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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Vote VI - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Vote     VI

The stage is set on the race is on, there are seventy-three days to go until the general election.

It has been two days since the Democratic National Convention concluded, having played out remotely due to the material necessities imposed by the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Many media analysts have said that the web based teleconference style of the presentations played well with the viewer, the fact that there was no-big-stage, the absence of crowds, the lack of cheering and the endless prattle of the pundits allowed for a more conversational presentation of the case the Democratic Party is making for their candidates and their platform, for our candidates and our platform, then would have been possible in the standard format.

The speeches that were given were somber yet hopeful, personal and hard hitting, they successfully portrayed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the thoughtful intelligent human beings that they are…if you believe it.

Unfortunately, the self-styled “progressive” left, which I refer to as the fundamentalist-wing of the democratic party, they have taken no time at all to disparage the Biden/Harris ticket as not representing their interests, not in touch with the base (whatever that means).

They are unhappy that the spotlight has moved away from them, unhappy that the PARTY writ large is putting up the big tent in the hope of turning out a landslide victory against Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the treasonous traitors that make up the Republican Party.

All I can say is, STOP IT!

Stop talking about turning against Joe Biden the day after he becomes the President Elect, stop complaining about the former republicans, and Never-Trumpers who spoke at the DNC. Stop making the swing voters, whether they are traditional swing voters, or people who are going to shift party for the first, stop making them feel uncomfortable, they have come to the dance, let them in.

For the first time in their lives they are talking with us, with you, this is an opportunity for dialogue…take it.

Say your piece and listen, find common ground and hold it.

It is impossible to know what will happen seventy-three days from now, we may wake to find ourselves rejoicing, we may wake in a state of anxiety, we my wake to a state of despair, whatever it is that we are going to face lets face it together, with purpose and resolve.

Let me be clear…Your vote is so important, we need everyone to vote, to vote early, to ensure that your vote is counted, to stir your friends and family, to get them to the poles as well.

It is equally as important that everyday between now and then you spread the same message of hope and strength through unity of purpose.

Check yourself, and check those around you. Check the self-styled “progressives” if they won’t come along, tell them to keep quiet, the real change-agents are working now.

It is time to lead or follow, or get the hell out of the way.  

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Conscience - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


It is time for all people of good conscience to abandon this president, if you ever supported him for any reason, or even just hoped that he would bring something new and different to the politics of our country, you must admit that you were wrong, give up those hopes and abandon him.

It is time for all people of conscience to abandon their support for the party that Donald Trump represents, for the party that supports him. If you call yourself a Republican, if you have voted for the republicans in the past, you must in good conscience disavow your support for that institution.

If you are an office holder with an R next to your name, it is time to put an end to your feelings of shame, change that R in for an I, go Independent and reclaim your dignity. Donald Trump does not deserve your support, he is a disgrace. No one is asking you to give up your values, but it is time that you allow control of congress to shift to the party out of power, so that this corrupt and criminal regime may be subject to fair and judicious oversight.

Do it now.

Have some courage.

Do not wait for mid-terms.

Let the wave begin, it may just help you save your seat.

Let your conscience be your guide.

If you have ever sworn an oath, to uphold and defend the United States of America, our constitution and our way of life, if you are a person of good conscience you will do this now.

All of our Veterans, of which I am one, every single office holder, and every person of has ever sworn the pledge of allegiance has a moral and ethical obligation to live up to their oath, and work to undo the harm that traitorous Trump, that Trump the treasonous is doing to our country.

Act now.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Guilty - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


This week in the national soap opera… 

Listen…I am not a lawyer, and this is not a courtroom.

I am just a guy with an opinion.

I am not a news anchor, I do not work for a media outlet, I simply try to put a little thought every week into summarizing my point of view.

In this forum, T-Rump does not have a right to the presumption of innocence, he is obviously guilty as hell.

In this forum what is obvious does not have to be subordinated to some abstract standard of journalistic ethics. Let me tell you, those standards have long since ceased to serve their purpose. Standards of that type have become meaningless in light of the fact that one side of our political spectrum refuses to adhere to any standard of truth, reasonable standards of evidence and proofs, evidence, or scientific inquiry.

