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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


The hot breeze, pushing
Sight narrows in the salted mist, the acrid air

The sea thundering as the rolling tide retreats
The shore expanding

The empty space fills
Bodies in the sun, clamoring birds on the beach

All their waste and refuse gathering in the sand
The bones of the world

Plastic straws and paper wraps, aluminum cans
Washed out in the sun

Taken in the tide
The oceans rising, sweeping, steeping all the trash

Listen for the tide, the tide returning, the sea
Roaring in my ear

Listen for the dirge
A song for a dying world, the pipes are calling

Melodies for funerals, burials, lament
The poisoned sea

The breeze is hot, sour
The shore has putrefied, stinking with rot, cancer

Walk along the diseased shoreline, death in each step
Walk into the rising sea

Into the salted brine crying seagulls
Scattered in the waves

Into the acid bath, dissolved and disappeared
Taken in the fog