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Saturday, December 1, 2018

The Last of the Old Order - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Last of the Old Order

I am sad to see George H. W. Bush pass.

He represents a time when the Republican Party still made sense.

I did not agree with him on much, but I voted for him in 1988, I never regretted it.

He had dignity, and that is something we are sorely missing. He had a sense of right and wrong, though I am quite positive his moral compass did not always register as true.

He committed crimes throughout his life of public service; as President, Vice President, and as Director of the CIA.

Every president is called on to do the same, in the case of Presidents like Bush Sr., and Obama, I am relatively certain that their motive was not exclusively a matter of personal gain.

He was an “Eisenhower Republican,” one who believed in public works, one who was engaged in service for the public good.

It seems that for the sake of politics he followed his party into the insanity of the religious right, but it was clear he never bought their diatribe.

I served in the Navy during his time in office. He visited my base in North Carolina, but I never met him. In 1992 I voted against him.

I am certain that Bill Clinton was not any more just or good, but he and his team were the ones to bring us into the 21st Century, a task George Sr. was not up to.

I admire the friendship he struck with the Clintons after they were all out office.

It is an example of how our politics should be, and could be, if we could select politicians who cared more for America, for the common good, and for truth, than they do for themselves, their party, and their ideology.

I am already missing George Bush Sr., the last of the old order; warrior-pilot, diplomat, President.

America was stronger when you left office than it was when you began.
You left it a better place.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fake President – Part IV

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion
Fake President – Part IV
T-Rump was quiet this week.
He maintained the bald lie that the Obama Administration had his phones tapped during the presidential campaign.
He could not get anyone to back his play. Not even the usual suspects, K-Con, or his press secretary, people who get paid to lie for him, not even they would go down the rabbit hole on that story.
The FBI director asked the Justice Department to formally refute the fake president’s lies. The Attorney General was silent.
The deposed National Security Advisor revealed that he was a paid agent of a foreign government while he was advising T-Rump on the campaign. He was in the pocket of Turkey, they paid him $500,000, and he shilled for them the whole time.
The Fake administration claimed they did not know. However, it was revealed that Flynn told numerous people, including the White House Counsel.
It was revealed this week that a server in a bank owned by the Russian government made thousands of attempts to contact a server in Trump Tower, indicating a connection between the two entities that has yet to be explored. This is not new news. I heard this months ago, but it has become a part of the narrative now.
It was revealed this week that T-Rumps former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, worked closely with a Russian agent, who he knew to be a member of their military intelligence, the GRU.
It was revealed this week that during the Republic National Convention, a paid advisor to T-Rump successfully changed language in the party platform that softened the Republican Party’s position on the Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula.
The GRU intelligence officer was at the campaign.
The smoking gun has not been found, but the shell casings are being picked up everywhere, the ballistics analysis will be in soon.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion, Fake President – Part III

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Donald Trump gave his first address before a joint address of congress.
The T-Rump received a lot of praise in the hours afterward in for most of the next day. Many of his critics in the media revealed that they were extremely willing to forgive him for his dark, destructive, and bombastic rhetoric, that they would forget, it if he were to simply change his tone, they would move on.
I will not move on.
There was a gentler tone to his speech. However, the policies he articulated are dangerous for the American people, and the world. Enacting them will hurt us:

Billions more in spending for a bloated military
A drastic expansion in nuclear weapons programs
Tax cuts that target the wealthiest people

Cuts to everything else; the State Department, Education, Health Care, everything.

While his performance received high praise, both the speech and its delivery were mediocre. He gave no details on any specific policies, and merely promised “great results.”

He singled out the widow of a Navy Seal, whose husband died in the first covert military action that T-Rump authorized. He repeated his lies about the success of that mission. Earlier in the day he blamed the Obama administration for planning the mission, and he blamed his generals for the loss of life.

He revealed, once again, what a coward he is.

He grossly attempted to bathe in the adulations given to the widow, he suggested that her husband was looking down from heaven, and very happy that she received two minutes of applause from congress.

