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Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Snap my fingers, waves
Expanding in the ether
Snap, a miracle

Tap, tapping rhythms
Shaping order from chaos
Tap, the birth of time

Ripples of desire
Rings, spread across the water
Ripples in the dark

Murmurs and Echoes
Poetry of the lost muse
Murmuring shadows

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Thought affectations
Pretenses of calm, acting
Cool and rational

The relentless chase
Thoughtless consumption, consumed
The lure of desire

All without reason
These spontaneous pursuits
The mindless craving

Despair swallows me
Engulfed in tides of darkness
Entropy and death

The price will be paid
Falling into addiction
The bottomless pit

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Safe in the cloister
Safe within cold walls, withdrawn
The world melt away

A yearnings beckons
The slow impulse of desire
Confused and abstract

Fusing and diffusing
A failure of discernment
Wandering Errant

Psychology of the cave
Elusive shadows
Nobody cares for
Coffee hose philosophies
Issued without risk

Listen to the sage
The nomad from the desert
The Israelite wrote

It is meaningless
Meaningless, everything is
Empty, every word

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


The search never ends
A longing for tenderness
To ease the hard life

A little loving
Learning, to be touched by you
And be vulnerable

Open to the world
The long journey of desire
The restless slumber

Eternally dreaming
The absolute end of things
Drowning in laughter

Taken and shaken
Beaten inside our thin shells
Like a broken yoke

A bloody remnant
Swallowed by the truth, eaten
Without thought or care

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

High Wire

Walking the thin line
The cold steel cable, stretched tight
‘Cross the silent void

My light is swallowed
By the gloom, tearing at me
Every inch of them

My broken fingers
The wire cuts them to the bone
Tendrils and sinew

The scent of iron
Bleeding out the rusty musk
Shuddering pulses

I took to the high wire
Walked the precarious way
Falling with my pride

Hung over the void
Cut off and dangling, afraid
Of oblivion

I did not desire
The dark drift, the endless fall
Into the abyss

I dreamt of the light
To walk beneath the blue sky
On the other side

Friday, November 16, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Seven, War; Part Forty-four, Loyalties; Chapter Five, Desire

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 320, Friday
November 16th, 2018

Chapter Five: Desire

The bonds between people, even members of the same family were flimsy, they were unreliable, but some were stronger than others.

People found one another through the things they desired most, bonding with one another through their joy and pain, they gravitated toward the same places. They were even shepherded to those places, to encounter one another through the ever-watchful eyes of the Continuum.

There was an element of contrivance behind even seemingly random encounters, the manipulations behind them were so fine and remote that the individuals involved in them had no ability to detect them.

They were cultivated for the drama they would deliver to the Collective.

Shared experiences were the strongest ties, and because of this people unconsciously sabotaged themselves, undercut their hopes for advancement, so that they could remain in proximity to those they loved.

They sacrificed their health, their freedom, their future for fleeting moments of pleasure, temporalities that were gone and forgotten as quickly as they came.

Through this medium, incredible tragedies would unfold, as ephemeral as the petals of a flower opening in the moonlight when there is no one there to witness.

Children would destroy their parents.

Brother and sisters would plot against each other.

Parents would sell their children, would devour them to satisfy their hunger for the thing they desired.

Desire would lead a person to walk with open eyes, through the gates of hell, embracing their own  destruction.

The Collective thirsted for it, and the Continuum delivered.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #OnePagePerDay

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-three, Remembrance; Chapter Six, Desire

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 244, Saturday
September 1st, 2018

Chapter Six: Desire

Desire is the root of self, of joy, and of suffering.

Our desires are the fingers that braid our happiness and sorrow into the single line of being.

Before fear, there is desire.

Before hope there is desire.

Desire is the precursor and the greatest determiner of who we are.

Our desires define us.

Desire shapes us, moment by moment, into the persons we are to become.

Desires drive us, they control us, from the inarticulate motivations locked within our cells, to the most intricately defined machinations of dynastic ambitions; our desires govern us.

It is a watershed moment in the life of the individual-person when they reach the point where they may live free from desire.

The moment comes, and a choice is made, to shed the skin, to re-enter the womb, to be born anew…or not

To relinquish desire is freedom.

It is freedom of self, and freedom from the self.

