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Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Election…Repudiation and a Call for Vigilance - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



The Election…Repudiation and a Call for Vigilance



It took a few days to resolve, though like so many things that have occurred during Donald Trump’s regime, it did not have to be that way.


The republican controlled state legislature in Pennsylvania refused to allow mail in and absentee votes to be counted prior to November 3rd. The Secretary of State and local election officials had requested it, republicans said no. If they had said yes we would have had the full result from Pennsylvania on November 3rd, just as the orange menace said he wanted, we would have known then that the little tyrant had lost.


While it grieves me to know that the number of people who have fallen under Trump’s malign influence actually grew over the last four years, it was more satisfying to find that the number of people willing to vote against him had grown more, we have repudiated him, and the entire world is celebrating.


This is not a time to relax my friends, stay vigilant!


Especially in place like Arizona and Georgia, Michigan and Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it is time for you and everyone to practice mindfulness and to ensure that the electors sent to represent you in the final tally are the people you chose to do so, and we cannot let the courts overturn the will of the people.


There is a lot of work of to do.


Democrats won on the strength of the African American vote, the women’s vote, and the Latino vote. Democrats have won on the strength of the urban vote and the suburban vote in our great population centers.


The Democratic Party is not the party of elites, as republican demagogues like to mischaracterize us, Democrats represent the majority of the American people, with the greatest degree of cultural and ethnic diversity. Democrats represent the middle class, the working class, the creative class, and the conscientious class.


In the weeks and months ahead we have to hold together. There are important races to win for the United States Senate in Georgia.


Keep the faith, and keep the pressure up, let’s move forward together.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Vote IV - Editorial, The Week in Review

 Analysis, Commentary, Opinion



Vote     IV


So Donald Trump is going to sign executive orders today pretending to address the economic woes the working class who cannot work due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Over the past weeks he himself has not participated in the negotiations with Congress. His Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin were said to be “not on the same page.


The House of Representatives passed their bill months ago, but the republican majority in the Senate is said to not want to do anything at all to help the people by extending unemployment benefits, providing another stimulus to each citizen, providing aid to local governments, shoring up the post office and other critical services.


Republicans want to do nothing. Republican mayors, governors, representatives and senators and the orange menace himself. They want to do nothing.


They want to pretend like the virus will just disappear, they want to send workers into unsafe work environments, children into unsafe schools, they do not want to test and do contact tracing, they only seem interested in telling the American people lies.


Today Trump reveals the bad faith in which he has had his team “negotiating” on the relief package. He is signing an order which he has no lawful authority to sign, spending money that only the congress can allocate, in order to claim that he himself “came through” for the people.


It will not work. We cannot cede the power of the purse to the executive simply because the executive and his cronies in the Senate do not want to negotiate.


They have to strike a deal.


We cannot let this happen. It is another assault on the constitution and the lives of the American people are hanging in the balance.


Trump has created the impasse so he can make his false move strictly for political purposes, he thinks it will help him, we must ensure that it damns him, and every single one of the republican lackeys that are complicit in this fraud.


Vote, get your absentee ballot and vote. Vote as early as possible. Vote in overwhelming numbers. Check on your friends and family, make sure that everyone votes.


Vote as if the Republic is at stake, freedom and Democracy are on the line. The rule of law hangs in the balance.


Vote that little tyrant out of office.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Left is Not Extreme - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Left is Not Extreme

If you listen to the right-wing politicians and pundits spout their invectives against the policies of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and their supporters who number in the tens of millions you would come away thinking that the progressive wing of the Democratic party are raving lunatics.

Even some of those people who are contending for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president from time to time slip into this irrational fervor.

Universal Healthcare, otherwise known as single-payer or Medicare for all, this is not a radical idea.

Free college or trade school tuition, this is not a radical idea.

Forgiving people their student debt this is not a radical idea.

We have to be careful not to get swept up into heated arguments with those who oppose these policies, because these are not radical positions, and we are not extremists for wanting to see them enacted. Democrats in particular need to hold the line against other democrats who are made nervous by these policy proscriptions, we have to normalize them, and this should not be too difficult because they are normal policies.

Universal Healthcare: There are eighteen countries that offer true universal health coverage: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

These so-called “first world” countries are all our allies and our biggest trading partners, if they can do it so can we. They have figured out the problem. They all have different systems tailored to the individual needs of their societies. They are leading the way, and it is long past time we figured this out for ourselves.

