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Tuesday, November 17, 2020


The apocalypse

Revealing something hidden

Coriolis winds


The balloon expands

Stretched past the point of bursting

All the tension gone


Continents heaving

Subduction, exhumation

The cycle of fire

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Angels burning bright
Holy as the morning sun
Rise to arms, take flight

The red horizon
Heavenly hosts storm the night
Save your life and run

Angels go to war
The Nephalim breed terror
Horrors of the damned

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


There is movement all about me, forms I can’t discern, floating in my dreams
There are shadows on the cavern walls, wavering in chaotic streams

Questions scrape my bones like hungry wraiths, solutions never see the light of day
Bundle up the answers, bind them like sheaves of straw, set to fire in the night

The furies rise from the ash beds, there is no phoenix, no morning sun
Bury seeds in the cold-field, bits of knowledge, pushed into the wet earth
Fragile little plantlings hungry for life, set their roots and stretch out for the light
Heedless of the storm descending, turn to face the darkened horizon, resisting
As dreams fall like stars from the sky, the harvest rots while and fields are set on fire  

There is phoenix rising, only the furies fly from the ash beds, their swarm blots the sun

We heard the promise and followed its call, we stood beneath the open sky
To bask in the solar wind, blind as the troglodyte emerging from the cave

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Sit at the window
Stare at the wet gray morning
The streets strewn with trash

Contemplate the storm
The darkened rush of pain, slips
The rain moving on

A broken column
The great tree, scorched and limbless
Bursting at its roots

The electric flash
A conflict of heat and light
Summoned from the Earth

The park grounds are filled
With mud and mire, swamp water
Worms crawl and slither

The deluge ending
A breakfast for the robins

Feast for the sparrow