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Tuesday, December 25, 2018


A mirror is a silvered plane
A portal to another world
Polished clear, bright with luster
An open door, the lighted way

Stand in its aperture, witness
The reflection is dissolving
Fear, slips into the darkened void

A mirror warps reality
Bending the reflection toward doubt
Twisting the gaze into self-loathing
Appearances are not what we are

The lucid vision becomes dim
The lights go out, nothing remains
Bereft, we cling to memories

Vanity is malevolent
It comes in violent wave, crass
A tsunami of illusions
Crashing in self-opposition


Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Sunrise in pastels
The pale melody of Dawn
Pink-violet fire

The lake, un-rippled
Capturing the softest shades
A silver mirror

In still life portrays
Beauty surpassing knowledge
A goddess of light

Goddess, beyond time
Seizing the divine, rapture
Grace, in the pure-land

Soft now, she rises
Prismatic-brilliance, light
Across the still plane

Radiant vision
Pale gold in the morning, bright
Rising to her touch

Ecstatic moment
The sorcery of desire
Love’s inspiration

An angel en-fleshed
Sweet as the rose in morning
Quiet and lonely

The Earth-bound goddess
Daughter of Hope, beloved Dawn
Sister to the Sun