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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Feast of Saint John, the Baptist

A Homily

John came, and john bore witness to the light
John, born in darkness as all of us are
John saw the light, shing in the deep night
Comforted by its warmth, John felt it first
Feeling it while he was still in the womb
Kicking in the waters, as the light dawned

John was not a man prone to vanity
You would not have seen him chasing the wind
Like a servant, John harvested honey  
Faithful to the way, not puffed up with pride
John was a friend and brother to Jesus
The elder cousin of the messiah

Herald and prophet, man of the desert
John turned to us, saying reflect, repent
He came like an angel, with a pure heart
A divine messenger, pointing the way
The way is not in stillness or silence
The way is a path of service and love

He took on the burden and paid the price
John showed us how to stand against power
He came into the world ahead of Christ        
Drawing breath while he listened in the womb
The breath he drew was ruha, the spirit
Holy Sophia filled John with wisdom
John lived and breathed, washed in the divine flame
Dipping his cup in the fountain of life
Walking with him, by whom all things were made
John’s path was the way of humility
Obedient, unphased by paradox
Born first, and the first to be sacrificed

He lived by the Jordan, serving the light
Not perplexed, or tempted to turn away  
He saw in his cousin the end of night
He made a place for him in the desert
He prepared the way as God’s own herald
Ministering to the sick and grieving
Jesus and John. the Son and the herald
Working together in the name of God
Baptizing all into the way of peace
Bathing their flock in the way, in the light
Keeping to their mission even to death
John showed us the way, turn and be blessed!

From the Gospel According to Mark – 2018.06.22

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Saint Valentines Day

Jennifer is she
Bright as a morning in May
Sensual and sweet

A light in the dark
A warming breeze in winter
February’s love

Freckles, and green eyes
Her flashing smile lights my heart
As the sun in spring

She is strong, and fierce
I lean on her when I’m tired
And she carries me

Five years of loving
Kind, and thoughtful Valentine
Jennifer is she

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A cloud of unknowing, the divine ascent

Following the way of Jacob, Israel

Rung by rung, his handprints and mine

Mindful in the morning light

Mindless in the deepening night, and mad

I find a self I never knew

In darkness…in the deep of night

In silence, but for Ruha whispering

A forgotten name whistling in the ear

Gentle, ephemeral brushing through my hair

The wind had the number every strand

Darkness…I remember you

Descending like the shroud

Grieving in the cold, and lonely places

In the secret chamber of my heart

Covered and clouded, and washed in the rain

Buried and reborn

Darkness…I was a fool, I never knew you

Fragile…I could not bear you

Restless…I would not endure you.

There is a ladder; on a tower, atop its parapet

In a city, by a vineyard where old drunkards sleep

Lying naked beneath the sun

There is a vine, upon a trellis

Roots stretched far into the earth

In the dark cool soil that is life

There is fruit upon the vine

The apex of ascent, pluck it

Be plucked, taste of it, and change

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Theology, List A

Theologians struggle to find words about God
This is what we do
Struggle to find words about God
An imperative
The work of a theologian should not be too easy
The product of theology should not be too cozy
It should challenge us
Confront us with insight into who we are
Theological work cannot be done in a vacuum
The work of theology is relational
In Essence
Adam did not become human until Eve came along
Before Eve, Adam was just a thing made from dirt
Through Eve, Adam became human

Human beings struggle to find words about relationships
As in theology, this is what we do
Struggle to find words about relationships
An imperative
The work of relationships is easy
The product of relationships may not be cozy
It should challenge us
Confront us with insight into who we truly are
Alone, we cannot work on relationships

There are no meaningful words about God
Given without a meaningful understanding of self
In the light of an-other
Give to others as you would have them give to you
Love one another
And be loved
By God, love God
In the other, love
In them,
As they are in you

As one

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hope is a Garden

Hope is the teaching
All will be well, breathe, inspire
Lead with hope, brandished

Like fire, Carry it
Like water; water falling
Wet the garden soil

From a rusting pipe
Nourish, feed the wounded soul
Slake the naked thirst

The house has no roof
Our mother’s house, our father’s
Is a place of prayer

Exposed and crumbling
Fa├žade, the house has no walls
Collecting the wind

In the center falls
Water in the garden from
A pulsing valve, flows

Into flower beds
Speak to the stranger, villain
Vagabond, speaking

Wordless, the rhythm
Of the heart, beating in the
Language of birds, song

The soft whisper, hope
In this place there is love, home.
This bed is your own

Gather a vision
Filled in the pooling water
Listen to flowers

Bursting with pollen
Bright petals are wind-blown flags
In the shining sun

Hope is the teaching
Hope for the future of all

Weed and flower, one   

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Suffer the Flower

Suffer the Flower

I touched her thigh and Death smiled

Said Morrison; in his American Prayer[1]

Left handed Death is Lord of the harvest      

Fecundity, fertility – the fallen

                        Seeds, blown from the stamen of the flower

                        Caught by the wind like the spray of

Water from a fountain

Oh Death, take my hand and spin with me

Turning on the wheel of Life

Bright fingered Life is Mother of us all

            Heliposis, heuchera – the human

                        Conceived in the heat of ecstasy’s thunder

                        Birthed in agony; reaching for the light cold air

                                    Of morning     

[1] Jim Morrison, An American Prayer, The Doors, Elektra/Asylum Records, 1978