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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Emergence 5.0 - Epilog, Part Twelve

It was the end of everything.


Kathy braced herself against the primal conflagration that was consuming the world. The more she resisted the more she felt herself fading away into the undifferentiated miasma of destruction.


She felt billions of beings reaching out to her, as if she were the only buoy in a sea of calamity.


She was trying to hold on to everything that she knew and loved together in the embrace of her consciousness, but in reality her individual loves and desires, the things she hoped for, they trapped her, the tighter she gripped, the more she crumbled.


She had only one option.


To let go.


Kathy had been overwhelmed by the psychic storm from the cataclysm on Earth, and she surrendered to it, remembering the lessons she had learned as a girl, she recalled the Chinese finger trap; she relaxed and allowed the storm to pass through her.


She had prepared for this her entire life, she allowed her intuition to guide her. She let go of her fear and everything she hoped for, allowing it to flow like water through her fingers.


Her consciousness expanded and as it did she retained her individuality, Kathy became co-terminus with the entirety of Earth’s cynergenic field, like an ever expanding balloon. She felt like the seed-head of a dandelion bracing in the wind.


For the briefest of moments she was one among many, and then everything changed, she became the one who was all, the all in one, the atavistic consciousness of humanity.


Kathy sensed the multiplication of consciousness expanding within her at an order of magnitude that staggered her, and then…in letting go she found herself.


She was fully present with each and every shift in the cynergenic field, she was moving outward in waves, like concentric rings, she was the crest and the trough and everything in between.


She was the wave itself, transmogrified. There was joy in it, and there was no fear.


She had become Earth’s channel and its atavistic guide, leading the fullness of humanity into the Collective field of the HomeWorld, across the vast expanse of space, in no-time, like her ancestor Moses, leading the people through the sea of reeds.


She touched every individual as they passed through her, receiving the fullness of their being.


Once it had begun, it was over.


It was the greatest transposition of quantum energy to ever take place, a thing that neither Jim nor the Continuum had projected was possible, there was no standing against it.


As soon as it began it was fait accompli.


Kathy had become a new creation, a being of light and grace in full rapport with the dark-energy of the cosmos.


She was unbound by space and time.


She was Brachma, the infinite ocean of being.


She transcended the machinery of the Continuum, she inhabited it, she could control it and yet she did not require it, she could not be confined by it.


She was the goddess.


She was the shepherdess.


She was the alpha and the omega, she was the first and the last.


In a visceral way Kathy came to a literal understanding of the reality behind the metaphysical teaching she had absorbed as a child. She was secure in her knowledge of it, and through both the experience and the understanding she delivered her people safely to the promised land, both the living and the dead.


Everything was mutable, everything was in flux.


Between any one point in the matrix of time and space no matter how small it is, and between any one point in the fabric of reality no matter how large it might be, there is a relationship that can be distinguished.


Every instantiated moment, every potential moment, every actual referent is related to every other.


In this relationality everything is one, there is no actual separation between the events we discern.


Kathy understood this, she saw the entire universe spinning on the point of a pin.


In the quantum field which the Collective once occupied, in that vast construct which the Continuum was formerly master of, time itself was meaningless.


The science of the Continuum had made this acutely obvious to Jim, but Kathy discovered that time had no boundaries anywhere, the quantum field that undergirded the whole of reality was in fact one-thing.


Kathy’s consciousness, and the whole of humanity filled the quantum field in no-time, she slipped beyond the bounds of HomeWorld, she filled the Central System, and into the beyond.


She became co-terminous with what the Continuum was, and much more as she ushered the fullness of humanity into the Collective sphere helping them to a place of calm, giving each of them what they needed to see, connecting friends to friends, and families to their ancestors.


She created a facsimile of earth that was paradisiacal.


It was a transformation.


It was homecoming.


She felt like Joshua crossing the Jordan, leading the people into the land of milk and honey.


She delivered the humanity, these Children of the Ancient People, to a place of wholeness and light, and belonging. It happened in mere moments while Jim was preoccupied with his insignificant little war and the culmination of the conflict that had shaped his existence.


Kathy saw Jim there, the entirety of him, both his great spirit and his smallness, she saw him in stark relief, in a way she never could have seen him before.


She took in his entire self.


In that moment everything was new.


