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Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Contending with apathy
The cruelty of an empty heart
Arbitrary and course

Philosophy is pointless

Untangling strings
In the vain pursuit of purpose
Empty solutions, questions

Patterns and illusions

Looking in a mirror
As it breaks into a million pieces
Each shard multiplied,
By a million-million refractions

The limits of mentation


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Frames of Reference

Past acquaintances
Human associations
Frames of reference

Passing comments shape
Old dreams into new visions
The future beckons

Remember the form
Of yesterday’s solutions
Youthful illusions

We solved the world by
A million equations
Finding the difference

The world was smaller
From the perspective of kids
The limits of youth

It is bigger now
Requiring equations
More complex in scope

We manipulate
Conclusions with preconceived
Notions of the truth

Form them in patterns
Certain continuities
Existential pique

Seeking clarity
In the mirrored eyes of friends
Rejecting falsehood