It is to be a new creation.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #OnePagePerDay

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Lost in love, drunk with passion, stumbling

The watcher within waits for the dance, to give form to rhythm

It was a dream, the flight of angels, leaping in the light

A million refractions from the point of a pin

Each ray, a prayer, unbroken in the night

Lost in madness, like Romeo in his cups

Drinking to the dawn, a sweet and bitter potion

Like Tristram and Isolde who met their fate in a cave

Impaled on the bright spikes of desire

They crawled back into the earth to sleep, stirring nevermore

Lost in time, in the clever whispers of the world

Wind tossed and weary like Odysseus, compelled

To eat the lotus, to drink the hemlock, to relinquish all care

Socrates found what he was looking for in the dregs of despair

A longing to hold what cannot be held, to measure the fathomless deep

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-eight, Encounter; Chapter Six; Desire

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 209, Saturday
July 28th, 2018

Chapter Six: Desire

It took Kathy several moments to get her bearings when she met Jim.

It was the first time she had ever encountered a human being that she could not fathom in an instant.

Kathy thought she had prepared herself for the unexpected, his knowledge of ancient languages alone informed her that she was going to encounter a unique individual, perhaps another person like herself.

It was not just his knowledge, knowledge was not the right word. He had an intimate familiarity with them, akin to her own familiarity, he knew more than the meanings of characters and symbols, he knew how the speech sounded, something he could only know if he had been there, or if he was attuned to some part of himself who had, like Kathy was.

It took her several moments to adjust to this new reality. She was uncertain as to why she had believed that being in close proximity to him would change anything.

Distance and proximity had never been factors in her ability to reach another mind before.

Jim was closed to her.

All she wanted to do was to be absorbed by him, to lose herself in him, as everyone she had ever been with had been lost in her.

For the very first time she felt a longing that was not rooted in loneliness and isolation.

She felt desire.

She felt distinct.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #OnePagePerDay

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Abandoned and all alone
Wracked by pain, and wickedness
Abysmal and devouring

The am hungry for deceit
The consummation of nothingness
The enticement of illusion

Clutching at desire
A hollow feast for the starving spirit
Falling with the fallen  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


There is nothing more troubling than rejection
No matter how fleeting or fragmentary the desire might have been

To be denied is to stare into a mirror where there is no reflection

No light casting image
No object of adoration

No subject of recognition
No resonance of love

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Of Poetry and Misery

Oh bastion of virtue, portico of romantics, Muse
Make me pure again

Mortal that I am, re-birth me in your golden light
A child of the Furies

My broken feet are bleeding, tired of dragging against time
Driven through the mire

My shell of being, I am weary of seeing, feeling
Still born in still-life

I haunt the static spaces, in the freedom of my dreams
Forgotten, the will to be…be not

Where is the dream now, the promised-land, love and grace
Why now withhold your hand, bar the gate

Oh god of visions, Apollo, poet, you are the sun
The sire of Sisyphus, the wise…the condemned

The good king was right, life is a joke, only the gods are laughing
We are creatures of ridicule

Who am I, what is the meaning of life, where is my purpose?

When can I answer the eternal questions…Why?
Why me? Why you?

Why is the sky blue? Does anything matter…anything at all?
What can knowing do?

Every beating heart, pounds the rhythm of its dreams
We are carried away by them

The Echo of madness leads nowhere, we are lost in the wild

            Drowned in pools of desire, of vanity

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Emergence, In Fifty-five Words - Section Seven, War; Part Forty-four, Loyalties, Collected Chapters

Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 315, November 11th, 2017

Chapter One: Genetic

Many things united the people of the Empire; language, cult, custom.

Fear and hope were among the most powerful forces establishing both mutuality and commonality throughout the worlds.

Nevertheless, the children of the Ancients evolved in different ways, on their disparate worlds, with different stars to look upon, different fates to contemplate.

Differences were primary.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 316, November 12th, 2017

Chapter Two: Class

Everyone dreamed of advancing to the next level, it was the constant preoccupation of the masses, to advance, either in this life or the next.

Complacency was abhorrent.

They loathed their own place, but when threatened their class united them.

They were connected by clan, village, planet, by class, and rank, by fear and loathing.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 317, November 13th, 2017

Chapter Three: Planetary

There were a million worlds in the galactic Empire. Planets strung like gems among the stars, each of them was the locus of identity for the ordinary citizen.

Every person was marked by the world they lived on, genetically aligned to its exigencies. Their worlds marked them in ways that were both obvious and hidden.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 318, November 14th, 2017

Chapter Four: Linguistic

The Imperial schools attempted to normalize linguistics.

It was a mission that never ended, something that they failed at from generation to generation.

