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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Existentialist Dreaming

I was dying, my rationale for life, crumbling
Like a sad relic

I had no purpose, no choices to make, vacuous
There was nothing left

The deprivation came, there would be no changing
To affect my world

Just being, aware of my person, self
Simplicity, self

Without volition, I was hopelessly fettered
Helpless in bondage

Without sensation, Omnes nihil est, the void
The plane of limbo

With no memories, no connection to my past
The dynamic act

The exchange of movement, positive impression
Shaping forms and hues

Indistinct and empty, adrift in thought, in hell
Without pain, only time
Enduring it, like falling sand slipping through the
Hourglass, frictionless

I woke-up in shock, cold light washing over me
I was terrified

Overjoyed, I was when the doctor said to me
The cryonics worked