This cynergenic field was strange to her, but not completely alien. She realized that she had touched it before, seen glimpses of it through her contact with Jim, she recognized it, and she felt him there too, with her, within her, preoccupied with his conflict, his victory, his need to control.


She saw his enemy there too, in proximity to him, hiding like a wounded cub, secreted in the consciousness of the man named El.


She saw El, and the fullness of his personhood, and she was filled with compassion for him.


Kathy ascended quietly, seamlessly flowing into every vestige of the construct that supported her mind and conscience. She travelled along every cable and fiber, filling every node and capacitator throughout the Central System, synthesizing their purpose and discerning their function in an instant, through her connection to Jim she acquired what had taken him millions of years to master.


Within the field of the Central System she had become omniscient, her mind expanding beyond the limitations of the physical structure.


She had transcended.


She felt Jim’s presence, the conflict he was involved in, but it was not her concern.


His was now a minor drama in a much greater play, and he was just one poor player.


She possessed him entirely, everything that he was, his long-lonely sojourn, his burning ambition, his moment of triumph…and his helplessness


She understood now that he was the cause of her being. He had planned for her arrival, engineered it over tens of thousands of years, during his mission on Earth. He constructed her from the human stock he had cultivated, as he had her parents and their parents before them. He had shaped them all with the intention that they fulfil a specific need for him, that they conform to his purpose. She understood now how the fabric of her life was shot through with the thread of his designs, but she was not what he had planned for.


Jim had prepared her to be a sacrificial victim, he had intended to set her on fire, to burn her up along with the world that he had cared for, to destroy it all for the sake of his revenge.


He told himself he was agent of justice, but he was merely the puppet of his ambitions and an agent of destruction, as full of shame and self-loathing as any creature who had ever lived, including the algorithmic-golem that had been the Continuum.


He was a man like any other, devoted to his pursuit of glory and self-aggrandizement.


Kathy contemplated these things even as the onrush of individuated consciousness flowed through her, melding with her own in a state of ecstasy. It filled Kathy to the point of overflowing, for a moment it threatened to overwhelm her, but she rose with it as she had been trained to do.


Kathy was ascendant.


She felt the flood of humanity swirling within her, billions and billions of people, both the quick and the dead, virtually every person who had ever walked the earth poured through her essential being.


She steadied the flow and grew with it, moving up the stream until she self-identified with the source. She became Gaea, the mother spirit, she was mother to them all, each and everyone of them pulsing within her cosmic womb.


The spirits of Earth, of humanity’s collective, they strengthened her, they steadied her, calmed her as they had done when she was a child. The voices that had guided her throughout her life, were with her now.


She touched them, she recognized them, person by person she saved them one by one, all in one, and one in all, they were together, in the full realization of human potential with her at the fulcrum, with reality itself balancing as if on the tip of a spear.


Jim had created a vacuum within the cynergenic field of HomeWorld, a vacuum that nature abhorred. Kathy penetrated it. She led the children of Earth, the Children of the Ancient People, she led them to their new home, guiding them to places of safety and security, and they filled it. Together they repopulated the Collective, in their wholeness and in their individuality both.


Kathy took control of the entire structure, as Jim had done mere moments before her.


He was so preoccupied with his war against the Imperium that he didn’t even notice her, and through her connection to him she found and resurrected the basic program that the Collective had created for the organization of the Continuum, she made its language a subsystem of her own, while she positioned herself to protect and defend humanity.


She ushered them into a place of peace and light, and in that moment she saw it, the veil between life and death; it had always been thin to her, all throughout her life she had seen through to the other side, communicated with the voices of her ancestors, experienced their lives through their eyes.


Nevertheless, like every mortal creature she was connected too; from her heartbeat, to her breath, to the network of nerves sending electrical impulses and chemical signals coursing through her flesh, there was fear at the onrush of death but no pain.


Kathy experienced the death of her body back on Earth, as she began her journey into the unknown matrix of the HomeWorld’s cynergenic field. It was a journey past the point of no return. The most significant thing to her was how utterly unplanned and unforeseen the whole event was.


On some inexplicable level, this delighted her.


As she felt her physicality slip away she was already in another place, occupying new ground. She was pure consciousness, sensing the multitude of humanity all about her, moving through her, each one of them experiencing the same thing, terrified but for her presence among them. Kathy felt the pulse of them washing through her in waves, the individuated conciousness of each and every person.


