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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Take Out the Trash - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Take Out the Trash

You heard the impeachment managers from the House of Representatives, it is time for the Senate to do their work and clean out the oval office.

Donald J. Trump must go!

Sadly it is not likely to happen. The GOP has turned into a cult of personality, it is not the Grand Old Party anymore, it is now the Great Oligarchichal Party of America, completely unmoored from its founding as the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

It has become the party of anti-intellectual no-nothings, totally corrupt, self-dealing self-serving garbage, and we have to throw the bums out.

We all know that the republicans in the Senate are faithless, craven cowards. They have abandoned their oath of office, which they never meant to uphold, and they are planning to sell out the constitution for their personal short term political gain.

We must hold them accountable. If they are unwilling to hold Donald trump accountable, the rest of must hold them all accountable, take our country back, and uphold the rule of law.

This means we have to stick together.

We have to stay unified, all the way through the campaign season which is now in full swing.

We have to get behind and stay behind the candidate who captures the momentum, we have to stop letting our idealism get in the way of progress.

Let the republicans have their moment over the next few days, because it is their moment, and there is nothing we can do about it. Let them have it, they can stew in their garbage until the next election when we clear them all out in a clean sweep.

Remember people, this election year is a census year, and whoever control congress controls redistricting, if we let that slip away we give up the whole game for the next ten years.

Trump is getting to be acquitted, not in the interest of justice, but because fifty four Republican Senators are not able to bear witness to Trump’s corruption through the filters they have set up to blind themselves to their own.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Republican National Convention – A Grand Old Party - Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


The Republican National Convention – A Grand Old Party

I do not know how the people who attended the Republican National Convention felt about their part. Apart from the drinking, and revelry, which are always enjoyable distractions; the mood seemed grim, angry, and untethered from reality.

As a member of the television audience I was disturbed by many things:

The absence of any credible policy discussion regarding how they plan to achieve their goals for the country, not to mention the fact that their goals; T-Rump’s wall, religious testing of travelers, “law and order”, freedom to discriminate, extreme interpretations of the second amendment…and so on, are representative of social fantasies that would endanger all American’s, and the entire world.

Melania Trump’s plagiarism, and the cover up.

Name calling of Hillary Clinton; liar, traitor, treasonous, friend of Lucifer.

The notion that Donald T-Rump. And T-Rump alone, has the ability to solve our nation’s problems, and that without his singular, and unique skills (such as they are imagined to be), our entire society, our way of life is doomed.

The most disturbing thing of all was the constant refrain, to “lock Hillary up.” They put forward a spectacle of theatre, in which Governor Chris Christie put her on trial, in which the entire convention became a kangaroo court, and they shouted “guilty, guilty, guilty…” We have entered a new phase of our democracy where the legitimacy of the winner of the presidential election will be undermined by their opponents. In a country that is divided by party, roughly 50/50, this is a concerning development. Far supporting the laws and order of our society, it threatens them. It is dangerous.

This is a new thing. We should not lose sight of that. It is a brand new thing, and it is reminiscent of what takes place in countries without democratic institutions. It is new, but not nascent. It is a new level of discord that the Republicans have struck. The tried to impeach and destroy the presidency of Bill Clinton, they circulated rumors about President Obama, that he was not a natural born citizens and eligible to hold the office (granted that was always a fringe movement), but now they are set to destroy the potential presidency of Hillary Clinton, trying to kill it in the crib with Rhetoric that suggests her only hope is to win, or go to prison. This does not make for good politics.

I will grant for the sake of balance that there were voices on the left that spoke out against the legitimacy of George Bush’s presidency. It is true they did, and while I myself saw his presidency as legitimate and legal, I empathized with my sisters and brothers on the left because the facts were that George Bush’s presidency was handed to him by a divided Supreme Court, in the first place, and in the second he won, while at the same time losing the popular vote, meaning that his won the game by governed without the consent of the majority.

Democratic leadership did not investigate the numerous crimes, war crimes, intelligence breaches, campaign irregularities. They let it go. Many of their supporters were angry about this, but they let it go.

It is Sad Old Party, at the Republican Convention

A bunch of SOP’s I would say.  

