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Friday, January 22, 2021

The End is the Beginning - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



The End is the Beginning


It was with a great sense of relief that I watched Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take their oaths of office, watching in real time as the powers of the executive branch were taken up by a team of people who appear to be genuinely interested in helping our country through the multiple crises that have manifested themselves over the past year.


I was delighted to watch Donald Trump leave the White House and Leave Washington D.C. in keeping with his utter lack of respect for the office he held, and the traditions we hold so dear. I am glad that he didn’t try to pull some last-minute Trumpery to salvage his dignity…he has none.


There is not much more to say about the orange menace, now the toothless tiger except to express my desire to see him wither up and fade away. His legions of fanatics have already begun to turn on him, as well they should, he never deserved their loyalty, he never believed in their causes (not that their causes are worthy of believe and not that their loyalty was anything to covet), the man believes in nothing…not even in himself.


I would like to believe that we have learned a lesson from the past four years, but the election proved otherwise, the enemies of our republic, the foes of democracy have actually been empowered by Trump’s loss. The Trump presidency has given them a blue print, a tested set of tactics and stratagems to use against the American people in the next round…and they have already begun.


There are millions and millions more of us who look to the future of the country with hopeful eyes, and desire to participate in a plan that has us all working together for a better future, but there are still tens of millions of people who are lost in the fever swamps of conspiracy theories and alternative facts, people who get juiced when they participate in the big lie as they walk around in their fantasy world.


Most of us have the instinct to treat these lost souls with some degree of empathy, to feel sorry for them and even try to help them, and that is a good thing we should not stop feeling that way; we should hope for the best but prepare for the worst, because those Proud Boys, and boogaloos Q-publicans see the world in starkly different terms. They see their opponents as demonic, and themselves as the heroes of some kind of apocalyptic conflict, they are willingly being fleeced by a host of conmen and politicians who do not give a jot, not one tittle for their well-being.


The end is the beginning.


We have thrown out the trash but the landfill has become a superfund site and the waste is a toxic mess.


We have to stick together, all people of good conscience, we cannot let our guard down or allow ourselves to be caught up in petty squabbles that divide us from one another.


We have to rebuild America, turn the American dream into an American reality, fulfill the promise this grand experiment…we must.


A successful Biden administration, beginning with a successful first two years are essential to this prospect. If two years from now we have stymied ourselves with internal bickering, allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good, if we let the opposition stalemate us and frustrate our progress, we will lose the argument, the momentum and the opportunity to realize our goals.


We need the people to embrace a new mythology for the twenty-first century, a triumphal mythology of progress and liberty and justice for all, a mythology that denounces fear and embraces opportunity, a mythology that looks toward the infinite horizon with hope and purpose, a mythology that is built on a firm foundation of accomplishment, and the American people must be the focus of this work.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Fake President, Part XIII - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



Fake President - Part XIII



The fake president is pretending he did not loose the election, and he is going to try to steal it.


Donald Trump is terrified of what will happen to him when he is finally removed from the White House, he is afraid of winding up in prison for years of fraud he committed while applying for loans, and while filing his taxes, inflating the value of his assets on his loan application while deflating the value of those same assets on his tax returns.


Like everything he does, his crimes are artless, obvious and will be easy to prosecute.


He is terrified of what this will do to his brand, Dumb Donald, the biggest loser in the history of the world.


His fear for himself threatens the fabric of our society. He is fomenting violence, chaos, disorder refusing to recognize our president elect, losing case after case in court because his attorneys cannot provide any evidence, not even the barest hint of proof to substantiate the claims of fraud he makes day in and day out on Twitter and every time he opens his mouth to speak.


Donald Trump is a criminal at the head of a criminal regime, a one-term president who never had any legitimacy in the first place. He is a man who has refused to govern, and by the time he is forced out of office approximately 400,000 Americans will have died from a pandemic that the Fake President has refused to manage, a crisis he lies about every single day, even to the point of denying that it is actually taking place.