I am guessing he would rather be with his family.

The speech was another example of bad policy, and worse politics. Just as the pundits were shifting into their praise mode, another story broke about members of his administration colluding with the Russians during the campaign in 2016. This time it was his Attorney General who met with the Russian Ambassador twice, and when asked about contact with the Russians at his confirmation hearing, he did not answer truthfully, he misdirected, prevaricated, lied.

Two days later he formally recused himself from any investigation concerning the T-Rump administration and the Russians.

One day ago he committed to revising the testimony he gave the Senate.

More revelations about more meetings between the T-Rump campaign and the Russians have come out since. Revelations about the Russian Ambassador meeting with disgraced National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, and T-Rumps son-in-law at Trump Tower.

The ambassador came in through the back door to avoid the press.

The news about T-Rumps crimes, it drips steadily, day by day. The man is a criminal, his campaign was a criminal operation, and there is a criminal conspiracy underway to cover it up.

He is a Fake President.

Today T-Rump is attempting to distract the American people with stories about his phones being tapped by the Obama Administration.

I am sorry T-Rump, if your phones were tapped it is because you have been the target of a criminal probe.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Election and the Aftermath

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Election and the Aftermath
Election night was horrible.
By nine o’clock I could see the conversation among the broadcasters had begun to turn. On CNN, on MSNBC they were openly doubting Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning, and acknowledging Donald Trump’s very real chances of a victory.
I wanted to be skeptical, almost everything was falling they way most of the forecasters had expected it to, the only difference between what was happening in reality, and what had been prognosticated, was the timing. The fact that the votes in places like Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin had not shown up for Hillary as the clear winner, by ten o’clock through the whole race in doubt.
My feelings went from joyful optimism, to uneasy, to guarded skepticism, to bewilderment, and finally; nausea.
I was lying on the couch, and I drifted off to sleep for a half an hour here, and a half an hour there. The news only got worse.
I had to turn the channel away from MSNBC, because I could not watch or listen to their set of television personality go into panic, to begin to make excuses, to search for anecdotal reasons for why the election was not going as planned.
I found the moderators on CNN to be a more measured group. That, in itself, was comforting.   
Throughout the night I exchanged text messages with friends, most of whom were as dismayed as me, some of whom were snarky.
I am a person who was for Hillary throughout the entire political season. My support for her never waivered. I supported in 2008 during the primaries with President Obama. I have great respect for her intelligence, her diligence, and her mastery of public policy. I supported her, not because I agreed with all of her positions. In my heart, I am much more liberal than she is. I supported Hillary because I thought she would be the best manager of the Federal Government, and because I believe that progressive change must be predicated first on sound management. This remains my conviction. I still believe it is true.
Up until the moment when Donald Trump took the stage, and announced that he had received a call from Hillary conceding the election. I had a pit of angst in my stomach that was making me feel ill.
The victories Donald Trump racked up, in all of the “swing states,” appeared to be close enough to merit a recount, and I would have supported Hillary if she had called for one. There are many hundreds of thousands of ballots all across the country that would never be counted if recounts were not triggered; overseas ballots, absentee ballots, and provisional ballots especially; there were enough to change the outcomes (theoretically).
However, Hillary conceded. Such a course of events was not going to be.
The angst I was experiencing evaporated almost immediately. I went directly too acceptance. The resolution of those feelings was not dissimilar to the feeling I get when I read the Powerball numbers and realize that I had not won the jackpot.
It is done.
Over the past few days I have been listening to so many people express their dismay, their indifference, their feeling of triumph.
The very few people in my social network who actually supported Donald Trump, those people have been quiet, I have not heard any boasting from them.
There are a larger number of people in my social network who did not support either candidate, voted third party, or did not vote at all. I have heard more from them; from them I have heard expressions of hope, the hope that with the defeat of Hillary Clinton we might be able to get a truly liberal, truly progressive third party might be able to form. That particular group of people, always blind, and uncritical, believe in the simple proposition that electoral justice will occur if people have more options, as if A = B, but that is not the case at all. No such thing could be guaranteed.