Variation persisted, colloquial patterns bonded people to one another, an unconscious manifestation of shared experience.

Language patterns were buried in the ganglia of the central nervous system, they were a genetic endowment.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 319, November 15th, 2017

Chapter Five: Desire

People found one another through the things they desired most; bonding with one another through their joy, and pain.

Shared experience were the strongest ties, and because of this, people unconsciously sabotaged themselves, undercut their hopes for advancement, so as to remain in proximity to those they loved.

Through this medium, incredible tragedies would unfold.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 320, November 16th, 2017

Chapter Six: Fear

Fear makes the life and behaviors of the citizenry more predictable than any other factor.

 Not even death could overcome the power of fear.

Fear poisoned the body, shaping its consciousness in the electromagnetic field.

Fear was the most powerful emotion, stronger than hope, than desire, than hate.

Fear catalyzed all of the lesser emotions.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 321, November 17th, 2017

Chapter Seven: Love

Love is stronger than fear, stronger than any power.

The Imperial cult worked tirelessly to frustrate the reality of love among each of the million worlds that constituted the galactic civilization.

Love is a feeling, like fear, and joy, but love is more, it is a choice, it is a fundamental option.

Love is freedom.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0:
Section Seven, War

Part Forty-four, Loyalties

Collected Chapters
01 Genetic
02 Class
03 Planetary
04 Linguistic
05 Desire
06 Fear
07 Love

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Awake and alone
I am too poor to receive
This revelation

Awake and alone
The miracle passes me
I could not touch it

I feel the bludgeon
The cold, and despairing blows
Numbing my senses

Hollow humanity
Our terrible husbandry
Mechana of grief

Our desire to rule
Captivate and dominate
To name and call ours

Everything turns, spoils
Seeding the earth with poisons
Soaked in bitterness

Alone and awake
Witnessing a miracle
Softly beaten air

Brushing against me
Broad wings, black against the night
Wings of the eagle

Soul of the nation
White head, yellow beak, raptor
Tearing into flesh

Hungry, devouring
This miracle, eating me

Alone and awake

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Emergence, In Fifty-five Words - Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-three, Remembrance, Collected Chapters

Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 239, August 27th, 2017

Chapter One: The Ancient Life

The ancient life was not easy.

The ancient people struggled just as their children did now, throughout the empire.

There was conflict and war.

There was strife and hunger, there was thirst and there was death.

Until the advent of the Collective death swallowed everything, the Collective promised to end the concerns of the living.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 240, August 28th, 2017

Chapter Two: The Promise of the Collective

The Collective was promoted as a means of freeing people from the vicissitudes of life, and from the drudgeries of living, presented immortality.

It meant release from the economies of scarcity, accompanied by ubiquitous war, strife, and violence.

The Collective was the translation of the whole self into a realm of electromagnetism and quantum currents.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 241, August 29th, 2017

Chapter Three: The Lie

Entering the Continuum freed no-one.

It perpetuated the banal, and magnified the mundane, carrying the Collective into depravity.

The material concerns of each individual member passed away, but the ingrained patterns of thought formed by the needs of the body, those remained.

Individuals, and thus the Collective, still spent their time seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 242, August 30th, 2017

Chapter Four: Suffering

Every member of the Collective was an island…a world unto themselves.

They connected to one another through Continuum, which shared in the collective experience of each individual.

The more intense the experiences the more they shared.

Most members of the collective were caught up in the endless drama unfolding among the worlds of the Empire.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 243, August 31st, 2017

Chapter Five: Will

The translation of consciousness from an organic body to the quantum and electromagnetic fields of the Collective was not easy.

Many who attempted this underwent a negation of self from which they never recovered.

It was noted that only the strongest personalities survived the translation process.

What happened to those who did make it was a mystery.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 244, September 1st, 2017

Chapter Six: Desire

Desire is the root of self, of joy, and of suffering.

Before fear, there is desire, the greatest determiner of who we are.

Desires define us, shape us into the persons we become.

Desires drive us; it controls us.

Every person reaches a point where they can be free from it, relinquishing desire is freedom.

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
A Novel – In 55 Words a Day
Day 245, September 2nd, 2017

Chapter Seven: Justice

The Continuum fostered a systemic and visceral depravity deep within itself.

Only a tiny minority among the Collective felt a desire for justice in relation to the experiences they witnessed in the Empire.

A larger part of the Collective paid no attention at all to what was happening in the worlds occupied by their progeny. 

