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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tiresias in the Cave

My vision is gone, I am vacant and listless
Groping for meaning

A lie in the dark, this life is moribund is cold
I did not seek it

A false certainty, piercing the veil of confusion
Fall into shadow

Catatonia, sleeping once again, lids closed
Dancing with faeries

In a ring of mushrooms, their soft spongy bed
In the wet loamy earth

My heart winding down the beat slows with each measure
Alive and dying

Sink beneath the earth in my soaked and bloated flesh
A shroud for my bones

My marrow, feeds the flowers to Hecate is singing
A lullaby
The meadow is on fire and Persephone is laughing
She slips into the way

The hot blood returns with the demon, my blind genius
Boiled in tears

I am flush for life, for the embrace of the world
And lusting for it

With a mouth full of ashes, spite and bitumen

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


The boy dreams, quiet
Legs crossed, sitting on the curb
Awake, head in hands

Eyes open, searching
Looks beyond the passing cars
Past the rumbling noise

Through the darkened shroud
Into a different world
Cloistered and alone

Reason and terror
War machines scream through the night
The echoes of crows

Enveloped by fear
Nightmare of blood, black as oil
Rains on broken flesh

Visions of horror
The boy recoils, he struggles

With the turning world

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Sing to the unknown
In the place where shadows fall
The pipes are calling

The bell has been rung
Echoes murmur in the tide
In waves resounding

The mind alighting
The flicker of a candle
Glows beneath the shroud

Secrets in the night
Love-dreams of the infinite
Cross the Milky-way

Reaching for the stars
Driven from the darkened cave
Ethereal flight

Soar the Astral plane
Surfing with the Alien

In cosmic fire, born