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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Transform, Part III - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Transform, Part III

The past week in my home city of Minneapolis we have been witness to events that have shown the world just how much we need a radical transformation of the social compact.

Minneapolis is the most culturally homogenous city of its size in the country. We are not just white we are ulta-white, northern European, Scandinavian white, this has made our social-compact fragile, brittle and as evidenced this week…broken.

On Monday, an unarmed African-American man was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer with cruel and calculated indifference. That white police officer was aided by three of his fellow officers.

They squeezed the life out of him, even as he pleaded with them, calling on his deceased mother to protect come for him, and protect him.

They police kneeled on his neck for nine minutes while he lay handcuffed, face down in the street, one officer applying that crushing weight, while two others held him at the midsection and at his legs.

He was not resisting.

Even as they were killing him, he was polite addressing them as sir, begging for relief.

They held him down for three minutes after he had become unresponsive, and did not register a pulse, while they denied an EMT access to him sixteen times, which might have saved his life.

They filed false police reports, even though it was all caught by their own body cameras, by surveillance cameras, and by the cell-phone video footage of bystanders who were witness to the killing.

The police officer who knelt directly on his neck, knew the man, they both worked as Security guards at a nearby nightclub.

They killed him in broad daylight, in public, in front of witnesses, they killed him with reckless indifference because in their heart they believed they would get away with it, and the sad thing is, that even though all four of them were fired and the worst among them has been charged with third degree murder, they still might get away with it, because justice is not impartial, our social compact is broken, our police behave like predators and kill with impunity, expecting and receiving the complicity of their brothers and sisters in uniform.

This corrupt and unjust system demands transformation.   

There have been protests, without which the officers would likely still be employed.

Those righteous protests have been coopted by white supremacists and other bad actors who have looted and set our city on fire.

We have been burning for three days: police stations and post offices and libraries and banks, businesses and homes.

The smoke is thick in the air, I can taste it. It is horrible, but at least I can still breathe, unlike the man who’s murder set these events in motion, unlike George Floyd.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fear, Anger, Hate, and Violence - Part III

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

There is hatred all around the world the world. We come to hate those we fear, who make us angry. Hatred is not a justification for violence, fear provides that, and anger provides the impetus.
Hatred allows the violence we perpetrate against one another to feel good. Violence satisfies the hateful heart. The hateful are addicted to it.
Human being are not naturally hateful. We are not born with hate in our hearts. We learn it. We are coaxed into it, manipulated toward it with greater and lesser degrees of willingness.
When hatred becomes a part of a person’s identity, their way of seeing themselves, it is exceedingly difficult to move that person away from it. They cannot see their way to free themselves from hating, anymore than they are able to see another face in the mirror. Hate becomes part of them and they cannot give it up without engendering the sense that they are losing themselves.
When we are called to the altar of hate, and our political leaders are ringing this bell, every hour of every day, the words they use to describe the object of their hatred, are words that dehumanize, impersonalize, demean and degrade.
The objects of their wrath, are no longer described as people; they are animals, things, alien and demons, they are terrorists and criminals. They are presented as being unworthy of the protections we afford our equals, the protections we demand for those we love; due process, liberty, even life itself.
People of good conscience have a duty to challenge these messages, to shed a light on the vile way in which hate and the architects of hate try to undermine our civil society.
Stand up, and stand in the way of it.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion, Fake President – Part III

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Donald Trump gave his first address before a joint address of congress.
The T-Rump received a lot of praise in the hours afterward in for most of the next day. Many of his critics in the media revealed that they were extremely willing to forgive him for his dark, destructive, and bombastic rhetoric, that they would forget, it if he were to simply change his tone, they would move on.
I will not move on.
There was a gentler tone to his speech. However, the policies he articulated are dangerous for the American people, and the world. Enacting them will hurt us:

Billions more in spending for a bloated military
A drastic expansion in nuclear weapons programs
Tax cuts that target the wealthiest people

Cuts to everything else; the State Department, Education, Health Care, everything.

While his performance received high praise, both the speech and its delivery were mediocre. He gave no details on any specific policies, and merely promised “great results.”

He singled out the widow of a Navy Seal, whose husband died in the first covert military action that T-Rump authorized. He repeated his lies about the success of that mission. Earlier in the day he blamed the Obama administration for planning the mission, and he blamed his generals for the loss of life.

He revealed, once again, what a coward he is.

He grossly attempted to bathe in the adulations given to the widow, he suggested that her husband was looking down from heaven, and very happy that she received two minutes of applause from congress.

I am guessing he would rather be with his family.

The speech was another example of bad policy, and worse politics. Just as the pundits were shifting into their praise mode, another story broke about members of his administration colluding with the Russians during the campaign in 2016. This time it was his Attorney General who met with the Russian Ambassador twice, and when asked about contact with the Russians at his confirmation hearing, he did not answer truthfully, he misdirected, prevaricated, lied.

Two days later he formally recused himself from any investigation concerning the T-Rump administration and the Russians.

One day ago he committed to revising the testimony he gave the Senate.

More revelations about more meetings between the T-Rump campaign and the Russians have come out since. Revelations about the Russian Ambassador meeting with disgraced National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, and T-Rumps son-in-law at Trump Tower.

The ambassador came in through the back door to avoid the press.

The news about T-Rumps crimes, it drips steadily, day by day. The man is a criminal, his campaign was a criminal operation, and there is a criminal conspiracy underway to cover it up.

He is a Fake President.

Today T-Rump is attempting to distract the American people with stories about his phones being tapped by the Obama Administration.

I am sorry T-Rump, if your phones were tapped it is because you have been the target of a criminal probe.