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Friday, October 4, 2019

Observation - October 4th, 2019, Friday


It is 6:00 and I am at the airport in Minneapolis.

The concourse is teeming with people, travelers.

I am flying to New York to see my friend and watch the Twins battle the Yankees.

There is reggae playing at a bar I am sitting at.

The bar is closed.

I was the first to take a seat here, and now the number of people has multiplied.

A cooked poked his head out from the kitchen, he looked like he is wondering what we are all doing sitting here.

He looked a little nervous, like he is wondering how the day will begin, starting with a full house.

I wonder if it is normal, or if my precipitous seating brought about the wave.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Observation - June 3rd, 2018, Sunday


The Twins are tied in the bottom of the eighth

I can smell the cut grass through the open window

My lady is out front pushing the mower

I can hear it rattle, in a rhythm with my typing

The hum of traffic flowing by on Bryant

Kitty is on her bench looking at the action

The Twins exit the eighth without advancing

The sun is bright and the air is cool, afternoon