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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Safe in the cloister
Safe within cold walls, withdrawn
The world melt away

A yearnings beckons
The slow impulse of desire
Confused and abstract

Fusing and diffusing
A failure of discernment
Wandering Errant

Psychology of the cave
Elusive shadows
Nobody cares for
Coffee hose philosophies
Issued without risk

Listen to the sage
The nomad from the desert
The Israelite wrote

It is meaningless
Meaningless, everything is
Empty, every word

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I stood in the desert, facing the wind and sun, staring into the red fire
Its hot eye slipping below the horizon, the broken hills cast in rose and gold

Sand fills the air, it covers me, sharp-tiny particles fly like razors
Each grain, a memory that captures and cuts without conscience

The eye of the sun is a window in time a window on wonder
On beauty, casting shadows like doubt over the path in front of me

We are dust in the end, dried husks, desiccated and burning
Little embers soaring on the solar wind, the world on fire, super-nova

The sun drives us, and its absence, like the will and passion, pulling
Like sin and confusion, the desert swallows it all, without judgement

Erasure, bleached bones and broken spirits, haunt a prison without bars
Walk beneath the stars, shattered, falling in the night like errant dreams

Alone and incomplete, poor and blind, my breath is spent, bereft
Truth up-ended, logic in tatters, a ragged shawl that cannot comfort

Dance above the desert floor, cracked by the hammering sun
Swing at the end of the rope, above the dry grave, dancing with vultures

I pulled the lever and the earth did not move, the price was freedom, I refused
Preferring the savor of lies, set the temple on fire burning with the druj

The sleep of the Effretti the flames of chaos, Rakshasha drumming
Djin, descending, each with a wish in the palm of their hand

Give me something to ease my pain, a pleasant illusion, a placebo will do
Allow me a moment to slake my thirst, to satisfy my wants, a reprieve

Set my compass for the compassionate life, love is a true-stone, the fixed star
Navigate the turbulent world, by Polaris, keep me straight in the path

Walking backward, retracing foot prints in the windswept sand

Monday, April 3, 2017

Forty Days in the Desert (Haiku Series in Forty Parts)


Humans trespassing
Confused in the moonless night
Cold in the morning

A narrow window
Sunrise in the morning, blush
Lost, and looking back

Soft color of morning
Red and orange and dusty pink
Blush on the mountain

Spring in the desert
Morning dew lingers, a feast
Moisture in morning

Live with compassion
I see the way ahead, bright
The restful morning

Light, to ease the heart
Light, to live by, free from fear
Light, I am wanting


Desert, hot and wild
Pure as an empty promise
The great wide open

Highway sixty-two
A plateau above Palm Springs
The Joshua tree

Fragile oasis
A living cathedral sings 
Brief, shining and green

The radio voice
Takes me down the road to you
In Twenty-nine Palms

A cult in Amboy
Angels in Death Valley, stir
The Manson family

The Mojave heat
Wind lifting sand off the ground
Fills the air with grit

The lovely desert
Transient, passing through you
The lonely vagrant

Heat and Fire, Desire

One hundred-fifteen
Car windows blown out at noon
Expanding in heat

Reason is a fire
The burning spirit fills me
Melts the golden calf

Doubt, I cannot breathe
Oxygen, the fire consumes
Choking, sputtering, will

Waves, dry and burning
Circumstance, the barren field
Fears, we are ruled by

Life’s fragility
We are equals, and made free
In the desert heat

The spirit is fire
A pillar lighting the night
The dynamic life

Feel the heat of you
Your desert heart, dusty, cold
Desolate, a fool

The dirty heart, hot
Desires of a lover, sweet
Hard and demanding

Love’s desperate fool
Velvet kiss, a touch of fire,
Crazy, cold smile, you

The passionate life
Hot, driven through the wonders
Mountains, cut by wind

Wind and Wanting

Desert wind blowing
Standing in the face of it
Staring at the sun

Hope, drives us forward
Against the despairing wind
The mirage of doom

The ephemeral
Purpose is a bright mirage 
Wandering in thirst

Vision has a price
Alone, we are not ourselves
Broken, incomplete

Persist in delusion
In world that never were, truths
I will not give up

Wisdom’s soft approach
Un-raveller of conflict
Moving with the wind

The storm passes through
Blowing sand, each grain, a knife
Stinging as it cuts

Dust, Dirt and Death

Logic is a coin
The dessert will not tender
Negotiable truths

Drifting with the sand
Every grain, a memory
Alone and listing

We are dust, dirty
Spirits fluttering weakly
Diffused in dry air

A jail without walls
The lost self, shattered, dissolved
A walking spirit

Each step leaves a trace
Reminders of who we are
Walking to the grave

Hand on the lever
The embrace of the condemned
The fallen lover

Curing in the dry air
One and all, we are the same
Swinging in heat

The fate of us all
A brief life, Death’s certainty
Free in the moment


Touch the falling sun
Fingers of light, brush the sky
Bursting, red, and orange

Starlight and, love lit
The way, a path through the storm
The shelter of hope

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fool’s Parade

Death scenes, false, pale dreams
The absurd masquerade, dance
Invisible dress

In the great salt flats
Beneath the cold desert sun
Stretched, parched, and naked

Alone in the world
Beneath the wide, barren sky
Vultures in the blue

Burn me on these stones
Death crone, prophetess, love me
Grain of sand, I am

These baked granite dreams
A puppet in strings, living
Marching in the wind