Be vigilant. The democracy is in danger.


This fake administration, the fake president and vice president, his Secretary of State, the press secretary and other sundry advisors are all saying publicly that there will be a second Trump administration.


Don’t laugh, they mean it. They mean to steal it. They are looking for a pretense to hang on to power. They may not succeed but they are going to try, and they are doing great harm to the nation in the meantime.


Stay focused.


Be ready to hold the electors in your state accountable, your governors, your secretaries of state, your elections officials and your state assemblies.

Be ready to support a general strike, be ready to bring this country to a screeching halt if the Fake President attempts to thwart the will of the American People.


We voted, now we have to make sure that the vote is respected.



Saturday, October 24, 2020

Vote XIV - Editorial, The Week in Review

 Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



Vote XIV


There are ten day to go before the votes begin to be counted.


Have you voted yet?


Do you have a plan?


Do you need someone to help you with your absentee ballot, or to get to the polls?


If you need help, ask.


This year has shown us in ways most of us never imagined we would experience, it has demonstrated a truth about the nature of society itself that is basic few of us ever questioned it or thought to test it, in clear and distinct terms it 2020 has shown us that we are all in this together.


For good or ill, we are all in this together, and now we have to vote like we are all in this together. The future of our republic and the fate of democracy depend on it.


We must act together to pull through this pandemic or we will all experience the worst of it…together.


Yesterday we posted a record number of new COVID-19 cases, over 80,000. WE also posted a record number the day before, and there is no end in sight.


We need leadership that will take this matter seriously and not lie to us, to rally our economy in response to it, while expanding the social safety net to manage the worst of the fallout.


We need to send Trump and his enablers packing, and put rational, civic minded policy makers in charge.


There are only ten days to go before the votes begin to be counted, fifty million people have already voted. The pandemic is only the most pressing concern we face, we have many other issues to deal with in the weeks and months and years ahead.


We need an American Awakening, we need to reengage the principles of the enlightenment that inspired the founders of our nation, and blow the trumpet for the new dawn of the age of reason.




Your country is depending on you.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Vote XI - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



Vote XI


Election day is one month out; stay focused everyone. The real peril to our republic and our democracy begins November 3rd.


I voted yesterday. I went to the early voting location at 980 E. Hennepin in Minneapolis. They open at 8:00 am, and I got there about ten minutes early. There was a couple ahead of me and we chatted while we waited to be let in.


They were nice.


The process was very organized, with lots of activity going on in the parking lot.


In Minnesota early voting is basically absentee voting, you get your ballot, and the double envelope. They make sure the envelopes are sealed and signed properly, and they post mark it before you put it in a ballot box.


I was done by 8;13 am, with my voting early sticker proudly displayed on my jacket.


It is worth it.


Go early, don’t rely on the mail, don’t risk your vote, don’t subject yourself to the possibility of election day shenanigans.


If you are feeling well, go to one of the early voting places and vote early. Get your vote counted, stand up and participate.


Donald Trump is in the hospital but his campaign is still spreading misinformation, still trying to suppress the vote, still stoking racial animus and engaging in other un-American activities. He is still threatening to challenge the results in court, to next accept the vote should it go against him (and it will), still encouraging mob violence and voter intimidation both on election day and in the days that follow.


Stay vigilant, support your poll workers, be ready to meet Trump’s brown-shirts in the street if they interfere with the election or the counting.


Have a plan, and don’t be taken by surprise.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Impeachment - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


It is about time, and not soon enough. The impeachment of the orange tyrant has begun.

I am grateful for it.

All people of good conscious must get support it. Donald Trump’s criminal pursuit of the presidency began before the 2016 election, and he has continued his criminal enterprise throughout his tenure in office.

The American people must demand his impeachment and removal from office, and his disqualification from seeking the office in the future.


This is not a court of law, we are in the court of common sense, the people and our representatives in Congress and the Senate must act to protect to protect the country and the constitution from the corrupt machinations of an impulsive, illiterate madman.

