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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fake President – Part VI

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

It was another off week for the fake president. T-Rump lost a battle for one of his central campaign promises. This is a good thing for the country, and it is a sobering look at how T-Rump works.
Let us be clear. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), popular known as Obamacare, is not a great healthcare system, it is not even a good system, but it is doing more for more people than the non-system that it replaced.
As a nation, we must move the goal toward a “single payer,” centrally funded, universal healthcare program, it is what the American people need, it is what we deserve, and while it may change significant economic sectors of our country, by eliminating some insurance markets etc…, it will be a massive boost to the economy in so many other ways. When the burden for the cost of healthcare is spread evenly across every strata of society, the burden of co-pays, and premiums will be removed from individuals, and their employers, which in turn will free up significant amount of money that will move to other places in the economy.
The people will benefit, and the insurance moguls, those multi billionaires, they will figure out what to do with their wealth, and they will be just fine.
T-Rump promised up and down the campaign trail to repeal and replace Obamacare on the first day he was in office, “immediately,” he would say. He made these promises while following the empty rhetoric of his republican colleagues, who voted to repeal and replace Obamacare more than fifty time since its passage, which votes they took knowing that President Obama would never sign it into law. They were safe, ill intentioned, cowardly votes that they backed away from just as soon as their might be real consequences for them to face.
T-Rump jumped into the discussion without any understanding of the ramifications of the various proposals that were on the table. He did not care what was in the bill. He only wanted to sign something and claim a win.
T-Rump and the republicans, especially the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, lied to the American people everyday in the weeks leading up to their debacle in the house.
They told us everyday that Obamacare was unstable, imploding, exploding, despite the fact that that Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that this was not true.
What they meant by this was: if Obamacare was left unchanged, people would begin to lose their coverage, premiums would continue to rise to the point that the average American would not be able to afford their insurance.
When the CBO scored the T-Rump, and Ryan’s plan what they found was that twenty-four million people would lose their coverage, and premiums would skyrocket for the poor, the sick, and the elderly.
T-Rump and Ryan were planning to take us exactly to the place they were projecting Obamacare would take us to in their fear-mongering and doom-saying.
The republicans had seven years to come up with a plan to replace the affordable care act, and they came up with nothing they could actually agree on.
They have a republican president, and hold majorities in both houses of congress, and they could not get their own team to agree.
Typically, T-Rump wants to blame the democrats, even though he never invited them to the table to negotiate.
T-Rump fails again.
Paul Ryan looked like he was about to cry. In his heart of hearts, he wanted to pass a bill that would deprive millions of people of their health insurance, of the security of knowing that if they were ill, they would not lose their house, or their savings, or their lives. He expressed real sorrow about this.
T-Rump brought nothing to the table, thankfully, his negotiating skills are not at all what he boasted of. If he had succeeded, the American people would have been screwed.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse (Part Two)

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

May You Live in Interesting Times ~ Ancient Curse

Part Two

Donald Trump; the T-Rump is at it again. He is giving the media the razzle dazzle, doing everything he can to suck up every bit of the attention the entire media establishment has to offer.

He thinks he is making things interesting. Instead, he is writing a tragedy. The American people are losing, everyday his bid for the presidency continues. He hurts our hope in democracy, as he proves old Socrates, and Plato correct; democracy is the worst of government because it panders to, and devolves toward the lowest common denominator. 

It was time for damage control. to cap off a dismal two weeks, in which T-Rump was plummeting in the polls: he fired or demoted the campaign staff that had been trying to orchestrate a turn-around for him. T-Rump decided to blame those who had been counseling him to get him to moderate his behavior. He blamed them, not himself, for his precipitous slip in the polls. T-Rump decided to blame them for attempting to present him in a different, more serious light, rather than accept the blame for his own reckless comments during the same period of time.

He received positive press every time he stepped up to the podium to give a focused speech, every time he managed to “stay on message.” It is clear that the task was awkward for him, but the media narrative at those points was always positive. The narrative would lift into a discussion of a T-Rump turn around, but then he would falter. In that same period of time he would also go off script. He engaged in a small minded, mean fight with the parents of an Army captain, a Muslim, the son of immigrants, who gave his life in combat for the United States, in Iraq, in 2004. He fought with them, he belittled them. It was contemptible.

Senior Republicans, office holders and other party members began to abandon him, to publicly declaim him.

T-Rump called for his supporters, for the group of them who are vocal proponents of the (loosely interpreted) second amendment; he called on them to take action against Hillary Clinton, or the judges she might appoint, should she win the election to the Presidency. He lied about her intentions regarding gun-control, and he tacitly called for her to be assassinated by the “second amendment people”.

He spent days telling his crowds that President Barrack Obama, and his opponent Hillary Clinton, were the founders of the terrorist group ISIS. He repeated these charges to his supporters, over, and over, and over. These comments were met with incredulity, even by those who are friendly to him. With each of these blunders his standing in the polls dropped. He tried to distance himself from his own words, pretending it was all just sarcasm, but who could take him seriously.

Instead of taking responsibility for this himself; looking to his own words and deeds as the explanatory events leading to those falling numbers. T-Rump blamed the people that were attempting to modulate his behavior; those counselling change. Then he hired the media king of all bluster to take over his campaign; the chief of Breitbart news, Stephen Bannon. This is an indication that T-Rump has no desire to get serious, he believes in his eventual, predictable, inevitable defeat. And now he wants to light it up, no matter how much harm he does to our institutions in the process.

A scorched earth strategy is underway. T-Rump will destroy everything he sees in his losing bid for the presidency.

America will pay the price.