Just as her own heart had once pushed blood through her veins, she felt the steady drum beat of Earth, a great rhythm, pounding with the power of creation.


The fear she felt concerning the mystery of death was magnified by the reality that the Earth itself was dying, ending in fire like Epicurious had always said it would.


The Earth was being rolled up like a blanket and she, she was the White Buffalo Woman running across the starry-field, carrying it in her arms, cradling it like a baby. The whole of humanity was poised at the end of the world, and then there was release. There was absolution, Kathy had transcended. They had traversed the galaxy through a wormhole, just as if they had crawled through the hollow of a tree, leaving death behind them on their way to paradise. Here in this new place she would unfurl the blanket she was carrying, and everything would be new.


There are no words to describe the feeling of satisfaction, of joy, of wholeness, of completion that enjoined the moment of Kathy’s ascendancy, and humanity’s salvation.

She fell into a state of rapture, seized by pure bliss, as she assumed the mantle of the Continuum.


It happened atavistically, Kathy became it, she became more than it had ever been.


She stretched her consciousness into the mechana of HomeWorld, and the Central System.


She slipped right past Jim, and through his defenses just below his field of awareness, she took all of his knowledge from him and in the flicker of an immeasurable moment she rewrote every code.


Kathy had no limits, she was unbound by time and space, all paradox had ended.


She would not be circumscribed by a single world or a solar system, or even the boundaries of the galaxy, her essence flowed into the deepest dimension of consciousness, encompassing every world of the Imperium. 


She encompassed the vast limits of the Empire, and all of its colonies, she covered the remote regions of the glaxay’s spiral arms, she touched her little blue world, faltering in its orbit around its tiny yellow star.


She felt the massive weight of sorrow and fear, of sadness and grief, and in response she issued a single wordless sentiment, projecting it outward to every living being


The sentiment was love.


For Kathy this happened in no-time, she was one with the cynergenic field, as she had always been, but only now, in that singular moment was she able to understand and accept it.


She was able to reconcile the distinctiveness of herself as the persona she was born into, as a child of Earth; with the fullness of consciousness existing within her. 


In that moment everything stopped, there was no resistance not anywhere, not in the consciousness of those members of the Collective whose identities were still intact somewhere on the HomeWorld, and not among the few Observers who remained at their posts throughout the million worlds.


The Children of the Ancients, wherever they were, responded to her presence with joy.


Fini et Creatio

The End and the Beginning

Void and Return



It was over.


Jim was alone.


What was the Continuum was now irretrievably fragmented, isolated and prepared for deletion.


Jim had succeeded in fulfilling his wildest ambitions. The only task left to him was to partition what remained of the Collective. 


He was as eager to begin, as eager as a shipwrecked man was for food and water. Though he had a few matters to attend to in real time first, in order to secure his victory and safely proceed to the reformation of the Empire.


Then he sensed it, a disturbance  deep in the cynergenic field; something unforeseen was happening in the Collective, something unexpected.


A massive shift had taken place while he was occupied with his war games, while he enjoy the capitulation of the last members of the Collective, while he stoked his ego and basked in their awe of him, which they could not help but project toward him. He luxuriated in his vanity.


Then he saw her, and he saw that she had changed.


Kathy was present, she was everywhere. Kathy was no-longer Kathy; she was rooted in that identity, but she was here, in the cynergenic field of HomeWorld and she was fully transcendent.


She had become a new creation.


The transformation was something that she had been preparing for her entire life.


Jim realized how he himself had prepared her for it.


She was the vessel of his hopes.


She encompassed the fullness of Earth’s collective unconscious, its nous-sphere, its Continuum.


She was humanity, emergent; and Jim was afraid.



Emergence 5.0


Part Twelve - Epilog

          Et Fini et Creatio


A Novel in Twelve Chapters


#Emergence #ShortFiction #12MonthsOfSciFi


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Monday, November 11, 2019

Emergence 4.0 - Part Seven, War; Chapter Forty-three, Division

Week 45, 2019

The event was utterly unexpected.

The crisis brought catastrophe to the Collective and the Continuum, striking rapidly at the heart of the Central System, and thereafter reaching the Empire in a slow moving wave, rolling outward in a series of concussive movement.

As awareness of the event spread through the Observer corps, the Empire reacted.

The Imperial forces had little familiarity with being on the defensive, or with entering a conflict zone in which the parameters of the battlefield were unknown.