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Voting for Hillary Part IV - Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


Voting for Hillary Part IV

As a supporter of Hillary (HRC), I can tell you that it was gratifying to watch the results come in from yesterday primary in South Carolina. Even though I am not anticipating it, I hope my DFL friends who are planning to caucus on Tuesday I hope we can show the same good sense. I am going to be up at Jefferson Elementary Tuesday night, March 1st; making the case.

I support HRC, it is not that I don’t think Senator Sanders (BS), has good ideas; I do. I share his ideals, but I think, as many of you have heard me say, that HRC has a much better chance of advancing the progressive agenda than BS does.

This is why I think HRC will get more traction for her agenda than BS will be able to do:

The republican establishment has been playing a long con, for the past eight years, by refusing to cooperate with Obama. They thought they could keep both social policy, and economic progress stagnant, and that this would do enough damage to the democratic brand that America would abandon both President Obama and his allies in congress. President Obama was able to get some things done, like the ACA, in the first two years, when the democratic party had control of both chambers of congress. However, in 2010 the democrats lost the House of Representatives, and the obstruction set in, and the long con began.

This gamesmanship did not work out quite the way they planned, President Obama was reelected, but the republicans did gain control of the Senate, and so they doubled down on their strategy for his second term; thinking that if things were held at a standstill the election this year, in 2016, would be viewed as a referendum on the Democratic Party and they would be able to sweep in. It was a big gamble, and the results of the 2014 election indicated that it might be working, the republicans strengthened their hand that year, and yet the con is not complete, and the risks are still risky, because the big money behind the Republican Party establishment, wants more than anything to make money. They want 4% or 5% economic growth, not 1% or 2%. They want the prime lending rate at 1% or 2% not 0%, or 0.25% which it is now.

The way I see the last eight years is that those interests basically accepted the notion of having a weak U.S. economy, one in which they were still making money, still performing better than the rest of the world (by just sitting on their capitol), with the hope that at the end of it they would have both houses of congress, the executive branch, and the Supreme Court all wrapped up. That is the con, but it did not quite work.

The economy performed better than expected. The stock market performed better than expected, the rest of the world did much worse than expected. At the moment, the U.S. economy is benefitting from the global slow down. The recent slowdown in China only benefits us, it hurts the stock market short term, it generated some uncertainty and instability, but it will help us in the longer term, because investment dollars will move away from those markets, into ours due to the long term stability that the United States provides. Furthermore, beyond those economic considerations, that long con that the republican establishment played forced the establishment to coddle the most rightwing elements of their party, and now establishment has been completely undermined by their ideological clowns, and they are on the verge losing control of it to an upstart named Donald Trump.

Here is the deal, those republican economic interests are not going to triple down on that bet. They will not play the con any longer if their gambit does not pay off. Those economic interests who are sitting on (as much or more than) two-trillion dollars in capitol, are going to free up that capitol, and return to investing it in the U.S., in our work force, in technology, in industry and in infrastructure development. Securing that capital investment, cooperatively (not by coercion), is the key to economic development and prosperity in American for the next several decades. But they will only play ball, if they have someone in office that will play ball with them. HRC will work with them.

For many of my friends, the fact that HRC will work with these interest groups is reason enough not to support her. I respect that, but I contend that it is short sighted. We want that capital investment in America, we can get to it much faster if we deal with them, than we can if the plan is to change the tax structure first, and take it from them. HRC will be able to make a deal in the short term, but only if they get some concessions. HRC will be able to cut an infrastructure deal, BS will not. This is true regarding the rest of their proposed agendas; HRC will be able to make deals and get some things done and BS will not. I am not going to put forward a long list of what HRC will be able to do that BS won’t, because that one example (on infrastructure) summarizes my argument and my point of view, and I think you can extrapolate my rationale from there.

I am certain that if Hillary puts out a reasonable plan for growth and the Republican leadership refuses to play ball, there will be some party switching, republicans will defect, and the leadership will get some marching orders from those economic interest groups; they will be told to play ball, those economic powers do not want another four or eight years of weak growth.

BS however, he will not get that consideration, because he either will not compromise, or he will not compromise enough. The strength of his idealism, will become his ideological weakness, he will not compromise enough. His idealism will have him come off looking like the crazy person at the bargaining table, and they will drive him out as a failure in four years, while at the same time holding on to the other channels of power. The republicans will triple down on their bet then, and the great con game will continue.