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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Winter Queen

A clear frozen pool
Reflecting heaven’s bounty
Mirroring the stars

Quiet at twilight
The numbing hand of winter’s
Icey fingers stretch

Capturing with cold
A slowly breaking heart, stops
The pulsing starlight

Blinking in the night
Turbulent waters, now still
The wind blows across

In this plane of glass
The Queen of Winter resides
Magic in the frost

Skin as white as death
Snowy soft, and smooth as silk
Lips bright as rubies

Her dark curls tumbling
Shining in the shadowed night
With forbidden fire

A spark of life, locked
Hidden within her breast, lost
To the trespasser

A lure for the dead
Frozen man at the lake shore
Snow up to his waist

Faded in the drift
Expiring in Winter’s grasp
Taken by Loreli

The Queen ascending
Ice blooms falling with her tears
Crystalline flowers

Graceful Loreli
Immaterial and pure
Elemental witch

She touches him, soft
His silent heart, and breathing still
A final offer

A coin for passage
The ancient nymph accepting
She takes it from him

The gift of heat, life
Guides him to the underworld
The divine moment

Slip below the plane
To pierce the shivering veil
Past the frosted screen