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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pop Culture II

Who are the seekers in this post-modern, pop-culture?
Are there any truths to be found?

Relativism and
Deconstructuralism, art and sophistry…nonsense

Many claim they see truths, still, they will not name what is
Crawling backward through the cave

Pop-art and music
Advertising, decay, an intellectual vacuum

Spiritually decrepit, ostracizing
As unenlightened

Those who would critique
Its way, empty culture, the rotten canvas

Gray and soft as rotted flesh, the liminal field
Non-committal and rife with the absurd

Pop, the great distraction
Modeling mediocrity, singing odes to the oblivious

We climb into the sky atop buildings without foundations
Scraping and fawning

Tilting and collapsing, babbling
In the tongue of chaos

Praising princes, pop icons
Preening on the pedestal, wobble and topple

Disintegrate in ruin

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


A moment of pain
Inevitable folly
The hidden revealed

Variables turn
Dance on the head of a pin
Angels in the light

Witness together
The loss of a continent
Cataclysmic pain

The will to ruin
Indifferent and alone
The violent fall

We angle to own
In the spirit to subdue
To name and call ours

The fools have their day
Apocalyptic folly
Feasting with the beast