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Tuesday, March 17, 2020


There is movement all about me, forms I can’t discern, floating in my dreams
There are shadows on the cavern walls, wavering in chaotic streams

Questions scrape my bones like hungry wraiths, solutions never see the light of day
Bundle up the answers, bind them like sheaves of straw, set to fire in the night

The furies rise from the ash beds, there is no phoenix, no morning sun
Bury seeds in the cold-field, bits of knowledge, pushed into the wet earth
Fragile little plantlings hungry for life, set their roots and stretch out for the light
Heedless of the storm descending, turn to face the darkened horizon, resisting
As dreams fall like stars from the sky, the harvest rots while and fields are set on fire  

There is phoenix rising, only the furies fly from the ash beds, their swarm blots the sun

We heard the promise and followed its call, we stood beneath the open sky
To bask in the solar wind, blind as the troglodyte emerging from the cave

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Who lit the heavens? Who set the stars in motion, where has the architect gone?

What is this world meant to be, was it meant to be anything?

These questions are plaguing

We step away from the world, into the lucidity of dreams

Falling for fantasy, walking through visions, hoping for justice

There is no relief

We are humanity failing, and falling fast, erratic and confused

Like ghosts on the fringe of the real, slipping into ruin

Into sweet delusion

We only have this one planet, Earth, scarred and bleeding

Spinning round in smoke and fumes, devouring the future

We have forsaken it

We poisoned the grail, and set the garden on fire just to watch it burn
We set our feet to wandering, go to make our beds in the wild

Ashes falling from the heavens

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Question that Matters

Q:        What is the most significant dimension of your life?

A:        My Relationships,
                        Shared Experience

We are relational beings.

We are…beings in relationship.

I am not, without you.

Our relationships with all people, whether they are known to us, or unknown, no matter distant from us in space and time, these relationships form the most significant dimension of our lives.

Our relationships are significant because they touch on who we are, not what we are doing, or where we are going, they concern our personhood.

Think of Adam, who was just an object made from clay prior to the coming of Eve. He was merely adamah, the one who comes from soil, a sad and lonely thing.

He awoke one day to find himself face to face with Eve, a woman, at that point Adam becomes man, a being in relationship, his status is exalted, and before her coming he was nothing more than animated soil.

It is relationality that confers dignity on the human person.

Remember the Zulu word Ubuntu, meaning; I am because you are. Without you I am not, not the same person.

Whoever you are, wherever you might be, you have contributed to the fullness of my being, like the pattern that ensues from the beating of a butterfly’s wings, it reaches everything, and we are tied together like an infinitude of strings, connected beyond space and time.

Our relationships are diagrammable, as complex and vast as a Mandelbrot Set.

Between any one point in time and space, and every other point in time and space there is a relationship that can be distinguished, a line of continuity that may be drawn.

Relationality is a dimension of our lives, properly speaking, of our ontological structure; like the dimensions of space and time, and mass.

We must be cognizant of this, our wholeness depends on it.

Bad relationships ulcerate within us, good relationships are like a healing balm.

Good and bad relationships are not a zero-sum game, the good and the bad can exist in the same relationship at the same time. The presence of the good does not eliminate the bad, neither does the bad obviate the good.

We are called to mindfulness when considering our relationships, because relationality is complex, multi-valenced and it is the fundamental ground of our being.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Life presents questions
And I desire answers, give
Me keys to the mysteries

There is compulsion
A relentless drive to see
Truth, beauty, goodness

Cloistered and alone
Fists pounding in silent rage

Echo is silent
The forgotten muse retreats
In the muffled dark

In the womb of fear
Scratching images of hope
On the crumbling walls

Dust and confusion
Prometheus gave us fire
Its flame consumed us

Quickening spirits
Burning bright on lighted wings
Through the emerald gate

Questions and musings
Pathos and nihilism
Dog me down the way

The mysteries of life
Are not problems to be solved
But realities

To experience

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Comic Books and Theology – Questions from The Suicide Squad

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Comic Books and Theology – Questions from The Suicide Squad

My friend the Reverend Shawn Moore asked the following question after his viewing of the DC Comics movie The Suicide Squad:
Is bad behavior the same as being evil? A group of misfits, who actually do wrong are freed from their bondage to stop an evil force! In the end the bad guys stop evil. Is it possible to be bad and still answer a higher call to boldly hinder evil from happening?”
My response:

Doing harm to others, wrong action, these are not the same as doing evil. Just as the realities of pain and suffering are not in and of themselves evil.

Our philosophical and theological traditions (in the Western world) have overwhelmingly preferred an opposite view, normatively attributing the existence of pain and suffering to the reality of evil; pain and suffering, as well as aging, disease, or the corruption of the body in general, are all the result of the reality of evil in the world.

In this world-view it has been the common practice to view the suffering of "bad" people as evidence of divine justice, or even to take the view that the presence of suffering in the life of an individual is objective evidence of their guilt.

People who hold this type of world view, are also likely to hold a view that "good" people suffer; either because they are being tested (like Job), or because they are subject to unjust attacks by demonic forces. Corresponding to this, is the notion that events such as natural disasters, which cause great harm and suffering, are also caused by demonic forces who are simply trying to wreak havoc in the world. Many of these contortions in thought stem from a theological desire to defend God, the creator of the universe, from charges that the existence of pain and suffering, of "evil" provide justification for claims that God is not good, not loving, or lacking the power to prevent evil, which if conceded too, would hint at the notion that god is not God.

The conflation of pain, suffering, and evil is a theological error we need to avoid.

The only real evil in the world is "moral" evil. "Moral" evil requires an actor, the actor must understand that their actions are evil, they must desire it, and they must engage in those actions of their own free will.

This is a subject Pope John Paul II addressed in his encyclical Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth). Most people who do harm to others do it unwittingly, many others do harmful things because they believe they are serving some higher good, most of the remaining bad actors do bad things because they feel they are "owed" something, or they are justified in what they do in some other way. Most of the harm that occurs in the world, occurs like that. These motivations are not truly evil, the actions that stem from them happen accidentally, or they happen due to ignorance and confusion. By saying this I am not trying to excuse anything, ignorance and confusion can be quite harmful, and avoidable, we need to protect ourselves from the ignorant, the confused, from accidents, but they are not categorically evil, they need to be met with understanding, forgiveness and the opportunity for redemption..

Evil requires knowledge, intention and action; just as does the good.

Because God made human beings free, we are never defined by the sum of our actions, neither are we defined by our most recent actions, we are always and at every moment capable of changing our fundamental stance toward right and wrong.

A person in the habit of doing good things is always capable of doing something depraved, and vice versa, just as a person who has led a life of depravity may still be the recipient of grace, convert, and be saved.

The sinner is not sin itself; even in the act of sinning.

To conclude, if the Suicide Squad opts to do good, for the sake of the good, knowing that it is good, and desiring the good, then they are good, but only in that moment.