What is extreme is to promote the belief that universal healthcare is not doable by the United States, that is the extreme position. The we can’t do it position is the position that flies in the face of so-called “American exceptionalism.”

We need to confront the naysayers with the truth, and just tell them to relax. We believe in America, we can do this.

Free universal college tuition is less common than universal healthcare but there are seven industrialized countries that offer this to their citizens: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and France, Ireland and Australia. If America is going to continue to promote itself as first among equals in the so-called free world, it is time that we move past the nay-sayers, and hold fast to the position that America can do, because America can do anything.

These countries have different ways of funding these programs, but here is how Australia does it.
If you are accepted to a college or university, and you complete your degree program, and you subsequently become employed in a job where you earn more than 50k per year, then you are subject to a tax that funds the entire program.

If you do not complete your degree, or do not become gainfully employed, or if your circumstances change and you lose your earning power due to some unforeseen circumstance than this tax does not apply to you.

If you go to college, and your degree pays off, if you are earning well then you pay in.

This is simple, it is not radical, this should be easy to normalize.

Some people balk at the idea of forgiving the current load of student debt, they get really incensed by it, as if this proposal involves some kind of crime.

The current load of student debt is 1.5 trillion dollars.

The 2017 Trump tax-cuts cost the country 1.9 trillion dollars.

The second round of proposed Trump tax-cuts are projected to cost the country another 1.4 trillion.

The difference between the tax-cuts proposed by the Republican party and the proposal to eliminate student debt is this.

The tax cuts benefit the wealthiest Americans, allowing them to keep more of their money, without requiring them to put it back into the economy, the stimulative effect to the economy is negligible.

The 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt, is held by Americans who are solidly in the middle class, from the working poor to the upper-middle range. Almost forty-five million Americans are carrying student debt. The average monthly student loan payment (which includes principle and interest) is $393 dollar.

Americans spend 17.5 billion dollars per month servicing their student loan debt. If those revenues were freed up to be used by middle class Americans, it would go directly into the economy. It would be the biggest single economic stimulus for our economy that you could possibly imagine.

This is not radical; it is sound economic policy.

The left is not extreme, we just make sense.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Keep it Positive - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Keep it Positive

This has been a dismaying week in politics for me as a Democrat.

As the political contest has gotten real, and because support for the field of candidates is split three to five ways, things are getting ugly.

It can’t go on like this or there is no chance we will achieve anything resembling unity in the months ahead.

There is a good chance that at least a third of democrat voters are going to feel like the nominee of the party does not represent them, if they refuse to support that person, for whatever reason, because he or she is a democratic-socialist, or because he or she raises money from super-pacs, because he or she might be worth a billion dollars or more, because she is a woman or he is gay, because they are too young or too old, or Jewish or whatever, then we will have ceded the field, and engineered our own defeat.

For all of us out hear in the audience, now is the time to listen, and if you are going to speak up, so it to demand that the candidates, all of them, remain positive.

Admonish your friends if you hear or see them running down the candidates they do not prefer. There is no place for this. It is not the time to be pandering to those people who love to put forward the notion that democrats and republicans are all the same, we are not.

That kind of false equivalency is poison, and the more often it is repeated, the more people believe it, and the more likely it is that the orange menace will be reelected.

Do not play into it.

Keep it positive.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Shortsighted - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


Every week I see more evidence of just how shortsighted my people on the left side of the political spectrum are. So-called progressives, ply their phony activism and threaten to walk away from the political process if they do not get what they want from the Democratic Party, the DNC, the DCC, seeing the specter of boogie man in every corner.

They are possessed by the conviction of their ideals and they are content in their righteousness, never mind the political process, if they don’t get what they want they are threatening to stay home.

Friends of mine have been posting little political cartoons all week long to their social media accounts making these statements load and clear, drawing the battle lines, forget about winning the election next year, they want their serotonin boost now and so they poison the well with their diatribe.

Image may contain: textHere is one a friend of my sent out there, and he thinks he is being clever. He is getting ready to justify his inaction, a year of commiserating over the fact that all of his good ideas, are being ignored.

