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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


The great-green horizon
It fills my field of vision
Into the beyond

Fear and self-loathing
The hot chains of jealousy
Green, the emerald fire

Past all despairing
Into the Hell-mouth, falling
Its green teeth gnashing

Tumble down the path
The little hate, pale as Death
In the green mourning

Drums pound in the heart
Hot blood rushing like thunder
Green, the emerald light

Cupid’s green mantle
His soft-bright feathers, end-point
Arrows of desire

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The expressionless
The void I turn away from
Alone and thinking
Nothingness and being, self
Purposive desire

The world turns around
And I turn with it, spinning
The revolution

I cannot commit
Temporalities and lies
Social inclusion

Caste, class and station
Flawed particularities
Our identities

A self-manifestation
The vanishing point

I am on the mark
To be, and then to be not
Event horizon


Saturday, July 22, 2017


I stole the future, and stuffed it into a sack of visions

I wandered through the webs of time, careful as a spider


I wove strings of possibilities, each lighted thread a snare

I hid in truth’s shadow, orbiting the event horizon


I shut my eyes against the dark, and I whispered to the void

While I slipped beyond the veil of knowing

Unbecoming I

Given at the New Shit Show Minneapolis
Tatterwood Gallery


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Haiku Blue - (Triptych)

I        Scrap square of paper
A blue plane, unplanted field
Broken by my pen

II       Smoke curls on the tongue
Cool blue line, the horizon
Mourning trumpet blows 

III      Small blue paper strip
Naked as a cloudless sky
Covered now with script