Speak up, make yourself heard, tell the pundits in the media, the news anchors and analysts, tell everyone who speaks and writes on public affairs that we have had enough.

We cannot fret about the political fortunes of our preferred political parties, we cannot give any weight to those who tell us “let the voters decide.” We cannot let this man remain in office one day longer than we have to. On any given day Donald Trump’s rash and impulsive character has the potential to do irrevocable harm to the country, the American people, and our allies. Witness the pain and suffering he has visited on our allies the Syrian Kurds, as proof of this claim.

He sold them out.

He sold them out to benefit Turkey and Russia, and by extension murderous Regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria and his benefactors in Iran. The man cannot be trusted to make decisions on behalf of the broader interest of the American people. He only sees his future economic interests at play, his Twin Trump Towers in Turkey, his long standing desire to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

It did not and still does not matter to Trump that our allies the Kurds are being subjected to ethnic cleansing by the Turks, squeezed between them and Russians, having to turn to Syria for help. It does not matter that two weeks before he sold them out our Kurdish allies provided us with the intelligence that allowed us to take out the leader of ISIS. The Fake and Corrupt President has no loyalty to anyone or anything but his own narrow self-interest.

Impeach him, remove him now, disqualify from holding any federal office.

He employed illegal extortion and bribery tactics against our ally Ukraine, he did it to benefit his 2020 presidential campaign, and his benefactor Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator. Donald Trump will do worse if we do not hold him accountable.

It is the duty of all American patriots to stand against him.

Every single day the man is profiting illegally from his office, taking money from both State governments and foreign powers, in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution.

He has been exercising an abusive and criminal influence over every branch of his government from the first day he took office, lying to the American people directly, and through his political appointees in government.

We cannot trust anything he says.

Impeach him now.

Censure all of his allies in and out of government, those feckless apologists and cowards who pretend that the things he is do are normal and okay; vote them out of office.

Get rid of them, they are no good.

This is a time for all American people to act. To be outraged. Our republic is in danger of going off the rails.

America, we deserve better than this.

We cannot suffer a man who courts the support of dictators, strong-men, and tyrants around the world, who asks them time and time again to interfere in our democracy, we cannot allow him to destroy our republic.

He is not worth your support! Drop him like a bad habit! Let’s move on!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Wrong Way - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Wrong Way

Nancy Pelosi let her frustration with Donald Trump, on the one hand, and her caucus on the other hand, get away from her.

It was shameful. It is the wrong way, that is the Trump way.

In a private meeting the Speaker of the House said that she does not want to see Donald Trump impeached, she wants to see him in prison.

Take no comfort in that.

Donald Trump is a criminal. His administration is illegitimate, but he must be removed from office before we can put him on trial for his crimes.

Apologists for the speaker are saying that there is no harm in her words, she is playing the same card e plays when Donald Trump calls for the prosecution and imprisonment of his political opponents.

That is not how America is supposed to work. We cannot let our leaders speak that way about their rivals, that road leads to the undoing of our representative democracy, and the dissolution of the republic.

We cannot leave a criminal in office. He must be impeached.

Open the inquiry now. Hold each member of congress accountable for their vote.

Put Donald Trump on trial in the Senate, hold each senator accountable for their vote.

Expose the fake president for the criminal that he is.

Do it now; duty demands it.

Let it play out as it will.

Show courage, this is not the ginned up impeachment of Bill Clinton, this is something else.

This is what your oath of office demands.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Anonymous - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


There has been a lot said in the past few days about the anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times, attributed to a senior Trump administration official, talking about the amoral and corrupt character of Donald Trump.

It said he is a danger to the nation, and to the world. That he has no understanding of or regard for the law. It said he is woefully ignorant and worse, that he doesn’t know it and he doesn’t care to know it.

It dished a whole lot of dirt about Donald Trump, dirt that most of the country already knew was true.

