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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Beat the hollow drum

The long slow roll, percussing

In the freezing cold


Dreams become nightmares

Falling into the abyss

Drowning in the dark


The weight of terror

Dragged into the void, screaming

Swallowed by silence  


Stop my pounding heart

Stretching past the horizon

Until the string snaps

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Observation - August 4th, 2019, Sunday


There is soft light coming through the windows

Cool air after an evening of rain

Sparrows chatter in elms

Kitty looks out the window and day dreams

A motorcycle rumbles down Bryant

The news is filled with tragedies

It is of angry white-men murdering dozens of people

Terrorism in Texas and Ohio

It the two hundred and sixteenth day of the year

Two hundred and fifty mass-shooting

With no end in sight

Twenty-nine dead and dozens hurt

Each shooting took a matter of seconds

The world turns, the light in Minnesota is soft the air is cool

Sparrows chatter in the elms

Kitty listens and watches the morning traffic on the avenue

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


The boy dreams, quiet
Legs crossed, sitting on the curb
Awake, head in hands

Eyes open, searching
Looks beyond the passing cars
Past the rumbling noise

Through the darkened shroud
Into a different world
Cloistered and alone

Reason and terror
War machines scream through the night
The echoes of crows

Enveloped by fear
Nightmare of blood, black as oil
Rains on broken flesh

Visions of horror
The boy recoils, he struggles

With the turning world