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Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The well ran dry, sand

Conceals the oasis, lost

Erased in the winds


My broken body

Bruised by falling stones, bloodied

Burnt beneath the sun


Comb the barren hills

Hard rock rise into mountains

Cold and forbidding


Spirits come to dance

Howl beneath the lonely stars

Freezing in the night


Diana condescends

Her pale disc lights the valley

Sleeping in shadows


The muse stole my voice

Stripped it clean from my parched throat

Left me in the dust

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


The search never ends
A longing for tenderness
To ease the hard life

A little loving
Learning, to be touched by you
And be vulnerable

Open to the world
The long journey of desire
The restless slumber

Eternally dreaming
The absolute end of things
Drowning in laughter

Taken and shaken
Beaten inside our thin shells
Like a broken yoke

A bloody remnant
Swallowed by the truth, eaten
Without thought or care

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Love Unrequited

Consumed with desire
Driven by the need for love
Down into the pit

Falling endlessly
Lost in pain, under pressure
Crushed by mystery

Absolute zero
Could not stop my broken heart
Burning in the dark

In the hollow night
Heat without light, and breathless
Enshrouded, alone

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The empty harbor
Echoes of the forlorn heart
A wail of Sirens

Seagulls taken flight
Lift against the heavy wind
Driven from the shore

My breath escapes me
Icey in the morning mist
The fog clings to me

The wind, whispers lies
Fate blows cold over the deep
Ghost ships gone to sea

The broken mind swings
Raise the cup, drink salt-water
Laughter and madness

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Sit at the window
Stare at the wet gray morning
The streets strewn with trash

Contemplate the storm
The darkened rush of pain, slips
The rain moving on

A broken column
The great tree, scorched and limbless
Bursting at its roots

The electric flash
A conflict of heat and light
Summoned from the Earth

The park grounds are filled
With mud and mire, swamp water
Worms crawl and slither

The deluge ending
A breakfast for the robins

Feast for the sparrow

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Divided Heart

There is a shadow on my heart
I turn from the light, set behind me, out of sight
And stalk my shadow

The sun is a candle brightly burning
Like the truth, I turned my back on it, lamenting
The loss of my desire

Dark as the ocean on a clouded night
The starless sky, the waves retreat, crashing passions
Drowning in the tide

Listen for the music of revelation
Find the echo of uncertainty, doubt becomes a new creation
New fruit on the old vine

There is division in my heart, sorrow
The loss of self, trying on new lovers like old clothes
Set them aside in rejection

The entire sum of human misery
Is nothing in the light, while I lie down in stagnant pools
In the shadow of desire

My heart is as broken as my mind
There is a hammer tearing at my foundations, I am no-where
Drifting and alone

My days are filled with sadness, I cling to it
Bobbing in the water, treading blindly, seized in the current
Going down and under 

But the waves themselves are made of light
Light I cannot see, light that is washing me, light beyond the veil  

Carry me toward completion

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Dangerous waters
The turbulence of living
With no shore in sight

Tossed in the moonlight
The cold dark sea, beneath me
Falling in the trough

I am alien
Even the sea rejects me
Clinging to the raft

My divided heart
Its beating, pounding rhythm
Pump the ocean’s swell

Dangerous waters
The turbulence of living
In the cutting wind

Broken by the sun
Captive to a mystery

Lost in a mirage

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Reflections in a broken mirror
Life’s jagged contours, conforming
In the pale and faded mirror
A thousand pieces of me
In a thousand pieces of glass
A million specs of silver…dust

Look there
I am smaller than a splinter

I have known beauty
I washed in her pools 
I drank from her cup
Her juice stained my lips
With lies…and regrets
Cut by a thousand memories
Pale and sharp as daggers

See me
Ragged, bleeding in the wind

It blows through me
Through my corridor of dreams
The hallway of mirrors
Visions I cannot gather
They are howling of shadows
Greedy, hungry dreams…leeches
The desires of the virtuous

The vain, listing in the starless night

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


She is trouble
Graceful dignified, and kind
Speaking in mild words

Tears in the open
The countenance of the damned
A veil of sorrow

Consort of the world
Its broken, bloody wreckage
The cosmic victim

Lie beneath the stars
Mother, and child in the field
Shed the will to live

Held in agony
Bemoan the steady heartache
The other, herself

Tuesday, January 10, 2017



They were translucent, towers
Hard as steel, and made of glass
Stretching toward the sky, glowing

Those who lived inside, people
Fragile as butterfly wings
Propped up by the poor, greedy

They were titans, on mountains
They were illusions, and dust
Washed by rain, scoured by wind, gone

Blood, there is water in it
Bright, from the sunlit fountain
To drink, it was forbidden

The Titans marched on the Earth
The foundation of the world
Radioactive, poison

We are on the edge, clawing
The collective we, falling
Broken nails torn their beds

Look up, you can see through it
The shell around the planet
Thin as veil, and burning

The world on fire