We have to just tell it like it is, and here I the thing that is on my mind. I hear the talking heads ask these question all the time, they ask it as if they were simple.

What do you think Russia has on the T-Rump?

Do you think he has been compromised?

What do you think it is?

Here is the answer: Donald Trump conspired with the Russians, with Vladimir Putin, to influence the 2016 election.

Donald Trump is guilty of treason. That is what the Russians have over him, and probably a great deal more embarrassing non-sense, but none of that embarrassing non-sense really matters to T-Rump, he is singularly incapable of embarrassment.

If it were just a matter of them having dirt on him for financial mis-dealings, or tapes of him with prostitutes, T-Rump would not care, neither would his supporters. If that were all there was, he would get himself out from under their thumb, he would let it fly and let come what may.

T-Rump is guilty of treason, he conspired with a foreign power to win the presidency in 2016. Not his sons, not his daughter, not Jared Kushner or other people close to him, though they are all guilty too, of that I am sure. T-Rump himself was involved at the highest level, and that is the dirt that they have on him.

Donald T-Rump is guilty of treason. He has been compromised, before and after, and since the election, he is doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

That is what it is.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Criminal Regime - Part I

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The fake president Donald Trump, T-Rump is operating a criminal regime.
He may be occupying the White House lawfully, as the duly elected President of the United States. However, it is increasingly clear that intuition of the majority of the voters was correct, T-Rump does not belong in public office.
He arrived at the Oval Office through a wide variety of criminal, possibly treasonous, and fraudulent activities.
He and his family have been operating outside of the law since the day he took office, they are in violation of laws against nepotism, but more importantly they are in violation of the emoluments clause of the constitution.
Donald Trump is in debt to, and in the pay of foreign powers, Russia (perhaps others), a geo-political adversary who worked tirelessly to attack our democracy in the 2016 election, and through a variety of hostile, criminal engagements successfully threw the election in his favor.
He personally owes them billions of dollars, and he is in debt to them for his political victory as well. They have incriminating evidence on him, and they have been using it to extort political favors from him: in the Ukraine, in the Crimea, against NATO, and our European allies.
T-Rump is operating a criminal regime. It is the duty of every American to stand against him, call for his resignation, and by any lawful means remove him from power.
He is unfit for office.
He has no allegiance to anyone but himself, and his family who he views as an extension of himself.
He is a profiteer.
The Trump regime is a threat to the Republic, Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to the United States of America.
There is a growing chorus of voices, which everyday are speaking out in recognition of the fact that T-Rump is mentally unsound and emotionally unequipped to handle the pressures of the office he occupies.
Along with that chorus you can hear his apologists echoing that recognition, as The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan did yesterday in his attempt to make excuses for T-Rump’s mistakes, claiming that they are all the result of him being unprepared, inexperienced, a political novice and so on, and so on…what is not being denied is that the errors are profligate, and mounting.

T-Rump must go.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Fake President - Part X

