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Monday, April 30, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Three, Earth; Part Seventeen, Volcano; Chapter One, The Last Event

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 120, Monday
April 30th, 2018

Chapter One: The Last Event

Most of the people in the world had no knowledge of the threat posed by the Yellowstone volcano, even though the information was available, it was on the internet, and there had been many documentaries filmed concerning it.

The earliest documentaries, were disturbing. After airing for a decade and raising the level of alarm, newer productions began to slip miss-information into the narrative. This eased public apprehension about the dilemma, but did nothing in the way of preparing people for it.

The United States Geological Service (U.S.G.S.), closely monitored the volcano. They were aided by several nearby universities. They began to monitor it as soon as they realized what they had discovered.

Seismographs were deployed, and in time the vast magma dome at the epicenter was mapped out through global positioning systems, satellite tracking that measured uplift and deformation of the surface of the cauldera at its weakest point.

In the early days this information was available to the public, but after a year of intense activity the crucial and most informative data became restricted.

Then, the eruption came without warning.

It shook the world, throwing it off its axis.

Ash poured into the upper atmosphere, covering everything in a poisonous cloud, hiding the survivors from the face of the sun.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Emergence: Section Three, Earth; Part Seventeen, Volcano, Collected Chapters

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter One: The Last Event  
Pt. 17, Ch. 01
It came without warning, shaking the world, throwing it off its axis. Ash covered the world, hiding it from the sun.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Two: 74,000 Years Ago
Pt. 17, Ch. 02
The human family was small; a few million spread out, starving. Jim starved with them in the famine after the blast.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Three: The Discovery
Pt. 17, Ch. 03
Jim had known about it for millennia. Humans found it fifty years ago. A super-volcano pushing mountains to the sky.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Four: The Warnings  
Pt. 17, Ch. 04
A deformation of the dome, earthquakes, boiling water in lakes and streams; something big growing below the surface.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Five: Impending Doom
Pt. 17, Ch. 05
There were documentaries but few people were aware of the danger. Misinformation was leaked as the explosion neared.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Six: Preparations   
Pt. 17, Pt. 06
Timing is everything. The volcano would catalyze the preservation of humanity; a few would live. All would be saved.

Volcano; Part Seventeen,
Chapter Seven: Fate

Pt. 17, Ch. 07
There is no fate but there are certainties. The eruption of volcanoes is among them. The end of humanity hung there.

Section Three, Earth
Part Seventeen, Volcano
Collected Chapters
Section 03, Earth
Part 17, Volcano
01 The Last Event
02 74,000 Years Ago
03 The Discovery
04 The Warnings
05 Impending Doom
06 Preparations
07 Fate