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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Your soft voice singing
Dirge of grief, and solar fire
I hear it burning

Sorrow in winter
The whisper of murder drifts
Daedalus grieving

Bright wings. dripping wax
Useless as toys…Icarus
Plunging to the sea

Yearning for glory
Falling like the stars, beyond
The dark horizon

There is no justice
For the fallen son, victim
Burnt like a candle

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Observation - June 1st, Wednesday, 2016


The sun has come up.

She is sleeping. Her head on the pillow; a soft copper cloud.

There are birds singing in the morning light, in hushed tones; a whisper of whistles.

The rabbits are gathered on the lawn, pushing their noses through the Creeping Charlie.

Foraging, at the dawn; the metal scrappers push carts down the alley, in a jangle and clattering song.