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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Is it Too Much to Ask? - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Is it Too Much to Ask?

I think the entire country was tuned into the Senate judiciary hearings last Thursday?

Dr. Ford came to tell her story, she was hectored by a career prosecutors over trivial details like who paid for the polygraph she submitted to, the answer was that her lawyers paid for it, and she in turn will pay her lawyers, making it so that she will pay for it in the end, though some of the monies may come from a fundraising website the GoFundME.

The republicans on the judiciary committee were afraid to appear on camera asking her any questions at all, that is why they used a woman, a Republican District Attorney, from the most conservative county in Arizona to do their work for her.

When Dr. Ford was finished testifying they all expressed their belief that they found her credible and honest, while insisting that the whole endeavor was an orchestrated smear campaign, engineered to discredit Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It strains credulity to imagine how both things can be true. Dr. Ford began talking about the assault she endured at Brett Kavanaugh’s hands five – six years ago in therapy, she told her husband at that time as well, and she tried to get the information out, while remaining anonymous, to Trump’s selection committee even before he emerged as the nominee.

None of that mattered to Republicans, it is too much to ask them to handle the coordination of some very simple facts.

When it was Kavanaugh’s turn to sit in the hot seat, he opened his time with a blistering partisan attack on the process, claiming he was being railroaded for the sake of revenge, because the Democrats were outraged over having lost the 2016 presidential election, and on behalf of the Clinton’s.

He yelled at the committee, he frothed at the mouth, he cried.

He was mistreated he said, his name had been ruined, and his reputation and his life. It was too much to ask of him, to stand up to the scrutiny of a simple hearing. To answer questions about his past.

The prosecutor from Arizona opened with a simple question about some dates on his personal calendar he had presented as evidence, but rather than exculpate him, his entries seemed to implicate him in his crimes against Dr. Ford thirty-five years ago, crimes he is intent on denying, perjuring himself before the Senate, committing a felony while applying for a chair on the highest court in the land.

It is too much to ask him to be honest.

The Republicans ask the professional they had brought in to leave, after her first question.

They yelled and condemned the process, they vilified the democrats, who while being in the majority are practically powerless.

Kavanaugh yelled, and berated the democrats, and evaded their questions, and told more lies.

It was disgusting,

When it was all said in and done, the Republicans, most of them (not all) were patting themselves on the back. They were proud of their aggression, the fierce denial of the facts.

That guy, judge Kavanaugh revealed himself to be nothing more than a toady, a political hack, with no regard for the law, or for justice.

Thank God for that.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bob and Weave, the Juke in Politics

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion
It was another week of poorly choreographed dance for the T-Rump administration. Their attempt to enact a series of poorly conceived policies, was met with a second round of nation-wide protests, legal challenges, and losses in court.
T-Rump issued statements about the setbacks he encountered, specifically in regards to the executive order he signed, which would have severely curtailed travel and immigration from a number of countries with a population that is majority Muslim. When the court after court shut down the enactment of that order, T-Rump finally erupted with a string of nonsensical Tweets, attempting to set the stage for passing the blame to the judiciary if we are attacked by a terrorist group here at home.
No Donald, no matter what the courts say or do, the President is still responsible for national security.
Never mind the fact that the countries T-Rump had attempted to restrict travel from, no one from those countries had ever carried out or attempted to carry out an attack on the United States. Never mind the fact that an exception was written in to the order to give preferential treatment to Christians from those countries. Never mind the fact that the government lawyers could not articulate to the courts any information regarding the reality of credible threats against the United from those countries.
Trump’s people got out on the talk shows and lied about the threats we face, making up stories about massacres that never took place, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, or Ohio if you will. It does not matter, because it did not happen.
Across the country, Republican congressional members faced angry constituents in town-hall meetings, constituents who were demanding answers from them about their plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Many of them fled, or cancelled their events. A few tried to answer questions, but their responses, which were vague and inarticulate, or downright misleading, were met with fierce and stubborn resistance.
There is new movement on the left, it is focused and it is organized.
Members of the house, left the meeting halls they had rented in their home districts, they left under police protection to avoid the angry crowds.
Pay attention, something new is going on.