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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Reflections in a passing mirror

Captured vision sodden, gray

Our neat lives in disarray

Stumble, to form a breaking circle

A moment of inspiration flutters

Falls to Earth on broken wings

Saturated dreams too heavy to fly

Gravity bound and dusted

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tiresias in the Cave

My vision is gone, I am vacant and listless
Groping for meaning

A lie in the dark, this life is moribund is cold
I did not seek it

A false certainty, piercing the veil of confusion
Fall into shadow

Catatonia, sleeping once again, lids closed
Dancing with faeries

In a ring of mushrooms, their soft spongy bed
In the wet loamy earth

My heart winding down the beat slows with each measure
Alive and dying

Sink beneath the earth in my soaked and bloated flesh
A shroud for my bones

My marrow, feeds the flowers to Hecate is singing
A lullaby
The meadow is on fire and Persephone is laughing
She slips into the way

The hot blood returns with the demon, my blind genius
Boiled in tears

I am flush for life, for the embrace of the world
And lusting for it

With a mouth full of ashes, spite and bitumen

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


An alien child
Gazes at the sun, light comes
With tears, refracting

The alien child
Smiling back on her reflection
In the falling drops

Each tear a vessel
Each one a constellation
Each spark a vision

The eternal light
Come to Earth in human form
Bright faced and shining

Eternal mother
With power, patience and resolve
The loving child loves

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The play was a vision
In it we preserved ourselves
The script leading like an echo

They were dreams that made us whole
Our stories were enlivening
The warm wind that set us in motion

What does the stage require of you?
Are you prepared for the bursting lights,
For the last moment, when the curtain falls?

            Goodnight and applause

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Visions of beauty
Moving, in this quiet place
This dry-dusty room

The daughters of Zeus
Musing, inhale their perfume
Breathe, in the spirit
She, just within touch
Curving, my hand at her rib
Feel that missing part

Enter the pure land
Flowering, the verdant field
Wet, sweet as honey

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I had a vision
Approaching the infinite
Together with you

Trembling and in love
Humbled by your grace, constant
The vision we shared

Visions of eternal life
Reflected in you

I had a vision
Poised on the head of a pin
Angels gathering

Slip the grip of fear
The heart’s devotion
The vision we shared

You carried the flag
A vision, bright as the sun
Reflected in you

I had a vision
Of brave and humble service
Replenishing work

Light the darkened way
Chase the shadows out, fear, hate
The vision we shared

The bright and wonderous vision

Reflected in you

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Soft curving vision
Radiant with passion’s heat
Burning in the flesh

Spellbound in bright eyes
Depth without measure, reflect
Waves, and wind, and tide

Listen, a question
Voice, resounding and faultless
Eternal echo

She lifts and she falls
Her dance sweeps the horizon
Muse of the dark night

Siren of poets
Con-joined to the infinite
Fill the empty pen