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Friday, November 11, 2016

Emergence: Section Seven, War; Part Forty-three, Division, Collected Chapters

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter One: The Apathetic
Pt. 43, Ch. 01
As the crisis hit, the Empire reacted. The Observers across the galaxy reacted, half had no care. “Let it collapse.”

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Two: The Nihilists
Pt. 43, Ch. 02
Some in the higher orders, those who knew enough to have lost faith, argued to do nothing in response to the crises.

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Three: The Atheists
Pt. 43, Ch. 03
Only a few generals believed the best course would be to move against the central planet; in its moment of weakness.

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Four: The Traditionalists  
Pt. 43, Ch. 04
Those loyal to the Empire had the majority, but they were unprepared for the violence coming at them from all sides.

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Five: The Believers
Pt. 43, Ch. 05
Common soldiers did not doubt the visions of advancement, resurrection, and eternal life; as promised by the Empire.

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Six: God Fearers   
Pt. 43, Pt. 06
In the military, the most dangerous were those seeking an advancement to the priesthood. They mobilized the defense.

Division; Part Forty-three,
Chapter Seven: Martyrs

Pt. 43, Ch. 07
The god-fearers never considered that any would oppose them. So they were slaughtered where they gathered; en-masse.

Section Seven, War
Division; Part Forty-three
Collected Chapters
Section 07, War
Part 43, Division
01 The Apathetic
02 The Nihilists
03 The Atheists
04 The Traditionalists
05 The Believers
06 God Fearers
07 Martyrs