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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Who lit the heavens? Who set the stars in motion, where has the architect gone?

What is this world meant to be, was it meant to be anything?

These questions are plaguing

We step away from the world, into the lucidity of dreams

Falling for fantasy, walking through visions, hoping for justice

There is no relief

We are humanity failing, and falling fast, erratic and confused

Like ghosts on the fringe of the real, slipping into ruin

Into sweet delusion

We only have this one planet, Earth, scarred and bleeding

Spinning round in smoke and fumes, devouring the future

We have forsaken it

We poisoned the grail, and set the garden on fire just to watch it burn
We set our feet to wandering, go to make our beds in the wild

Ashes falling from the heavens

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


A longing for peace
In a world of strife, conflict
The end of anguish

Falling to my knees
Washing blood from the altar
Clotting in the cup

Give me some relief
Pull the sliver from my eye
Cleanse me with the truth

I will cling to it
Fall into its gravity
Its binding rhythm

A pulsing of light
Waves embracing Earth and Moon
Do not deny me

The approaching sun
Projecting dreams in the void
Plasma, hot and bright

The solar winds blow
A geometry of dance
Sweeps the firmament