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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Two, The Continuum; Part Twelve, The Empire; Chapter Four, The Magisterium

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 088, Thursday
March 29th, 2018

Chapter Four: The Magisterium

A priesthood emerged from the civilizations founded by the Ancients. It was the primary social structure in the advancement of the galactic Empire. It was the pinnacle of the social order. The emperor was the titular ruler, but he was governed by the priests.

As with all things, civil and social power concentrated closest to the center. Those worlds in greatest proximity to the HomeWorld of the Collective, to the Central Planet, they became the drivers of Imperial activity.

The core worlds of the Empire were also the oldest, they had been pulled together and unified at a point nearer in time, to the formation of the Collective and the birth of the Continuum.

As the Imperial structure cohered, the command and control function began to be governed by a hidden agenda of the Continuum, as guided by the Observer Corps.

Even though the Observers were sworn to a path of non-intervention, the Continuum could not resist using this vehicle as a means of controlling the Children of the ancients, drawing their resources to itself, and uncovering any threats to it that might be lurking in their science and technology.

The Continuum created the doctrine and dogma, all of the binding rituals that structured the spiritual devotions of the Empire. The Observers implemented it, and built up the ideology of faith and belief, of education and service that consolidated its power among the people.

Every living being was motivated by two principle psychic forces, the power of fear, and the power of hope. Pain, hunger, pleasure, satiation, those feelings only had significance insofar as the related to the basic divisions in the psyche, fear and hope.

The Continuum wielded this knowledge with brute force, and incredible precision in everything that it did through the agency of the Observers, and the vast complex of the Empire.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Emergence: Section Two, The Continuum; Part Twelve, The Empire, Collected Chapters

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter One: The Lost
Pt. 12, Ch. 01
Before the Continuum; the first people launched themselves into the galaxy; on ships, and planetoids, into the dark.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Two: The Search
Pt. 12, Ch. 02
In time a search began; to discover what happened to those explorers, the adventurers and extra planetary colonists.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Three: The Homecoming
Pt. 12, Ch. 03
The lost peoples were found in time. Few remembered their origins. Those who did fell to worship when they returned.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Four: The Magisterium
Pt. 12, Ch. 04
From the civilizations founded by the Ancients the Priesthood emerged; creating the ritual devotions for the Empire.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Five: The Missions
Pt. 12, Ch. 05
Star by star, missionaries recovered the lost, founding an empire from the remnants; offering them to the Continuum.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Six: The Billion Worlds
Pt. 12, Pt. 06
The many lives, cultures, ways of being; the Empire collected them, through ritual, and the promise of eternal life.

The Empire; Part Twelve,
Chapter Seven: The Emperor

Pt. 12, Ch. 07
He was the focal point, the sword tip. that imagined ruling the lives of countless people; the bridge, Pontifex Rex.

Section Two, The Continuum
Part Twelve, The Empire
Collected Chapters
Section 02, The Continuum
Part 12, The Empire
01 The Lost
02 The Search
03 The Homecoming
04 The Magisterium
05 The Missions
06 The Billion Worlds
07 The Emperor