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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fenris Wolf

The gathering void
Sophistry and dark whispers
Thought without action

A habit of mind
The echoes of ideas
The essential me

Madness prevailing
A heartless wind is blowing
Law without justice

The relentless chase
Realized, and never fulfilled
The wolf my Id

Ragnorak begins
Roll-up the world like a blanket
Un-roll it, new

Elusive monster
Insane, howling for the kill
Fenris Wolf, demanding

Seeing everything
Your jaws crush complacency
The howl of triumph

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sing to the unknown
In the place where shadows fall
The pipes are calling

The bell has been rung
Echoes murmur in the tide
In waves resounding

The mind alighting
The flicker of a candle
Glows beneath the shroud

Secrets in the night
Love-dreams of the infinite
Cross the Milky-way

Reaching for the stars
Driven from the darkened cave
Ethereal flight

Soar the Astral plane
Surfing with the Alien

In cosmic fire, born