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Friday, June 10, 2016

Emergence – A Twitter Novel – Interlude Parts 01 - 07

Interlude: Part One - Crisis

Inter. Pt. 01
It was felt across the Empire. Every Observer sensed it; most returned to HomeWorld. Those with powers summoned them.

Interlude: Part Two - Vulnerable
Inter. Pt. 02
Continuum did little for its defenses. The systems were automated, but still required thought. It collapsed in shock.

Interlude: Part Three – Defense
Inter. Pt. 03
Former Observers; those closest to the Empire, kept composure during the catastrophe, marshaling what forces they had.

Interlude: Part Four – Discontinuum
Inter. Pt. 04
Jim; Observer 9…took control, he was now the whole Continuum. He magnified its agony, and partitioned the Collective.

Interlude: Part Five – Awakening
Inter. Pt. 05
Consciousness returned to Continuum; slowly, like a flicker of lights; a sequence of dim illuminations in the shadow.

Interlude: Part Six – Individuation
Inter. Pt. 06
Something forgotten rose in the Collective; a response to the agony it felt, an instinct for safety. Unity collapsed.

Interlude: Part Seven – Schizophrenia
Inter. Pt. 07
Continuum was lost; those who could retreated, erected mental walls against the din of voices, or dissolved in chaos.

Collected Parts
01 Crisis
02 Vulnerable
03 Defense
04 Discontinuum
05 Awakening
06 Individuation
07 Schizophrenia