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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Russia is Threatening Nuclear War - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Russia is Threatening Nuclear War

Vladimir Putin issued another threat.

He suggested the United States and Russia might reengage in another missile crises. He threatened to use his warships and submarines to position his new “hypersonic” missiles off our coast.

Many analysts have stated that Russia has no such weapons, but any repositioning of their arsenal off our coast, and any targeting of American cities with nuclear missiles is dangerous.

Putin was nonchalant, as if he was playing a game, boasting and issuing a mild bluff. Justifying these threats on the grounds that Trump has unilaterally pulled out of the INF treaty, but nuclear war is no joke.

It’s a motherfucker.

How did we get to this place where the President of Russia is playing coy with threats of a nuclear holocaust.

We are here because our own president is weak, compromised, and so intellectually stunted that he does not understand the stakes.

The anticipation is that the Trump administration is going to recognize the legitimacy of North Korea as a nuclear state; a total capitulation to their interests and a complete abandonment of our long term objective to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.

The Trump administration is under investigation for a plan to illegally transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

These policy, glibly put forward by T-Rump, reluctantly enacted by his regime, against the recommendations of our national intelligence services, represent a long term threat to the republic, and an existential threat to human civilization.

The sad thing is that most Americans no longer care. They are not connected to the reality of these dangers; either because they do not remember the Cold War, or they do not understand it.
How can you get the generations that have come along after mine to get it?

These generations struggle with the concept of the spherical globe. They are liable to believing claims that the earth is flat, or that it is only six thousand years old. What can we do when so many millions of them do not have the critical thinking skills to appreciate the danger.

These are not insignificant developments.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Arms Race - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Arms Race

Russia has been in violation of the INF treaty for years.

This is what I he heard from every credible analyst, there is no doubt about it.

So T-Rump wants to let them out of the treaty altogether, he does not want to try and bring them into compliance, he wants to let them off the hook.

Do you think this is one of the things that Putin and T-Rump have been talking about in their private meetings; dismantling NATO, undoing arms control treaties?

I do.

Trump has publicly stated his desire to use nuclear weapons, “why have them,” he said, “if you are not going to use them?”

Back in the ‘80’s, when the whole world was still terrified at the prospect of nuclear war, my sensei, Clifford “Chick” Moody, of the Inner Truth School of Self Defense, he used to say:

There is no money in nuclear war, but there is a whole lot of money to be made into scaring people into believing that there could be…and then accidents happen.

Reflect on this video from with Music by Sun Ra, Nuclear War, Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.

This move by T-Rump, will make us less safe, and it will make us poorer as a nation.

The man has idea what he is doing, playing the sucker for Vladimir Putin, who has probably convinced him that it would be a great idea if the United States were free to develop new nuclear weapons technologies.

We can have a big ol’ nuclear arms party!

This move will go down as the most consequential betrayal of the America and the world, by this administration.

Listen to President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his farewell address, the Supreme Allied Commander of World War II.

Listen and remember.