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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Toppled God

The Bard once said ~ He could confine himself to a walnut shell and count himself the king of infinite space

His hero, the prince cast his gaze over a sea of troubles, of roiling calamities, and found the sacred moment therein, the truth of the human condition

In jealousy, and betrayal

He stood on a pedestal, set against adversity, against the raging ocean, and the cacophonic caterwaul of the howling gods

There is madness in the wind, and the light of revelation, leaping from the spinning world, in the flashing brilliance of the frozen North

Magnify the light, the slender burning ray, lose yourself and rise, to the place beyond all boundaries, to the no-place beyond all time

Realize, you are an expression of the divine, gaze into the mirrored lens and come away blind, like the old and unperceiving fool Tiresias

Here lies the toppled god, the hungry ego, forgetting and forgotten

Here lies the toppled god, drowning in the depths of delusion

Here lies the toppled God, lost in the void of fear, and self-absorption

In the voice of the tragic prince we are told that there are more things between the heavens and the Earth, than have been dreamt of by the philosophers

~ So says the Bard