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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I had a vision
Approaching the infinite
Together with you

Trembling and in love
Humbled by your grace, constant
The vision we shared

Visions of eternal life
Reflected in you

I had a vision
Poised on the head of a pin
Angels gathering

Slip the grip of fear
The heart’s devotion
The vision we shared

You carried the flag
A vision, bright as the sun
Reflected in you

I had a vision
Of brave and humble service
Replenishing work

Light the darkened way
Chase the shadows out, fear, hate
The vision we shared

The bright and wonderous vision

Reflected in you

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


An ocean of tears
Shed in sorrow and silence
Voiceless agony

Angel, have mercy
Sing, wash me in your echo
Your cleansing music

The withering world
The divine presence binds me
I will not perish

Free me from myself
Intoxicated by light
Memories of love

Calm me with reason
Soak me in lucidity
Lift me from sorrow

A brief affair, love
Perpetuate the moment
Being, in silence

Falling, I will not
Make a sacred offering
In the deep abyss

Fall back into dreams
Ethereal perturbations
Slipping past the waves

Set the world on fire
Raise me to your orbit, lift
Set me in the stars



Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Life presents questions
And I desire answers, give
Me keys to the mysteries

There is compulsion
A relentless drive to see
Truth, beauty, goodness

Cloistered and alone
Fists pounding in silent rage

Echo is silent
The forgotten muse retreats
In the muffled dark

In the womb of fear
Scratching images of hope
On the crumbling walls

Dust and confusion
Prometheus gave us fire
Its flame consumed us

Quickening spirits
Burning bright on lighted wings
Through the emerald gate

Questions and musings
Pathos and nihilism
Dog me down the way

The mysteries of life
Are not problems to be solved
But realities

To experience

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Gift

We are the en-souled
Creatures rising in the dark
Reaching out, alone

We did not choose, life
To come to be, we awoke
A poor creation

Birth is concrescence 
A continuum of fear
In the heat of love

The wheel of life turns
Not one of us asked for it
The imposition

Witness the divine
The sacred obligation
We tiny creatures

The week and condemned
A crown of fire on our heads
Burning hail and coal

My aching spirit
Lift me to another world
Weaving threads, and dreams

The wheel turns again
I could lift it like Atlas
As Hercules did

Hand me the lever
Archimedes will move it

The stars shift again