I knew he was ignorant, amoral and dangerous even before he announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

How is it that it took so many other people a year and half into his daily displays of completely self-absorbed maleficent-madness to figure this out?

What could any of those people have been thinking when they signed up to serve in his administration? Were they thinking that he wouldn’t be utterly self-serving? When he refused to divest himself of his holdings, were they thinking it was okay that he breach the emoluments clause of the constitution every day, enriching himself and his family everyday with monies from foreign princes and powers for hotel rooms and gold course dues. What have they been thinking ever day that he spends on the golf course, or shut into his room having his “executive time.”

What are any of them thinking?

Donald Trump and his criminal regime represent an existential threat to our democracy and way of life. Not only because of his gross ignorance, or his deep-desire to acquire and hold on to power at any cost. He is a danger to our democracy because seeks to destroy or institutions and norms, whatever they might be if he believes that honoring them will reflect poorly on him, and this is the case every day, every single day he does and says disgraceful things that undermine the dignity of the office.

Every single day he appears to be digging a deeper hole in regards to his penchant to obstruct justice, to use the levers of power that reside with the President to go after his political opponents.
He abuses his power to attack the free markets, free enterprise, the free press, undermining the rule of law, demanding loyalty to himself over and against the constitution.

That is who he is.

How is it that the anonymous author of that op-ed could not see it, well in advance; because he or she and the other people they claim to represent, are just as self-serving as him.

The idea that they are serving the country by operate some kind of “shadow” government is the biggest lie of all.

We only have one president, that man is incapable of fulfilling the duties of his office. Je is guilty of many serious crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors.

He needs to be removed from office.  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fake President – Part One

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Donald Trump is a liar and a dangerous provocateur. T-Rump is a threat to the Republic.
 In a tweet on Friday, February 17th, T-Rump declared that the free press is an “enemy of the people.”
 I support a free press. Am I an enemy of the people? No, the answer is no. I ordered my subscription to the New York Times the next day, and I gave one away as a gift. I support a free press, and I am not an enemy of the people.
I am a veteran. I swore an oath to defend the constitution, I took that oath seriously. The person occupying the oval office, against the will of the majority of voters, that person took an oath as well, but he was lying through his teeth when he did.
T-Rump wails and whines against reporters who are simply reporting the things he says. He calls it “fake news,” as if he were engaged in a marketing strategy, as if he were attempting to brand something, to label it, without regard to the facts at all.
He himself is fake. He overstates the value of his holdings when he is bragging about himself, he understates the value of his holdings when it comes time to pay property taxes.
He promises things he does not deliver; he has not shown us his tax returns. He did not divest himself of his business interests, he is still making deals, both in foreign countries and at home. He has put his own interests above his party, above national security, above the well-being of his country.
T-Rump is a fake president. He cannot open his mouth without lying. When he is caught in a lie in real-time, he casts blame on some unknown person. He lied just three days ago, stating that his 306 electoral college votes was the biggest since Ronald Regan, and that was false. President Obama got more twice. He quickly said he meant “among republicans,” and that was false, George H.W. Bush got far more, so he brushed it off and blamed “someone.”
T-Rump is a fake, a phony, a fraud, a charlatan…He won the election on a technicality, he lost the popular vote. He cannot accept this, and he lies about it every time the topic comes. He imagines, that millions of illegal immigrants voted in California, and that tens of thousands of people were bussed into New Hampshire to vote illegally in order to swing the election there to Hillary.
Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government in order to influence the election in Donald Trump’s favor. All of the facts on this have yet to come out, but watch the story unfold.
Donald Trump, is fake, illegitimate and a threat to the Republic. It is the duty of all Americans to stand against the Trump regime. All Americans of good conscious, must seek the means to remove him from office.
We cannot accept attacks on the press, attacks on the courts, the undermining of our sovereignty, the subversion of the democratic process.
We are not a plutocracy, but that is what they are attempting to foist on us.