

He was mistreated he said, his name had been ruined, and his reputation and his life. It was too much to ask of him, to stand up to the scrutiny of a simple hearing. To answer questions about his past.

The prosecutor from Arizona opened with a simple question about some dates on his personal calendar he had presented as evidence, but rather than exculpate him, his entries seemed to implicate him in his crimes against Dr. Ford thirty-five years ago, crimes he is intent on denying, perjuring himself before the Senate, committing a felony while applying for a chair on the highest court in the land.

It is too much to ask him to be honest.

The Republicans ask the professional they had brought in to leave, after her first question.

They yelled and condemned the process, they vilified the democrats, who while being in the majority are practically powerless.

Kavanaugh yelled, and berated the democrats, and evaded their questions, and told more lies.

It was disgusting,

When it was all said in and done, the Republicans, most of them (not all) were patting themselves on the back. They were proud of their aggression, the fierce denial of the facts.

That guy, judge Kavanaugh revealed himself to be nothing more than a toady, a political hack, with no regard for the law, or for justice.

Thank God for that.  

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Destroying the Truth - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Destroying the Truth

Twenty years ago the Republicans in the House, many of them, like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, still serving in congress, impeached President Bill Clinton, for the crime of perjury.

They impeached him for lying under oath. They failed to convict him in the Senate, but all of the republicans in the Senate at the time voted to convict, many of them are still there now, like the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley, the Senator from Iowa.

These hypocrites pretended that fidelity to the truth was so important that they would throw the duly elected President out of office, because he lied to federal investigators, under oath, in the context of a hyper partisan investigation that began by looking at some real estate deals and ended up focusing on a consensual sexual relationship between him a white house intern

The Republicans in the Senate do not care for the truth, not one jot, the truth is a thing to be parsed for political advantage, they themselves are sworn to uphold the law and to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United Sates of America, now they are willing to turn a blind while Judge Brett Kavanaugh, lies to their face, not once or twice, but repeatedly.

My opinion is not the judgment of a court of law, I do not have hold back from expressing it until I wait for evidence to be presented that convinces me beyond a reasonable doubt.

I am just a private citizen, and I have seen enough from this guy and his apologists in the Republican Party, the President and the Senate, the members of the house and all of their paid pundits, to know that this man lied in his testimony before the senate.

He lied in these hearings related to his candidacy to sit on the Supreme Court, and he lied in his testimony when he was first made a federal judge.

He lied.

He lied about his activities in the Office of Legal Council for President George W. Bush.

He lied about his receipt and use of stolen e-mails from the Democratic members of congress.

He lied about his connections to the law firm of the current President of the United States.

Now he is lying about his sexual assault of a fifteen year old girl when he was in high school.

Everyone knows he has lied about these things and is lying. The President knows, the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky knows, every member of the Judiciary Committee knows.

Everyone in the world who has paid any attention to his nomination hearings knows that he is willing to commit the crime of perjury, the crime they impeached Bill Clinton for, he is willing to commit that crime over and over again, just so that he can get a life time appointment to the Supreme Court.

He knows he is a lying liar, and he just does not care. For him, and everyone who is supporting him, the adherence to the truth is a matter of convenience.

They are like the old man in Tom Wolf’s novel, Bonfire of the Vanities, who tells his son, “If the truth won’t set you free…then lie.”

I prefer the wisdom of Merlin, who tells King Arthur when he asked what the greatest quality of knighthood is, Truth he says, it is Truth, “because when you lie, you murder a part of the world.”

Step back for a moment and have some perspective. I know we are not going to stop the lying liars from lying, and every politician lies, republicans have not cornered the market on it, and the democrats in office, even the most virtuous of them prevaricate.

This is different, there are nine members of the Supreme Court, the sit there for life, they have the power to interpret law in such as way as to make sweeping changes in our culture. They are no elected, they are nominate and then confirmed by the Senate.

This conservative Republican Party can find someone else to take the seat on the highest court. They can and they should find someone who does not have to lie to get past his hearings, who isn’t guilty of the things he is guilty of, and he is guilty of them.

He is guilty of sexually assaulting that girl when he was in high school, and he is guilty of lying about it now.

And that is where we are.