Let me be clear; I share his values. He has good ideas. I want most of the same things. I want a green energy revolution. I want universal health care. I want universal education from pre-school to graduate school. I want student loan forgiveness. I want reparations, I want to honor all of our treaties with the First Nations, and to pay for every violation of them. I want Trump to be impeached, prosecuted and thrown in prison, I want all of that.

To get those things, to achieve that level of social justice, we have to be able o control the legislative process. We have to hold the House, win the Senate, win the White House, win more state houses and gubernatorial seats nationwide.

We have to win in blue districts and blue states, in purple ones and red ones.  

We have to win, and we won’t win unless we hold it together.

I am against anyone who is sewing divisiveness in the democratic field. If you actually care about your progressive agenda work with the Democratic Party to get democrats elected, because you sure as hell aren’t going to get the Republicans to go along with you.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Emergency, Danger America…Danger! - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

          Danger America…Danger!

Never mind, there is no danger, even in his speech from the Rose Garden yesterday Donald Trump could not keep the rationale for his declaration of a national emergency straight.

“There is a crisis at the border!” Followed by, “I didn’t need to do this right now.”

There is no crisis at the border, with the exception of the humanitarian crisis caused by the inhuman policies of the T-Rump’s administration.

Don’t panic, not over that. That does not mean you should not worry. The republicans in congress are enabling this mad-man, giving up every pretention that they have any core beliefs at all. They are allowing him to take the country over the cliff, and the American way is in tatters.

Even my father, who served twenty-two years in the military, Marine Corps and Airforce combined, and followed that up with a second career as a federal law enforcement officer, even he makes excuses for T-Rump, demands that people should respect him, simply because he is “Our President,” he does this with no shame even as T-Rump operates his criminal regime out of the house, demonstrating that he prefers the intelligence assessment of Vladimir Putin over our own institutions, on a host of issues pertaining to national security and our alliances. He gives that orange monster a pass while watches the man attack and undermines the institutions like NATO that have kept the world safe and which my father spent his entire life serving.

It is mystifying, and an example of how disgraceful rank partisanship can be.

How is it that roughly one third of country cannot tell that they are being lied to, they cannot tell, and the guy lying to them doesn’t even try to hide it, he just lies, and lies so profusely, that it all comes off like a bad joke.

Wake America, abandon this guy. It is time to put an end to this foolishness. What we are dealing with in Donald Trump, the challenges that his administration is putting the country through, it is not game.

It might feel like a game when you are having a friendly argument with your pals and your family members; issue a couple of witticisms, tell a couple of jokes, maybe you think you have scored a point or to if you successfully argue someone down.

But this is not a game, it is the American way of life that is on the line. It’s our constitutional republic, democracy itself that is at stake. We cannot allow the chief executive to usurp the authority of congress, to ignore the demands of the courts, to profit from his business dealings with foreign governments, and to sleep with the enemy.

Donald Trump is a traitor, he is an agent of the former head of the KGB. This is not a game, it is not a joke or some kind of weird comedy, it’s a tragedy, and there are lives hanging in the balance.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Conservativism, Conservatism Blah Blah Blah - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Conservativism, Conservatism Blah Blah Blah

Don’t let them pretend to be conservatives, there is nothing conservative about the Grand Old Party, and there never was.

There are no fiscal conservatives, Republicans are always running up the debt. They are the biggest spenders of all.

Throughout my life Republicans have broken the bank, crying all the time about debt and deficits while they run to their banking buddies to borrow more money for the programs they pretend to hate, which they can’t live without.

There are no constitutional conservatives in the courts, Republican appointees are activists one and all, they had behind words like tradition while promising to undo any decision that has been made by the court which does not mesh with their social agenda.

Conservatives justices made corporations people, they did not find it in the Constitution, they made it up to suit their ambition.

There are no social conservatives, no “family values” conservatives in the Republican Party. The whole thing is a canard.

Look, the Republicans elected Donald Trump, need I say more. The man is morally bankrupt, he always has been. He has no moral core.

He lies through his teeth, and the Republicans in congress defend him like robots. They cannot break their programming.

There are no Christian conservatives in the Republican Party, there never were. A Christian is a person who is an advocate for the poor, for the widow, and for children, for their safety and much more.

Don’t let them pretend to be conservatives.

Their President is a puppet of the KGB.

