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Saturday, May 5, 2018


Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


The National Rifle Association is holding its convention this week.
Trump and his V.P. spoke there yesterday.
The NRA spent over thirty million dollars on the advertising during the presidential campaign in 2016 in support of their ticket.
They are a non-profit, they are not supposed to be able to spend money on politics, they get away with it under the guise that they are merely performing a public service, a public education campaign. They pretend that their mission is to teach gun safety.
In reality they are little more than the lobbying arm of gun manufacturers. They have admitted Russian billionaires to their membership, and to their board of directors.
In Russia there is no right to bear arms.
In America there is a divisive political issue perfectly tailored for the Russians to exploit.
The NRA is a 501 c 4. They are not required to disclose who their donors are. They are under investigation by FBI, intent on discovering those sources. They have publically attested that Russian money did not play a role in the campaign, without saying how much the Russian’s gave them.
What we know is this, dollar for dollar, all monies are fungible.
Trump lied and said the second amendment is under siege, by the Democrats, who want to take away their guns. There may be some who hold that position, but they are few.
The second amendment is not under siege. The right to bear arms is not absolute, it was intended to serve the purpose of supporting well-regulated militia’s. Military organizations with a command structure, accountability, including the idea that firearms must be held in an armory under lock and key.
Local communities have already always had the right to regulate the possession and sale of firearms, the history of the United States is replete with these laws.
Do not be fooled by Trump and his V.P., by Wayne La Pierre and the NRA. They are lying-liars, they are interested in money, not the lives of American citizens.