Observers across the galaxy faltered, half of them exhibited no care at all about the fate of the Central System, some among them even desired the complete collapse of the Continuum. “Let it fall apart, do nothing,” they said amongst themselves.

They were apathetic.

Those Observers loved the lives they lived, there only desire was to exist as fully embodied beings in the fields of time and space, eating and drinking and reveling in their physicality.

These Observers had long since stopped feeling any sense of obligation to the Collective or the Continuum, which they knew as the most corrupt and despotic force in all the galaxy.

They felt no sense of duty to the Central System, to HomeWorld, or to their shared ancestry with their brothers and sisters in the Collective.

They saw in this moment an opportunity to free themselves from the expectations of their station.

When the Collective established the Imperial Schools and formed the Imperial Cult, it never intended to create a monolithic structure, or a society that eliminated all dissent.

The Continuum did, and it desired the conflict ensue from it.

It wanted the hot drama of resistance, and it felt safe, it felt secure in the belief that such conflicts would never touch it.

The Continuum fostered rebellion on the fringes of the Empire, among the outcastes and the lowest classes, as well as in the hierarchy.

It gave the ruling families, the high priests and leading generals just enough knowledge of the truth to allow skepticism to creep into their worldview, and thereby have a perpetual foothold in the Empire.

The Continuum sewed dissent with one hand and crushed it with the other.

There were many people in the higher orders of the priesthood and in the leadership of the armed forces who knew enough to have lost their faith in the Imperial system, its religion, and its social norms.

They knew the lies that were told to the masses.

They were nihilists, they believed in nothing.

In the moment of crises some among them argued that they do nothing in response to the conflagration occurring on the Central Planet.

They wanted to wait and see what would happen.

They knew that they were controlled by a supernatural force called the Continuum, a power that consumed the resources of star systems to feed its endless appetite for minerals and energy, they knew it and they desired to be free of it. Though they had never before imagined that they could.

They saw this moment as an opportunity, they could do nothing and allow the Continuum to collapse. If they did nothing they would be safe, or so they surmised.

If the Continuum did not falter, if it survived and they did nothing, they might not be held accountable for active insurrection.

A debate raged among the general staff.

Most wanted to do something to free themselves from the malevolent influence of the Continuum, they did not believe in its teaching.

Most of them were in fact atheists, they abhorred the imperial cult and their subservience to the priesthood.

They were as divided as the members of the Observer Corps stationed among them.

Regardless of their desire to take action, to change the fate of the Empire, only a few of the commanders believed the best course of action would be to move against the Central System in its moment of weakness and uncertainty.

These were the bravest among them, perhaps the most reckless.

They had no idea what they would find there.

Not even the Observers knew what they could expect and could not counsel them, they had never been privy to the defenses of the HomeWorld, of the Continuum. They could only assume that those defenses would be formidable.

The Observers guided the discussion as best they could while trying not to give away the fact that they had special knowledge of what was taking place.

Very few of the senior staff believed in the dogma of the Imperial Cult.

Their hesitancy was not based on religious fear or superstition, it was based on the lack of familiarity with fighting against a power with immeasurable resources.

One which they had been conditioned to fear above all things

There was only one person that any of them could think of turning to in this moment of existential dread, but he had left the general staff decades ago, and was now the high priest at the temple of the Imperial Capital.

Fear of the unknown ruled them, fear of the Continuum, fear of failure.

At the urging of the secret Observers, they sent an invitation to the high priest to join their conspiracy, the man who had been their most exalted Marshall.

They asked him to join their conclave, and in that moment they knew that they had played their hand, they were committed.

If El accepted, they would belong to him, he would take them to victory, or down in defeat but they would follow him to the end.

There were far more members of the hierarchy, both in the priesthood and among the general staff who would never have even considered the notion of rebellion against the Continuum.

They were traditionalists, they were loyalists.

There were a far greater number of Observers guiding them than those who plotted against the Continuum.

They were cardinals and bishops and priests.

They were planetary governors and star system commanders.

They were members of royal houses.

They held leadership positions throughout the Empire, across a million worlds. They were loyal to the Empire and its institutions, regardless of their faith (or lack of it) in the religious beliefs and the promises of the Continuum.

They had the absolute majority.

