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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Mystery II

Washed in the darkness
With the thick night pushing me
Clouds of unknowing

‘Cross the starry field
Mirrored in the deep blue sea
Disturbed by passion

Buffeted by winds
The ocean swells and threatens
Down, I will not go

Reaching for the truth
A life-line of certitude
A raft of reason

Watch beauty ascend
Her halo burning brightly
Slip the solar disk

Seeking out the good
Journey into mystery
Take the cup of fire

The world falls away
And I fall with it, bonded
Sleeping with the dead

Separate from God
These elusive mysteries
I have no answers

Meaningless riddles
Static, in the flow of time
Self dissolution

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A cloud of unknowing, the divine ascent

Following the way of Jacob, Israel

Rung by rung, his handprints and mine

Mindful in the morning light

Mindless in the deepening night, and mad

I find a self I never knew

In darkness…in the deep of night

In silence, but for Ruha whispering

A forgotten name whistling in the ear

Gentle, ephemeral brushing through my hair

The wind had the number every strand

Darkness…I remember you

Descending like the shroud

Grieving in the cold, and lonely places

In the secret chamber of my heart

Covered and clouded, and washed in the rain

Buried and reborn

Darkness…I was a fool, I never knew you

Fragile…I could not bear you

Restless…I would not endure you.

There is a ladder; on a tower, atop its parapet

In a city, by a vineyard where old drunkards sleep

Lying naked beneath the sun

There is a vine, upon a trellis

Roots stretched far into the earth

In the dark cool soil that is life

There is fruit upon the vine

The apex of ascent, pluck it

Be plucked, taste of it, and change