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Saturday, November 18, 2017


Perspective is everything, it is all we have as we make our way through the world. The way we see things, our point view, this is absolutely determinative of how we will decide things when we have choices to make.           

There is a profound need for humility at the juncture where our individual perspective encounters the world, because the world is one thing and our perception of it is another. This is true of everyone with whom we share the world, true of every person who has ever lived on it, and true of all who will come after us.

The relativity inherent in our perception of who and what we are, of what is happening all around us, and of who is sharing the same space as us, this is a fundamental condition of human existence.

Not only do the sensory tools we possess, that we use to engage the world with, differ in each of us; for instance, we do not all see the same shade of blue, or hear the same note in the chords of a tune.

We are different from one another.

Our differences do not end with the subtle variations in the limitations of our bodies, of our sensory organs. Those difference are augmented; enhanced or mitigated by our cultural heritage, by the languages we speak, through the metaphors we live by, they are alternately exacerbated or diminished.

Every living being shares the same world.

The world we observe, that we live in, the universe itself is one thing.

We share the same reality. We merely see and hear it, smell and taste it, feel and think about it differently.

We are awash in illusions.

Understanding this is where we must begin, if we desire to be free.

~ Life belongs to those that see beyond illusion.
A Vedic Saying

The keys is discernment, and humility, to hold a perspective as adjustable as the focusing lens of a microscope, allowing us to see beyond pretense and shape.

The shape of a thing is not the thing itself, it is only an aspect of its appearance

The appearance of a thing is not the thing itself, it is merely an observation, arrived at according to the specific limitations of the observer, in relation to environmental conditions and exigencies of time and space.

Shape and appearance are illusions, emerging in collusion with our senses.

The shape and appearance of a thing or being, alone they do not tell us what it is, they only suggest to us what it might be.

What we see on the surface of a thing does not confer its history.

We must always be wary of intellectual laxity, we must ask questions, and be comfortable with uncertainty, especially in regards to those matters for which our feelings run high.

The human eye only functions in a narrow spectrum of light, broaden the spectrum and everything changes.

Light and narrative function the same way.

Listen to a person tell their story, everything changes with the broadening of context.

Every person carries within them a history that is not apparent to the naked eye. Even though they bear scars, and other markers of their story, they are but tokens, suggestions of the traumas and the joys we have endured.

Our scars, the lines in our faces and hands, they only tell the observer that we have a story to tell, they do not reveal the story itself

Pay attention.

It is common for us human beings to only be interested in their own narrow view of the world, making the assumption by default, that other people perceive the world the same way as we do.
This is comfortable and convenient.

Rather than empathize with another, our tendency is to circumscribe them, to subordinate their individual point of view, their uniqueness to our own.

The truth is here.

There is a web that stretches across all time and space, it is the tapestry of existence, every actual referent is woven into it, all that is, ever was, and ever will be.

We are enmeshed in it.

Between any one point on the cosmic skein, and every other, there is a relationship. Whether we are conscious of it or not, the relationship exists.

It is real and has an influence on us.

Every person is a society of interests, a nexus of both the known and unknown, our own interests and those of others, some pushing from our past, some leading from the future.
These interests coalesce in us, and that is the concrescence of being.

Past and future are simultaneously generated in the present, in the choices we make, in the world as we perceive it, a perception that may or not be aligned with reality

Whether true, of false, our perceptions are real thing in themselves.

Every moment recreates the entire universe.

Every one of us is an agent of change, with the whole of reality pouring through us, like water through a sieve.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Gift

We are the en-souled
Creatures rising in the dark
Reaching out, alone

We did not choose, life
To come to be, we awoke
A poor creation

Birth is concrescence 
A continuum of fear
In the heat of love

The wheel of life turns
Not one of us asked for it
The imposition

Witness the divine
The sacred obligation
We tiny creatures

The week and condemned
A crown of fire on our heads
Burning hail and coal

My aching spirit
Lift me to another world
Weaving threads, and dreams

The wheel turns again
I could lift it like Atlas
As Hercules did

Hand me the lever
Archimedes will move it

The stars shift again