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Emergence 2.0
Section Five, 92835670100561474

Part Thirty-three, Remembrance

Collected Chapters
01 The Ancient Life
02 The Promise of Continuum
03 The Lie
04 Suffering
05 Will
06 Desire
07 Justice

#Emergence #SuperShortFiction #365SciFi #55Words

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


An articulation of sorrow
An expression in pain, I cannot
Shut my eyes for the memories
Memories of love, possession

She promised me everything I wanted
Every breathe she took, was stolen from me
My fingers brushed her lips in the morning
As silence fell like a shroud for the dead

The words she gave me were sweet, loving
Her eyes lit like sapphires in the evening
Taking blind, unwary fools to bed, like me
I drowned in those pools, reaching for the light  

The breathless hurt of a bursting heart
A vice-grip of disdain and choked desire
Echoes of loss resound in the dark
As shadows dance against the wall

In a parade of fools

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I am confounded
Deceived and ignorant
Lying to the world

I am a blind man
Sightless old Polyphemus
My head in the clouds

Adrift in the mist
Watch sunlight diffusing
Lighting my day dreams

I hide from myself
The subject of scrutiny
A joke of the fates

Fountains of laughter
Falling alone in the World
Darkness descending

The drum percussing
Without care for consequence
Surfing waves of doom

Ancestral spirits
Hunger for bodies, breath, blood
Insatiable ghosts

The heat of the Earth
Hot winds bathing me, burning
Slowly in the fire

Breach the molten heart
Breaking through on golden wings

The wings of desire

Monday, April 3, 2017

Forty Days in the Desert (Haiku Series in Forty Parts)


Humans trespassing
Confused in the moonless night
Cold in the morning

A narrow window
Sunrise in the morning, blush
Lost, and looking back

Soft color of morning
Red and orange and dusty pink
Blush on the mountain

Spring in the desert
Morning dew lingers, a feast
Moisture in morning

Live with compassion
I see the way ahead, bright
The restful morning

Light, to ease the heart
Light, to live by, free from fear
Light, I am wanting


Desert, hot and wild
Pure as an empty promise
The great wide open

Highway sixty-two
A plateau above Palm Springs
The Joshua tree

Fragile oasis
A living cathedral sings 
Brief, shining and green

The radio voice
Takes me down the road to you
In Twenty-nine Palms

A cult in Amboy
Angels in Death Valley, stir
The Manson family

The Mojave heat
Wind lifting sand off the ground
Fills the air with grit

The lovely desert
Transient, passing through you
The lonely vagrant

Heat and Fire, Desire

One hundred-fifteen
Car windows blown out at noon
Expanding in heat

Reason is a fire
The burning spirit fills me
Melts the golden calf

Doubt, I cannot breathe
Oxygen, the fire consumes
Choking, sputtering, will

Waves, dry and burning
Circumstance, the barren field
Fears, we are ruled by

Life’s fragility
We are equals, and made free
In the desert heat

The spirit is fire
A pillar lighting the night
The dynamic life

Feel the heat of you
Your desert heart, dusty, cold
Desolate, a fool

The dirty heart, hot
Desires of a lover, sweet
Hard and demanding

Love’s desperate fool
Velvet kiss, a touch of fire,
Crazy, cold smile, you

The passionate life
Hot, driven through the wonders
Mountains, cut by wind

Wind and Wanting

Desert wind blowing
Standing in the face of it
Staring at the sun

Hope, drives us forward
Against the despairing wind
The mirage of doom

The ephemeral
Purpose is a bright mirage 
Wandering in thirst

Vision has a price
Alone, we are not ourselves
Broken, incomplete

Persist in delusion
In world that never were, truths
I will not give up

Wisdom’s soft approach
Un-raveller of conflict
Moving with the wind

The storm passes through
Blowing sand, each grain, a knife
Stinging as it cuts

Dust, Dirt and Death

Logic is a coin
The dessert will not tender
Negotiable truths

Drifting with the sand
Every grain, a memory
Alone and listing

We are dust, dirty
Spirits fluttering weakly
Diffused in dry air

A jail without walls
The lost self, shattered, dissolved
A walking spirit

Each step leaves a trace
Reminders of who we are
Walking to the grave

Hand on the lever
The embrace of the condemned
The fallen lover

Curing in the dry air
One and all, we are the same
Swinging in heat

The fate of us all
A brief life, Death’s certainty
Free in the moment


Touch the falling sun
Fingers of light, brush the sky
Bursting, red, and orange

Starlight and, love lit
The way, a path through the storm
The shelter of hope