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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Chaos and Order

The drive for peace and
Calm, a tranquil dream, steady
A sure reflection

In the smooth surface
Free of turbulent water
The still pool, stagnant

A captured image
Like the spirit, fixed in film
Frozen expression

A denial, of life
Of the constancy of change
Perpetual change

Struggle for meaning
To find truth, wisdom, knowledge
To hold it like sand

Water in the hand
Slipping fast through the fingers
Like fog in the desert

Let us celebrate
The confusing universe
Lucid creation

The urge to control
To shape it into order
Predictable, sure

A vision of peace
We dream of futilities
Tantalus reaching

For the sacred fruit
For our lost humanity
The dregs in the grail

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


We celebrate the world
Dream of new order, new visions, a twist in the fabric of

We pause and consider
Our futility and ignorance, this combine of chemistry

We celebrate a form
The organic machine, our hope for tomorrow, love and

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day is my Birthday

All of our eggs are in one basket, I have said it before.

We live here, all-together and we have no place else to go.

The world is a big place and it can take a lot of damage, but the ecosystems we depend on are specialized and fragile, the world itself will survive many things that they collectively, and we individually cannot.

We are responsible for the care of this world. It is a sacred imperative, charged to us in our holy books, and more importantly, under the aegis of common sense.

The care of this world is a categorical imperative; if we do not care for it, the world may just shrug us off, or shrug just enough that a calamity will ensue that will alter us forever, changing our cultures, our languages, even our DNA.

There are natural disasters pending, they are built into the structure of the planet, in the thinness of the mantle, in the heat emanating from deep within the core. There are massive volcanoes, and there is continental drift, the geological forces at work in these could easily destroy us all.

If we allow it.

There are calamities heading our way from outer-space, celestial bodies sailing through the void, on a collision course with Earth. There are asteroids and comments that we will collide with, if we are unable to work cooperatively to change the course of these eventualities.

Those things are baked in. They are existential threats, but they also represent opportunities for the advancement of science, and the unification of humanity. Given enough time, it is possible that we could even harness the power of the greatest volcanoes, turn their destructive energies to the benefit of humankind, or move the near Earth objects that threaten us from our path.

We need time, more than that we need a willingness to rise to the challenges.

We face other threats right now, immediate threats, threats of our own making.

We are changing the climate, the planet is warming.

Our oceans are becoming more acidic, we are changing their salinity.

We are filling our atmosphere with toxins.

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising

We are polluting our freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams.

We are losing topsoil, our forests and our reefs.

Our stewardship is failing.

We are divided, against each other…as greed drives a short sighted political mindset, seeking and succeeding to turn people against their long-term interests.

Politicians and their wealthy patrons, silence and undermine our scientists, they cast doubt on any field of inquiry which might lead to a curtailment of their industries, and their short-term profits.

They treat the Earth and all of its resources like it is a grab-bag full of goodies for them to plunder, like children with a big stick whacking at a piƱata.

Our stewardship is failing.

We are failing.

It is Earth Day 2018, and all of our eggs are in one basket, the basket is fragile, and there is no other.

Earth Day is my Birthday.

It was cold when I was born, I am guessing
Though I do not remember it, I am sure that I was cold
Coming from the womb, all pink and shivering
Ten pounds-eleven ounces of me, my mother’s sixth
And most difficult, all shoulders, and a big round head

I do not remember that first, sudden-sharp breath

It was Earth Day, that Tuesday in April, 1969 
For years before we had called it Arbor Day
In honor of trees, the 22nd day of the 4th month
What tangible thing do we honor now
Earth-soil? Earth-planet? Earth-Mother?

Taurus, the primal-bull?

Roman soldiers worshipped Mithra as a god of light
Mithra slew the sacred-bull, spreading a feast on the sacred table
A meal for human-kind to share, I was born in a soldier’s place
West Point, New York, I do not remember being there, but that name
Resounds with power, with victories no Roman soldier could imagine

I was born in the spring, in the hallowed halls of War

Spring is the season of hope, and life, of expectation
Of Plowing, of sewing, of planting, and the greening of the fields
Of roots pushing down into the thawing soil, drinking
From the deep black earth, of sprouts shooting up, to bud
And blossom, April is a month of showers, of rain

It is a time of ritual-remembering

I was born eighty-nine days before Neil Armstrong flew to the moon
Landing his vessel on another world, to walk on her bright face
His ship was named for Apollo, god of poetry and prophecy
Of healing and of light, I remember the moon landing…almost

I have seen it on TV, and heard these words countless times:

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

What hopes drove our rockets there?

Whose prayers carried those soldiers to the stars?

To spread the celestial table there, a feast of hope for all too share

What hope have we?


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Sacred

Define the sacred
The qualities of action
Intention, reason

The human puzzle
Piecing together meaning
A cohesive picture

We humans seek truth
In what is greater than us
The dynamic self

Celebrate striving
The mysterious unknown
The burden of life

Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Day 2017

Monday, January 16th

Today we celebrate the life and work of man who was fulfilled the role of our nation’s conscience. He was a prophet, not in the sense that he foretold the future, or that he had some unique channel to the Creator. He had no more, and no less access to supernatural powers than any of us, but he chose to listen to the voice of God that speaks to all us, from the hidden places in our hearts, he chose to listen, to cleave to that message, and share it with the world.

There are many memes circulating today, like the picture I have pasted in this essay. We are given countless opportunities to reflect on the likeness, and the words of the Reverend Doctor. We are wise to do so.

We are wise to remember the man, Martin Luther King Jr., a person who lived beyond their human flaws, a person who now dwells in our collective psyche, as if in a myth, a human being, a child of God, a person filled with grace and wisdom.

He spoke truth to power, and to the powerless. He was once considered to be the most dangerous man in America, and now he is our most beloved hero. He was beaten and arrested dozens of times, for the crime of seeking justice. His life was threatened daily. His reputation was smeared without regard for the truth, or his selfless works.

He was killed for his efforts, shot down, but not destroyed.

He was, and continues to be an example to us all. An American Saint, still pointing to the way, and the long journey we have left to make, before we come to the land he dreamed of.