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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Mystery II

Washed in the darkness
With the thick night pushing me
Clouds of unknowing

‘Cross the starry field
Mirrored in the deep blue sea
Disturbed by passion

Buffeted by winds
The ocean swells and threatens
Down, I will not go

Reaching for the truth
A life-line of certitude
A raft of reason

Watch beauty ascend
Her halo burning brightly
Slip the solar disk

Seeking out the good
Journey into mystery
Take the cup of fire

The world falls away
And I fall with it, bonded
Sleeping with the dead

Separate from God
These elusive mysteries
I have no answers

Meaningless riddles
Static, in the flow of time
Self dissolution

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Dissolute, spinning
I am flirting with non-being
De-constructing, me

A trillion gaps
In my integrity, gaps
Ever widening

Leave me wondering
Am I really-real, how do
My atoms cohere?

The substance of self
A mass of tissue, fluids
Churning in the brine

Electrical nodes
Seeing and thinking, feeling
Being a construct

I am cognizant
Perceiving and resolving
The riddle of me