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Saturday, November 21, 2020

General Strike, Part I - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



General Strike – Part I



I have been warning about this situation for months; the fake president is pretending he did not loose the election, and he is trying to steal it. He intends to overturn the election which he lost by more than six million votes.


He and his supporters claim that there was voter fraud, but they cannot show any proof of it in court, in fact they are not even trying.


The Trump campaign pretended to make legal showings over the past few weeks but they lost or withdrew their claims in every case.


Now they are relying on wild conspiracy theories and pure propaganda pushed through the Q platform to influence their voters, as well as the week minded office holders that Trump has swayed with his influence.


Having lost the vote, and having lost in court, they are now looking for a political victory. They are seeking to sew enough confusion to provide their allies with political cover so that the election ends up in the house of representatives where republicans have a numerical advantage and could theoretically invalidate the will of the majority.


I have been warning for months that Trump and his enablers are willing to destroy the Republic and do away with representative democracy, now they have shown their hand, they are nakedly attempting to do it, they do not care if we see it. This is a strategy developed by Steve Bannon, the Fake president along with Rudy Giuliani is fully engaged in a campaign to carry it out, and every single silent republican office holder, from dog catcher to the Senate Majority leader is helping them do it.


We cannot let this happen.


The fake president is calling county election officials attempting to intimidate them into carrying out his will, and succeeding in some small measure. He has called state legislators to the White House to do the same. He and other republicans have vilified their fellow republican secretaries of state for not throwing out votes in Georgia.


This is madness and it must be stopped.


I have been complaining about Donald Trump since he entered the race to become President. I was despondent when he won the election in 2016, I wanted to see him impeached and removed from office for his blatant criminality, and then brought before the bar of justice.


I did not get my way, though he was impeached he was not removed from office, and I accepted this because that is the way our system works.


We were told that the remedy for dealing with Trump was to vote him out, and we did!


Now he is refusing to accept that outcome and he threatens to destroy the American experiment because of it.


What are you prepared to do to stand in the way of this?


If there is a delay in certifying Joe Biden as the president Elect and this results in a delay beyond December 8th in allowing his transition team to begin their work in earnest, then we must shut the entire economy down.


General Strike, Wednesday December 9th.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Fear, Anger, Hate, and Violence: Part I

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Yoda had this to say to Anikan Skywalker; “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the darkside…much fear in you I sense.”
There is a great deal of fear in America, and there is very little reason for any of it.
Fear is a normal and natural emotion. We are instinctively wary of other apex predators; lions and tigers and bears, other people. If we have experienced trauma; physical, emotional abuse, then we may have even deeper reservoirs of fear.
That too would be normal.
Fear may also be exacerbated unnaturally, pushed beyond norms by manipulative people and agencies who seek to divide us from one another.
In America, white, evangelical protestant Christians, the largest group of Christians in the country, a country that is overwhelmingly Christian, they have been convinced that their way of life is under attack.
They are afraid.
In America, tens of millions of private citizens own hundreds of millions of guns. They have been convinced that their right to gun ownership is under threat.
They are afraid.
In America, people of European descent, the pink and white-skinned-ones, the majority of all people living here, they are afraid of everyone who does not look like them, they are afraid because they cannot see themselves in those “others.” They are afraid of the difference, just because it is different.
The pink and white-skinned Americans are angry, angry that their majority is quietly shrinking. They feel that their way of life is threatened. They shoot and kill people who are different from them. They call the police to intervene on their behalf, against those darker-skinned Americans and immigrants, and the police shoot and kill, and incarcerate them, because they are afraid.
America is the most powerful country in the world, the most powerful country the world has ever known. We are a colossus, a juggernaut of wealth and power.
The wealthy are afraid of losing even a little bit of their privilege, and they squeeze they labor force for every dime they are able too, deny benefits to their workers; lie, cheat, and steal from at every opportunity.
The wealthy and the powerful, not only will they deny the work of our best and brightest scientists who issue warnings that might affect their bottom line, now they refuse to let the work of scientists continue, because they do not even want to have to bother with a denial.
The force that seek to divide Americans from one another are great, they spin stories that are not rooted in reality.
We are duty bound to confront them, to bear witness, to speak, but not with anger, or hatred or violence. We cannot afford to return that coin, measure for measure.
I watched a story today about a group of people who had they police called on them by a fearful neighbor. She called the police because they were exiting a home that was not their own, but which they had rented through Air B n’ B. She called the police because they were different from her, she told the police they were burglars, and the police aggressively intervened.
The group of innocent people said that they were lucky they were not killed, and the sad truth is that they were right.