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

I was listening to the news on my drive home last night. The news of the day was that former FBI Director James Comey would testify in open hearings at the Senate, sometime after Memorial Day holiday.
The New York Times Reported that T-Rump slandered Comey in his Oval Office conversations with the Russian Foreign Minister, and the Ambassador, the day after he fired him. T-Rump called him “crazy,” and a “nut job.” He told the Russian’s that he was relieved after firing the FBI director, because it took the pressure off of them in regard to the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in our elections, and the possible collusion of the T-Rump campaign, his family, or even T-Rump himself in those treasonous activities.
T-Rump said it, admitting to the Russians, that the Russia investigation was at the root of his firing the FBI Director, making any other assertion about his rational a demonstrable lie.
It was also revealed on Friday that a senior white house aide, someone close to T-Rump, was the target of a criminal investigation in the FBI probe. No one has confirmed this, but the story is that the senior aide is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and now I remember the photographs from the summer of 2016 of Ivanka on vacation with Putin’s mistress.
These people are criminals.
I was listening to these reports and I was saddened by the fact that America rejected a person for the office on Commander in Chief, who was possibly the most well prepared candidate for the office that we have ever had.
Granted, she was a flawed candidate, she had conflicts of interest, she would not have lived up to my own liberal and progressive ideals.
I was an ardent supporter of hers, from beginning to end.
She would have been the first woman to hold the office, she would have been an effective administrator, she would not have been at the center of the type of drama you see unfolding now.
It made me sad.
Russian interference, criminal collusion, treason, voter suppression, bogus investigations about her e-mail server, her role in the tragedy at Benghazi, and on and on, they stole from us, the American people, the opportunity to have an immanently qualified public servant managing the most complicated bureaucracy in the world.
If this had not been stolen from us, we would not be facing a disastrous change in our health insurance policy, we would be looking at reforms that strengthen the system.
We would not have a President who did not sit down for the Presidential Daily Briefing, who would have a Commander in Chief who was genuinely interested in National Security.
We would not be entertaining a budget that pushes American wealth away from lower and middle income families, into the hands of the 1%, we would not have a secretary of education, threatening to cut the promises made to college graduates to forgive their loans if they went to work in non-profits and the public sector.
We would not have an Attorney General promising to reinstate mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent crimes, and promising to breathe new life into the “for-profit” prison system.
We would not have these things
The woman who won the popular vote was denied the office she aspired to because of treason, collusion, corruption, and suppression. It is not right, and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Even if the Republican party comes to its sense and gets rid of T-Rump, we will only replace him with people who are likely more sane, but just as bad for public policy as the orange monster.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Sixth Week of Trump – Denial is the State of Play

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion
Over the course of this week, the week leading up to the vote of electors in the Electoral College, the news was given, and reports were made concerning the degree to which the Russian Government interfered with the election of 2016.
It has been reported, that all of the nation’s intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the CIA have concluded, with high confidence, that the Russian’s interfered with our election, with the aim of electing Donald Trump as president. They were not merely trying to cause chaos, but their aim was to disrupt elections across the country, throw the election for trump, and attack his potential pool of opponents going forward.
The FBI and the Cia together have said that the interference was directed at the highest level of the Russian government, indicating their President, Vladimir Putin, was himself responsible for the malignant behavior.
President Elect, Donald Trump, the T-Rump, his team and their surrogates, spent the entire week disparaging our intelligence services. Offering the suggestion that it is impossible to know anything regarding this espionage, and demanding proof.
But here is the thing, they have seen the proof. The proofs have been given, not to the general public, but to the White House, to T-Rump and his team (those that are authorized to receive classified briefings), the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives, both democrats and republicans.
The demands for proof, that proof be given is a ploy to distract the American people, in my opinion, this is collusion. The burgeoning Trump administration is colluding with our adversary to perpetrate fraud on the American people, to confuse them into obsequiousness, in order to take advantage of their ignorance.
There are crimes being committed here, the crime may be treason.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Last (2012)

It happened in a time not much different
Than our own, not too distant
Four years past, a day in Arizona

The man did not vote in the election
On the 6th, though he was eligible
He was registered, he merely opted out

He was married to a woman
She thought it important that he vote
She was angry President Obama won

She voted for Mitt Romney
As most in Arizona did
“Red-state,” reliable, Republican

His vote, would not have changed a thing
Arizona would have gone to Romney
The nation to Obama still

It happened three days after the election
He in the parking lot, walking
She is in the pick-up, driving

It happened in the middle of the day
She, circling him in her truck
He feeling threatened; and then

Feeling front bumper smashing into him
Feeling the grill in his back, the pavement
In his palms, in his face…slamming into it

Soon, he was in hospital
Soon, she was in jail
Lives changed forever

She was angry that he did not vote for Mitt
For Mitt, she ran him over in her car
Because he did not vote at all

It happened in a time not much different
Than our own, not too distant
Four years past, a day in Arizona

Four years past, is not much time
We have coarsened much since then
A country more divided, cultures more at odds

What will the future bear?
Shouting tales of woe, and violence
Tyranny, and treason

                                    A divided nation