Stop taking them seriously.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Fake President - Part IX

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

T-Rump, the fake president ran amuck again this week.
He may be a total phony, but his actions have consequences in the real world.
He fired the James Comey this week, the director of the FBI. Only a handful of Republicans in the senate and house, could even muster the political will to express outrage.
James Comey was fired for pursuing his investigation into the T-Rump campaign, and their collusion with Russia in the corruption of our electoral system.
They tried to concoct a story that said T-Rump fired him on the recommendation of the acting Attorney General, fired him for his conduct in the Hillary Clinton investigation last year. That claim was laughable. It was absurd on its face. Within hours the story was shifting, and even though the acting Attorney General had written a memo providing a rational for such a termination, he threatened to resign if the White House, and the T-Rumpettes did not stop pushing that line.
T-Rump himself did an interview and said in no certain terms, he was going to fire James Comey with or without a recommendation to do so, and then he began to spin.
He called the former director, a grandstander and a show boat.
He claimed that the director had told him not once, not twice, but three times that T-Rump himself was not a target of the criminal investigation. He said that the investigation into his campaign was a witch hunt, fake news, made up by the democrats, and a waste of taxpayer money. He also said that it should continue.
He speaks with a forked tongue, and out of both sides of his mouth.
He did not know how to stop lying about this. He claimed that Comey came, asking for a dinner meeting, and at that dinner asked T-Rump to keep in in his position as head of the FBI (even though he had another six years on his term).
The real news came out, Comey was summoned to the White House, he was reluctant to go, but he went anyway, and T-Rump asked him to swear an Oath of Loyalty (only the fake president would do that), to him as President, in contravention to his Oath of Service to his country.
James Comey declined, and he was fired.
T-Rump threatened to expose him, with tapes of their conversation, and then he quickly fell silent. Such recordings if they exist they are public records and could be subpoenaed.
Comey quickly asked for their release.
All of this, and the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan he is silent. The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch Mc Connell, he is silent.
They are all complicit in the undermining of our democracy.

They are villains in our twenty-first century tragedy.      

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fake President – Part VII

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

T-Rump has been sitting in the oval office for seventy-two days.
He has been occupying it, that is, when he is not playing golf at one of his country clubs, or flying around the country giving speeches, empty, free from policy, full of lies.
There was a ray of hope this week, a glimmer of hope breaking into the American disaster, it does not come from the many serious investigations that are ongoing, developing, growing in scope. It would be great to have hope in those investigations, but one of them, the investigation run by the House Intelligence Committee has come completely undone, its chairman Congressman Devin Nunez, has proven through his words and actions that he is a shill for T-Rump. His committee is no longer even holding hearings. It ended the week by blocking witnesses from testifying in open session.
The Senate investigation, and the FBI investigations seem to be moving forward in a responsible manner, but, it does not matter what they uncover, even if the uncover hard evidence of real crimes. It does not matter if the House of Representatives does not have the political will to file charges of impeachment, and refer those charges to the Senate for a trial.
There is no way to remove T-Rump from the White House, and put an end to the fake presidency without those steps being taken.
T-Rump is breaking the law every day, regardless of what you think about the way in which he was elected, whether crimes were committed by the T-Rump campaign, or by T-Rump himself, crimes that should disqualify him, regardless of what you think about that, or what the ongoing investigations reveal, T-Rump has been in violation of the constitution from the moment he took office, he has been in violation of the emoluments clause, he is taking money, he is enriching himself by taking money from foreign banks, foreign governments, royalty, and alien powers.
He is in violation of other federal statutes, such as the anti-nepotism clause, employing members of his family to work in the government, and none of them are divesting themselves of their assets.
The T-Rump presidency is not just fake, it is a criminal enterprise, established through a criminal conspiracy.
This week a small ray of hope emerged. T-Rump threatened to “go-after” a group of republicans who did not support his failed effort to get a health care bill passed into law. T-Rump threatened to campaign against them in retaliation, through his proxies at Fox News he threatened to go after the Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.
His political ham handedness is causing fissures to open up between the fake president, and the rest of the phonies in the Republican Party, and therein lies the hope. He needs them, if those house republicans begin to turn on, the way he has turned on them, that could prove to be the end of his agenda. Those investigations could take on a different aspect, and articles of impeachment might be considered.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
We have to keep the pressure up. Those political creatures will turn on T-Rump just as soon as they perceive it to be in their political interests.
That much is certain.