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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Tenth Week of Trump – Confirmation Hearings

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Senator Jeff Session of Alabama, sat in front of his colleagues on the judiciary committee and lied to them about his intentions. He has been nominated to be the Attorney General of the United States, and while he has spent his career as a prosecutor, and his career in politics, working in whatever way he could to undermine the rights of citizens to vote, he sat in front of his colleagues and promised to defend.
He spent the last several years in the senate advocating for the torture of prisoners, and then he lied to his colleagues and told them he would oppose such measures as Attorney General.
He sat before his colleagues and pretended that he would dutifully challenge the President if the President was engaged in some activities that were illegal, unconstitutional, criminal, and yet in accepting the nomination to be Attorney General he has tacitly signed on to serve a man who lies once every five minutes, who cannot (will not) separate the office he has been elected to, from business interests, and will be in violation of the constitution’s emolument clause, simply based on the debt he owes to foreign banks, from the moment he is sworn in.
Donald Trump, the T-Rump, will be in violation of the constitution from the first moment of his Presidency, his nominee for the position of Attorney General, promises to uphold the law, and at the same time refuses to see it.
The senate this week voted to give a waiver to a General, James Mattis, former commandant of the Marine Corps, so that he would eligible to serve as the Secretary of Defense. We have laws in place to guarantee that our military is under civilian control, that law requires the passage of at least seven years. Before a career military official can serve as Secretary of defense.
Most observers believe that James Mattis will the serve the country faithfully, and will possibly be a moderating influence of President T-Rump, but it is an indictment of our system, and the  President Elect, that a candidate for this post could not be found, who would not have required this waiver.
It is vital to our democracy, that our institutions continue to function the way that they were intended, with the separation of powers, with the separation of church and state, with the right of due process, with access to the ballot, and where the freedom of speech includes the right to be heard, where the right to vote includes the right to have you vote counted.
T-Rump is a threat to our democracy.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Second Week of Trump

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Second Week of Trump
There are appointments being made, and policies being rolled out. Everything I am hearing or reading about in the news seems typical of what I would expect from the same Donald Trump who ran for President on the Republican ticket.
There were not any big rallies, but they have been scheduled to return. The President Elect promises a victory tour.
We are hearing from the media that he may not plan on living in the White House, preferring the opulence of his penthouse apartment in New York City, the gilded halls, painted in gold.
He gave an interview to 60 Minutes, his children accompanied him, and sat behind him in a row. His daughter’s PR firm live Tweeted to her followers during the airing, that they could buy the clothes and jewelry Ivanka was wearing “right now” from her website.
The presidency has merged with a shop at home channel. Hurry, buy it now!
The President Elect settled his class action lawsuit for twenty-five million dollars. Putting the civil complaint to rest, and avoiding an admission of any wrongdoing. He will not have to admit to being fraud, to racketeering or anything else in this case. But there are dozens of more law suits he is embroiled in at the moment, including a case in which it is alleged that he raped a twelve-year old girl.
The President Elect is seeking ways around the laws against nepotism, laws which prevent the president from hiring members of his family to work on his staff. One of his arguments suggests that he could appointment them if they were not paid, another of his arguments suggests that the presidency is not in reality the executive branch.
It is sophistry, it is all lies.
He wants his children to whom he says he will turn over the management of his business, he wants them to have security clearances, and to sit in on meetings with the heads of state of other nations, as he did this week with the Prime Minister of Japan. Ivanka joined him, and in the official photos of the event, Trump branded water was prominently on display.
These are the least disturbing developments happening in the burgeoning Trump administration.
He has named an outspoken White Supremecist to be his principle strategic advisor. Steve Bannon of Britebart News.
He named Alabama senator Jeff Sessions to be the Attorney General, a man who once said that he didn’t have a problem with the KKK until he learned that they smoked pot.
He named retired General Mike Flynn to be his National Security Advisor, a man who has said that the Islamic Faith was merely a political ideology disguised as a religion.
It is a sad day for most Americans, as the votes keep being counted and Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote continues to grow, approaching two million.
There is a dramatic spike in the incidences of hate crimes, and intimidation against Jews, against Muslims, against African-Americans and other minorities in the days after the election.
The hypocrisy of the Trump campaign appears to be limitless. They ignore it. They claim that liberals and progressive are staging the events to make Trump look bad. They claim that the hundreds of thousands of people who have taken to the street in protest are merely paid actors. They are living in denial, and they would like their followers to be in denial as well.
What is for me a trivial matter, will probably get no play among the right wing Christians who supported Trump, is the fact that White Supremecist Steve Bannon said just yesterday that operating from the darkness is good, he invoked the figures of Darth Vader and even Satan as examples of the kind of power he would seek to wield from the oval office.
Did you hear that Christian conservatives?
President Elect Trump’s chief Strategist has openly invoked the name of Satan, and the powers of darkness to guide him in his advice to the President of the United States.
Are you comfortable with that?
Did you get what you paid for?

Do you still think you will?