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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


A moment passes

Forgotten by the wayside

It slipped through my grasp


Lucidly stumbling

Sweet pools of delirium

Unconsciousness looms


Skip, sputter and fall

Fumbling with extremities

Four limbs on the ground


Cool grass on my face

Soft light brushing my lashes

Passed out with dawn

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


This dark attrition, the erosion of reason and cataclysmic

Aspirations, the flight to Mount Olympus, as the sun melts my wings

This dark attrition, corrosive identity, a grand deception

Longing for worship, shattered by the earth, un-done, becoming nothing

This dark attrition, the dissembling persona, disaffectation

A voracious thirst, lycanthropic appetites, licentiousness

This dark attrition, slighted by the hand of fate, the collapsing will

Cut, bruised and bloody, the wind robs me of all warmth, my heart turned to ice

This dark attrition, drowning in the frothy sea, pickled in the brine

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Our suffering world, turning in the hands of fools
In the grasp of tyrants, clutching

Our suffering world, cracked, bled and bursting
Its treasures stolen from the earth

The people are crying, wandering among ruins
Blinded by despair, to the future

Consumed by greed, confused and ignorant
The people are murmuring

The prophets are speaking, the seas are swelling
The sun scorches, and the earth burns

Starvation and thirst, come for the people
The voiceless people, agonized

Apathy and scorn, no recourse for the victims
Tongues shrivel in blackened mouths

Our suffering world, for humanity’s achievements
Purchased with pain and misery

Our suffering world, its monuments forgotten
Shrines and memorials crumble in the storm

Reduced to nothing, desperation ensuing, trapped
In a nightmare without waking

Global disasters, depravities reoccurring
Sanctified in law

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


A shadowless plane
Lifting, the Seraphim flies
Into the deep night

The unspoken truth
Snared in nets of mystery
Loving and sorrow

My heart is open
The sweet flow of slow passion

Tears fall in bright sparks