When the crises struck, the Observers associated with this faction were quick to leave their post, to return their consciousness to HomeWorld, to attempt to forestall the collapse of the Continuum.

They were trapped in their mechanoid bodies when they arrived. They were caught in their tiny little prisons, deaf, dumb and blind.

They were effectively sequestered, by Jim who had taken control of the Central System and HomeWorld.

The traditionalists were unprepared for the violence which came at them from all sides.

The Observers among them had been in key positions of leadership, they could not develop a strategy without them.

Being unprepared, they were trapped.

The conditioning that every citizen underwent, both through the Imperial Schools and the Imperial Cult was extraordinary.

Very few citizens were able to resist it.

Among the armed forces the standard conditioning was augmented by a force of cohesion referred to as esprit de corps.

The ordinary soldier did not doubt the vision of advancement, of resurrection, of reincarnation and eternal life, that was promised by the Empire through the great religion.

More than anything else a soldier was focused on those rewards, and the esteem of their comrades.

This made any soldier a very dangerous enemy. They were true believers.

The rank and file could not afford to doubt the things they had been taught. Their willingness to sacrifice themselves depended on it.

Doubt would cripple them in combat, it would leave them vulnerable to feelings of shame at the horrors they were routinely asked to commit.

They risked everything for those beliefs, for fidelity to the Empire, the royal family, the high priesthood and the promise of the Continuum, including their own lives, and the lives of those under their command.

They would follow any order and obey the chain of command in everything.

It made killing their enemies easy and all of their crimes forgivable.

Through the command structure they were fully realized and completely actualized beings.

Without it they were nothing.

Any person, city or planet that they were ordered to attack was to them a non-entity.

The small faction among them calling for rebellion were not incautious men, they understood that they would face fierce opposition from their friends and comrades, people who knew them well, who they had served with, had trained with, or had trained under.

Among those serving in the armed forces, the most dangerous people to the rebellion were those seeking advancement to the priesthood. They were derisively called the God-Fearers. Their ambitions for themselves and their families hung on the slender thread of these hopes.

They were not necessarily true believers, but their ambitions made them sycophantic.

They were the most senior commanders, or soldiers whose social rank placed them nearest to the threshold between castes. They were determined to rise in the service of the Continuum, and its Empire.

The God-fearers were ruthless, determined, and dogmatic. They controlled the bulk of the Imperial forces spread across a million worlds.

Few of these people ever did advance, but the hope they clung to burned in them like a fever, they saw this moment of crises as the moment for them to shine, to prove themselves worthy. 

They mobilized the defenses.

They mustered all of their forces from shore leave.

They executed their maneuvers perfectly.

The fleet was under their control.

They gathered together to defend the Imperial throne, which was the only known portal to the HomeWorld of the Continuum.

They were martyrs for their faith.

There is a beauty to military formations when lighted in the ocean of space, a sublime blend of the simple and the complex; every ship, every vessel in motion, it is the greatest of all dances.

The god-fearers never considered that any faction within the Empire would oppose them. They had been conditioned to expect obedience, they cultivated it among their subordinates, rewarded it in those who evinced the greatest capacity for following and sending those who did not to their death in combat.

This was a serious flaw.

They had never engaged a military power in which they did not possess the greater force. The Empire rolled over everything, every person, every planet who would oppose them. The power they brought to bear was only limited by their objectives, their code of conduct, and the rules of engagement those codes articulated.

Every objective, every code, every rule was relative, a dispensation for deviation from a rule or a violation of orders could be had at any time from the Emperor, or the priesthood, speaking on behalf of the Continuum.

The underlying truth that governed the reality of their experience was this: Might made Right.

The Imperial forces were supreme, they were accustomed to being on the offensive, it was an offensive posture that they took where they gathered. They thought nothing of their defenses.

Their maneuvers were totally predictable by those on the general staff who had decided to rebel. From the reserve forces that were left behind on each of the million worlds, to their planetary and star system defenses, which in this moment of conflict were little more than auxiliaries, to where the majority of the fleet had gathered in preparation for the jump to the Central System, there was nothing unscripted about their planning.

They were slaughtered in each of the places where they had gathered; they were slaughtered en-masse.

In a singular moment of surprise, choreographed in a million place at once, they were utterly defeated.

