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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Stand Up - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Stand Up

Under Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell the United States Senate is broken.

Party over country has become the political reality for republicans. The Grand Old Party is no more.

America is looking for four members of the senate to stand-up, to be heroes, to exercise their conscience in a spirit of independence and reject the influence of Donald Trump, of Vladimir Putin, of the House of Saud, of Qanon and white supremacy.

It will only take four of you; Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, it will only take for you to reject the corrupt politics of Trumps fascism, to reject this criminal regime, to put a real check in place on this administration, to unseat the Senate Majority leader and restore sanity to United States government.

It is time for four of you, Joni Ernst, Lamar Alexander, Richard Burr, Tim Scott to stand-up and fulfill your oath of office, declare your independence and caucus with the democrats. The American people will think of you as heroes, history will reward you.

The future of our democracy is at stake.   

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Leadership - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


T-Rump was forced to put some sanctions on the Russians when he first took office.

We had to punish them for the Invasion of Ukraine, the illegal annexation of Crimea, and interfering in the 206 Presidential Election.

T-Rump didn’t want to do it. He has business with the Russian’s. He does not care a tiddle about what is taking place in Ukraine, and the Russians interfered in the election to help him win

Trump did not want to punish them, not one little bit.

Do you remember when Mitt Romney complained that Barrack Obama was being na├»ve because he would not recognize Russia as a grave geo-political threat. Obama, who was President at the time, only considered them to be a minor regional player, albeit, with a whole lot of nuclear missiles.  

I was with Obama at the time, I thought he had the sense of things, but Russia’s campaign in the United States caused us to have to reevaluate the extent of their reach.

Mitt Romney, Senator Mitt Romney now, he never quit complaining about that faux pas.

T-rump did not want to sanction the Russians, but a sanctions bill passed anyway, with veto proof majorities in both houses. Even the republican Congress of 2017 had the sense to do what was right.

Then some time passed, there was another election, T-Rump decided to ease some of those sanctions on his own.

Eleven Republican senators joined with the Democrats to say no. Mitt Romney, the newly elected senator from Utah was not one of them.

Old Willard has been pretending that he would be one of those responsible Republicans who would stand up to Trump, but this week, when it came time to stand up to him in relation to our biggest geo-political foe.

That is what passes for leadership among Republicans today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Last (2012)

It happened in a time not much different
Than our own, not too distant
Four years past, a day in Arizona

The man did not vote in the election
On the 6th, though he was eligible
He was registered, he merely opted out

He was married to a woman
She thought it important that he vote
She was angry President Obama won

She voted for Mitt Romney
As most in Arizona did
“Red-state,” reliable, Republican

His vote, would not have changed a thing
Arizona would have gone to Romney
The nation to Obama still

It happened three days after the election
He in the parking lot, walking
She is in the pick-up, driving

It happened in the middle of the day
She, circling him in her truck
He feeling threatened; and then

Feeling front bumper smashing into him
Feeling the grill in his back, the pavement
In his palms, in his face…slamming into it

Soon, he was in hospital
Soon, she was in jail
Lives changed forever

She was angry that he did not vote for Mitt
For Mitt, she ran him over in her car
Because he did not vote at all

It happened in a time not much different
Than our own, not too distant
Four years past, a day in Arizona

Four years past, is not much time
We have coarsened much since then
A country more divided, cultures more at odds

What will the future bear?
Shouting tales of woe, and violence
Tyranny, and treason

                                    A divided nation