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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Her blonde curls, blue eyes
I wanted to run away
With her, skip the world

I kissed her, full soft
Lips, pink as the blushing rose
Hands on her hips, breasts

Something in my blood
Stirring in me, the Viking
Sailing by starlight

Lips and tongues touching
Our breathing closed the distance
Between us in the dark

A naked embrace
In a cool summer lake, on
A warm summer night

The touch of the muse
The water nymph, a goddess
Inspiring and kind

Wearing her token
Bending to the angelic
Vision of grace

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I am looking for my voice

Have you heard it?

I might have left it with you

Will you listen?

It is a voice in prose

            At times…poetic?

It has a rhythm

Can you feel it?

As it falters, in the skipping beat of my heart

The line may alternate; from short to long, some lines meander, cat-like on a walk about.

Most are short and punchy.

Have you heard it?

My voice; seen it printed

Have you seen it on the screen?

I may have left lying in a notebook

            On a scrap of paper

            Or a random page