The vast majority of my friends, supported Hillary, they went out and voted for her, they were hopeful that she would win. Most of those friends were latecomers to Hillary’s camp. Most of them had supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, some had fully come over to Hillary’s side, but many were merely voting against Donald Trump.
Most of the people I know, if they voted for Hillary, they are as perplexed as me as to why a person like Donald Trump could win the election for President of the United States. Donald Trump is a man without a demonstrable sense of personal dignity; a tax dodger, an abuser of women, a fraud, a phony billionaire, a liar, a cheat, a reality TV star, a bully, a man who was so comfortable ginning up racial animosity among disparate groups of Americans, that you have to assume he is a racist and a bigot himself.
They are searching for the answer as to why this happened. To them I say, give it up; you will never know.
A smaller number are only interested in moving forward, getting past their feelings and stepping out with a determination to reassert progressive agenda in the next cycle.
I am with them.
There are many, very many of my friends who are stuck in the middle, desiring to move forward but still looking back, still trying to find the person, persons, or ideology to blame.
Hillary Clinton earned more votes, but Donald Trump won the election. Blame the electoral college.
Ninety million eligible voters did not vote at all. Blame their indifference. Though if they had voted, there is no reason to believe the result would have been any different.
Enough votes were cast for third party candidates, that if there had been no third party candidates Hillary might have won. Or, those people might not have voted at all, or their votes would have been cast in the same proportion as went for Hillary and Donald anyway.
There is no way to know the answer to these question, and such idle speculation is useless.
Some people are asserting that if Bernie Sanders had won the Democratic Primary, he would have beat Donald Trump easily. There is no way to know. There is no reason to believe that a candidate who could not win a primary, could have won in the general election. He might have done better than Donald Trump with some demographic groups. I think that is a fair assumption, but you would also have to assume that he would have done worse with others. The campaign would have been different. To suggest that it would have had a different outcome…that is vanity.
Some would like to blame the media; for not taking Donald Trump seriously, for not exposing his sex crimes, for not exposing his cheating and his fraud, for not exposing his ties to Russia. That is who I would like to blame, and yet nevertheless, his supporters heard those stories and they did not seem to care. His supporters voted in a guy who is openly supported by the Klu Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. His supporters are people that deny the science of climate change, and will tell you to your face that the planet earth in only six thousand years old. There is no amount of truth telling that can sway those voters.
Some would like to blame Hillary for her own flaws as a candidate; for the fact that she was not more adept at controlling her narrative, that she was beset by spurious investigations, that she seemed to take certain states for granted, like Wisconsin and Michigan, never campaigning there after the primaries were over. The person who bears the most responsibility for Hillary’s loss is Hillary herself. As much as I have been proud to support her, this is true, and she knows this true. Nevertheless, she is not to blame.
The factors leading up to the election of Donald Trump are myriad. It is not one single thing.
If you have ever read the tawdry soap opera that made Leo Tolstoy famous, War and Peace, you might be able to see the truth in this. The principle reflection in that novel is the awareness that complex events are governed by complex factors. It is impossible to trace all of the antecedents of those events, many powerful social forces are simply cancelled out by other powerful social forces. Even though Napoleon took credit for his victories, he was not responsible for them, and the same is true of his failures.
Most of the people I know who are playing the blame game, are really just looking for a way to serve their own vanity, for the vehicle by which they can reassure themselves that they were right about something all along; that if only they had been listened to, if only more people had voted for Bernie Sanders, if the media had been more objective about Donald Trump, if the FBI had not leaked information about their investigations that were underway, if there had been no spying by Russia, no Wikileaks etc…then their candidate would have won, and they would be right after all.

It is time to give up that vanity, and move on with what we know to be true. The Republican Party has an unprecedented control of government at every level. Their agenda is dangerous, divisive and harmful to America, and the world at large. There is an election coming in two years, and two years after that. Progressive minded people need to unify, consolidate their strength, compromise with their numerous factions, and push forward to a brighter future.