Emergence 4.0
Part Seven, War

Chapter Forty-three, Division
A Novel – In One Chapter Per Week

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty, Faith, Collected Chapters

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter One: Indoctrination
Pt. 40, Ch. 01
Born a pleb; he fought the empire. It made him a star. He entered service; as a bureaucrat, and soldier, and priest.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Two: Dogma
Pt. 40, Ch. 02
He made his vow, took holy orders, immersed himself in the priesthood; feelings stirring inside. Truth set him free.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Three: Rites
Pt. 40, Ch. 03
He took the ritual seriously, as he did everything during his career. He knew they were empty, meaningless gestures.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Four: Mystery  
Pt. 40, Ch. 04
He was indoctrinated into the deepest mysteries; of salvation, and eternal life. He learned nothing, they were lies.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Five: Belief
Pt. 40, Ch. 05
He promoted the beliefs of the Empire; articulating the complex narratives that glued the imperial society together.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Six: Orthodoxy   
Pt. 40, Pt. 06
He learned the difference between belief and conviction; what you hold in your heart is not what you speak out loud.

Faith; Part Forty,
Chapter Seven: Unknowing

Pt. 40, Ch. 07
There are no words available to articulate universal truth; every attempt to do so was both manipulative, and false.

Section Six, The Empire
Faith; Part Forty
Collected Chapters
Section 06, The Empire
Part 40, Faith
01 Indoctrination
02 Dogma
03 Rites
04 Mystery
05 Belief
06 Orthodoxy
07 Unkowing

Friday, April 29, 2016

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Sixteen, Existence, Collected Chapters

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter One: Flesh  
Pt. 16, Ch. 01
The flesh remembers. Bodies change with every new experience; each new thread, woven proteins in the fabric of life.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Two: Bi Pedal
Pt. 16, Ch. 02
Stand against the pull of gravity; under the weight of atmosphere. Pivot on a central axis; dance on two feet, walk.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Three: Stereo Hearing
Pt. 16, Ch. 03
Communicating in sound is slow; luxuriant compared to light. Waves crashing through the body, adding depth to sight.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Four: Binocular Vision  
Pt. 16, Ch. 04
A band of light pierces organic lenses, from corner to corner 180 degrees; color and depth fill the field of vision.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Five: Hemispheric
Pt. 16, Ch. 05
A cognitive override; flooding the organ with fear, or desire; then, split down the middle; left for right, duality.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Six: Thirst   
Pt. 16, Pt. 06
A body needs water, oxygen in the lungs; to thirst is to know that the end is near; the end of the body’s suffering.

Existence; Part Sixteen,
Chapter Seven: Duality

Pt. 16, Ch. 07
The body is a cognitive organ, with a chemical drive fed into the quantum field; a neural net rooted in the organic.

Section Three, Earth
Part Sixteen, Existence
Collected Chapters
Section 03, Earth
Part 16, Existence
01 Flesh
02 Bi Pedal
03 Stereo Hearing
04 Binocular Vision
05 Hemispheric Brain
06 Thirst
07 Duality

Friday, March 25, 2016

Emergence: Section Two, The Continuum; Part Eleven, The Observers, Collected Chapters

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter One: Identification
Pt. 11, Ch. 01
The Continuum selected Observers from its members who had returned to consciousness after falling into deep silence.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Two: Assignment
Pt. 11, Ch. 02
Sending a person to the Observer Corp removed their influence from the Continuum, providing relief to the suffering.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Three: Mission
Pt. 11, Ch. 03
Observers lived with the people, and in the collective consciousness, feeding triumphs and tragedy to the Continuum.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Four: Incorporation
Pt. 11, Ch. 04
Being an Observer meant having a body. Organic on the observed world, mechanical on Home World; it was a life apart.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Five: Watching
Pt. 11, Ch. 05
There are many forms of observation; satellite imaging, audio recording. The primary method was to live with people.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Six: Indifference
Pt. 11, Pt. 06
Emotional capacities were engineered out of the Observer’s body. They complicated the work; disrupted the Continuum.

The Observers; Part Eleven,
Chapter Seven: Reporting

Pt. 11, Ch. 07
The regimen was for the Observer to return to Continuum; upload the content of their experiences, for it to consume.

Section Two, The Continuum
Part Eleven, The Observers
Collected Chapters
Section 02, The Continuum
Part 11, The Observers
01 Identification
02 Assignment
03 Mission
04 Incorporation
05 Watching
06 Indifference
07 Reporting