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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


I thought I had caught fire when I saw her
Burnt up in an instant, consumed by desire
A hollowed husk, cracked and desiccated

I had nothing to give her, nothing that she wanted
Ignited by the friction, of my pounding heart
Rendered like the fattened bull, rising to the ether

Wilted flowers lay down in the field, drained of color
Cast off by Persephone, just another poor creation
Brittle petals, like the dragon-fly’s wing, disintegrate

The cinders of love, reduced to ash and embers
Like any of us, dancing blindly with the fates
Deaf to the song of the spirit, dumb and disturbed

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baptism and Emptiness

These feelings oppress
Even as they exalt me
Pride, humility

My dynamic will
An inclination to move
Bound and struggling

Duty and honor
They stretch me on the altar
Servant to ideals

The stone blade cuts deep
Frees me from my wounded heart
Cruel, unforgiving

Selfless diffusion
The holy ghost, washed in fire
The Shriven spirit

Overwhelmed and drained
A hunger for faith
Baptized and empty